What to do on Thanksgiving break when you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving

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Happy Holidays everyone! Right now, I am back home with my family in Vancouver for Thanksgiving break. I however, don’t celebrate thanksgiving because I am not American! So instead of telling you about my awesome thanksgiving meal I didn’t have I made a list of things to do on Thanksgiving break when you don’t do Thanksgiving.

1. Sleep!

Last week I finished all my midterms, most of my major projects and homework assignments. With only one week left of classes there is not as much to keep up with so I took some time to recover from midterm season by catching up on all the sleep I haven’t gotten.

2. Hang out with the fam

Me and my Mom celebrating our Birthdays

Since my family lives in Canada, I don’t get to see them very often so I’ve been hanging out with them. My mom and I have birthdays just one week apart in November so we celebrated together when I got home.

3. Catch up on TV shows

I love Netflix but my love for Netflix usually has to be reined in because I know as soon as I start watching a show I will watch an entire season. Clearly, I have no self-control so during the school year I try to keep my Netflix addiction to a minimum by not watching anything. So, this week I caught up on a couple shows I love like Jane the Virgin and Riverdale. I also started watching This Is Us, I would highly recommend.

4. Catch up on homework

The semester may be close to being over but it isn’t yet. I promise I tried to do more work but then Netflix happened. Either way, I worked on a project for a GE, a lab report and I looked over my reactors homework and tried to start so I think that counts as a success, right?

5. Eat some foods!

Even though I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy some good food! My mom made a Torta Tres Leches and I bought some Pecan Pie so basically the same as thanksgiving.

6. Be thankful anyways

It’s good for the soul! I’m thankful for my dog, my family, to be home for the first time in forever and to catch up with friends from highschool.

That’s all from me! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and good luck with the rest of the school year. Byeeeee

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Vanessa is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of eggs benedict, traveling and facetiming her dog. Click above to find out more.

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