Getting over midterms: LA style

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Happy Friday!! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been looking forward to the weekend since Monday. Now that midterm season is winding down, it’s about time we spend some time getting some well-deserved rest!

So what does a weekend in LA look like? For me, three things: football, food and Downtown LA.

Trojans will tell you fall semester is all about gamedays! And that’s absolutely right: Saturday gameday is one of the most special aspects of the USC experience. Once you’re in the Coliseum surrounded by thousands of fellow fans, you can’t help but cheer for our beloved red-and-yellow jerseys. And don’t worry, you’ll learn our fight song soon enough!

If you want to start your gameday right, you should always eat a fantastic breakfast — and no worries, LA has plenty of spots for you to find the perfect breakfast fix. With only a short Lyft ride, you can find the pancakes, waffles or omelettes of your dreams. One popular spot is Zinc, picture courtesy of Kelly (who takes better photos than I do). Tuck in!

And if you’re looking for something different to do on the weekends, you’re in luck because LA has everything! Here’s a list of some of my favorite spots and things to do:

  • XLanes: For an all-around good time. This bowling alley is tucked inside a mall and also has arcade and billiards!
  • The Last Bookstore: Highly recommend this spot for all bookworms. I guarantee you will find a book you’ve never ever heard of while you get lost in the labyrinth of books on the second floor!
  • Little Tokyo: Home of Daikokuya (my favorite ramen place!), cute stores, and amazing museums. Also an incredibly vibrant place — there is always someone playing music in the plaza!
  •  Walt Disney Concert Hall: Don’t miss out on some amazing Visions and Voices events! They take USC students out to cool venues to appreciate music and the arts.

  • Since it’s finally fall (or as close as it gets to fall in LA), this weekend I’m going to a pumpkin patch with some friends and coming back on campus to watch the away game against Notre Dame! Like I said, there’s so much around USC and you’ll never run out of things to do.

    Happy exploring and fight on!

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