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With only a week left of summer, I can safely say that it has gone by way too quickly. It felt like just yesterday I had finished my spring semester and now I am getting ready to do it all over again.

At the beginning of summer I traveled a lot, driving to the Gulf Shores the first weekend for a music festival and then flying up to Rhode Island for my Cousin’s wedding the following weekend. Both of these trips were a blast, and my Cousin’s wedding was especially fun as I had not been to a wedding in over 11 years.

At the beginning of June, after my quick burst of travel to begin the summer, I started an internship at a small software company near my house called ConstructConnect. During this internship, I was tasked with creating a file control system for all the files needed to create machine learning models at the company. Creating this system, I was exposed to many new programming languages – such as Python and NodeJS – and many new environments – such as the Google Cloud Platform. By the end of my 2 months at ConstructConnect, I was able to complete my task and handed over a working application at the end of my internship. Going through this internship was a great experience; at the beginning I felt somewhat overwhelmed as I had no idea what was going on at times, however, with a bit of patience and learning I was able to gain many valuable skills and insights as a result of my 2 months at ConstructConnect.

To end my summer, I traveled to Southeast Asia with my family. During our vacation we first visited the busy cities of Hong Kong and Macau, doing a lot shopping, walking, and even a bit of gambling. The second half of the vacation brought us to Vietnam, where we first stayed inland near a popular town and then went to the coastline and stayed by the beach. Overall, this trip was a great way to end summer – providing time to completely de stress before the start of the coming semester.

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