Internships & Life After Graduation

Let’s be honest – the point of going to college is to land the dream job.  We’ve been there and have lots to share.  Internships, co-ops, full time positions and graduate programs, you can learn about all of our experiences here.

Find out how USC helps you to find and plan for your dream future.  Read about what we’ve done and what some of us plan to do after graduation.  Also be share to check out all the resources available to helping you!

Hear from people at the Viterbi Career Fair

We interviewed a wide variety of students and company representatives at the Viterbi Career Fair. Listen to learn more about what the job search is like, some cool companies that are recruiting on campus, and all the opportunities available to engineering students specifically!

Career  resources available

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Viterbi Career Events

We’ve taken advantage of a variety of events hosted by Career Services like the Viterbi Career Conference and the Viterbi Industry Networking Night. Read about how we’ve met with industry representatives to learn more about the opportunities available and to get any of our questions answered!

Viterbi Career Expo

Suits on and resume’s in hand you’ll find Viterbi students traveling around campus ready to land their dream internship/full-time job at the Viterbi Fall and Spring Career Fair.  From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, we want to share Read our experiences at the Career Fair with you!

Viterbi Career Services

We’re not alone in preparing for Career Events and Fairs.  The Career Services office hosts a variety of resume reviews, mock interview workshops and one on one advising.  Read more about our experiences with Viterbi Career Services and how its helped us throughout the journey.

Our Experiences

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