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So I just got my first break of the day from classes and I decided to go to my favorite place on campus for a milkshake, Ground Zero. Amidst drinking the dairy goodness I thought of sharing my little slice of heaven with all of you.

A milkshake a day keeps the doctor away,

A milkshake a day keeps the doctor away,

As I said, Ground Zero has some pretty delicious treats. The baristas, all of whom are USC students, can whip up any of the good-humored milkshakes on the menu. Two of my favorites are the “Good Fortune,” a cinnamon, honey, and chai concoction, and the “Hunk of Burning Love” which has vanilla, banana, and peanut butter. The good-humored atmosphere doesn’t stop with the milkshakes ON the menu. No. That’s because they have milkshakes OFF the menu! That’s right, Ground Zero has a secret menu and it’s contents (like the “What’s Your Number?”) are spread through word-of-mouth on campus.

Pick one, want all.

Pick one, want all.

“Okay, the milkshakes are good, but can’t I get a good milkshake from anywhere?” you might ask. Well, what really brings me to Ground Zero is that it hosts most of campus’ performed arts like small concerts, stand-up comedy, and spoken word. The pop music majors perform their midterms during the evening after classes are over so I love to hear how talented my fellow Trojans are. As a poet I love to go every Monday for open-mic night and the USC Spoken Word Poetry Club has all their events here.

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As I sit here in one of Ground Zero’s ridiculously broken-into, black couches sipping my milkshake I can’t help but feel at ease. Despite classes and extra cirriculars keeping my head spinning I can always find a moment of rest at the coolest spot on campus.





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