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Computer Science, ’21
Houston, TX

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My name is Will and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science with a potential minor in Applied Computer Security. I am originally from (way too hot) Houston, Texas, and I lived in (way too rainy) London for 9 years, and am happy to be in (just perfect) Los Angeles. On campus, I am involved in ACM, an organization focused on providing social and professional computer science experiences, and Spark SC Founders, a group focused on inspiring entrepreneurship through discussion and events. Additionally, I am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha, hoping to take a leadership position next spring. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer with an intramural team here. I’m a big fan of breakfast and am always looking to find the next best place. And I’m learning to surf, I’m definitely not good at surfing yet but feel lucky to be in a place where I can try to get better.
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Association for Computing Machinery

I am a part of ACM, an organization focused on giving students professional computer science experiences. During my time at ACM, I have become a part of the big-little program, participated in various coding workshops, and attended various ACM sponsored networking events.
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Lambda Chi Alpha

I am involved in Lambda Chi Alpha, a social fraternity at USC. Through the fraternity I have participated in many philanthropies, volunteered at the LA Food Bank, and spent a day with children from the Friendship Circle. Moving forward I hope to get more involved.
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Spark SC Founders

I am a part of the Spark SC Founders Initiative, a group focused on inspiring entrepreneurship through discussion and events. Through Founders, I have attended startup-founder seminars, engaged in networking dinners, and participated in the startup career-fair.
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My Major: Computer Science

How did I pick my major?

Both of my parents are engineers and I have always liked math and science. However, I wasn’t quite sure what discipline I wanted to focus on. As sophomore year of high school came along, I had no clue what elective I wanted to take so I decided to try something new and take “Java Programming”. I soon found that I had a genuine interest in the material – spending lots of time on the assignments given and looking into topics covered outside of class. From that elective, I decided to take AP Computer Science, do a C++ independent study, and partake in software related internships throughout the rest of my time high school. As a result of my interest in and time spent on the subject, it was obvious to me that I wanted to major in Computer Science in University.

My Favorite Classes

Although this isn’t a very popular opinion, I actually enjoyed CS 104. Now, the hours spent working on homework assignments and studying for exams wasn’t fun, however, at the end of it all I look back and realize just how much I have learned (more than I have in any other class) and feel that I have a better understanding as to what computer science is really about.

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My #ViterbiLife

This is my #ViterbiLife

Favorite LA Spots

If you’re a fan of hiking and/or cliff jumping, then this is definitely an awesome place to check out. I went this past year with some friends over a weekend and it was a great time.

My Netflix Obsessions

  • I first watched the office 7 years ago, and I still enjoy rewatching Michael Scott’s cringey humor today
  • Like most people, I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and am excited for the new season to come out.

Favorite USC Tradition

My favorite tradition is definitely the fight song. Going into a stadium packed with 93,000 people, being amongst the lively student section, preparing for USC to beat the opposing team, and hearing the band start the fight song – there’s truly nothing else like it. As the band begins the song, all students rise, extend their arms, and wave to the beat, creating an atmosphere that I will never forget.

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