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When I look back at my four years here at USC, I think of my experiences as a series of very lucky decisions — decisions that I sometimes made without really knowing what I was getting myself into ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I can say that one of the most pivotal decisions I’ve made so far has been choosing to come to USC.

Your major is something that you can change in a matter of 30 minutes. But the college you choose, you’ll be there for the next four years. When I was making my college decisions, this was something I always had in mind. Could I picture myself here? What would life be like for the next four years? Would I be happy?

I was always an overachiever in high school. I wanted to be involved in everything, do well in classes, hang out with friends, maybe even spend some other time on hobbies. I didn’t want that to change in college. I wanted to have the opportunity to get involved in the things I loved to do, and to discover the things I wanted to do. When I was able to come to USC in February, I met so many students who told me about their lives as USC students. I felt like I could really fit in on campus and I heard about so many things I could look forward to, like classes, intramural sports, student orgs, and more!

As a senior who is dreading the thought of leaving this placed that I called home for four years, I’d say this: it really comes down to where you feel at home. Sure, I had the spreadsheets and comparisons of all the schools I was choosing between. It didn’t matter once I had visited and realized that I really could thrive in the USC community. And I’m sooo glad I’ve been able to make so many wonderful friends and memories.

Get ready for some throwback pics :’)

my freshman year floormates! taken probably day 2 of college

my very first usc football game!

code the change, the first student org I joined

To all of you making your college decisions right now, congratulations! This is the beginning of the best four years of your life (ugh, I know, you’ve heard it so many times but it’s true) I wish you the best of luck and I know you’ll be doing great things wherever you end up!

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