My favorite thing about LA? Concerts!

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Hi friends! Last week I saw two of my favorite artists and I’m still not over it. On Thursday I went to see Glass Animals at the Shrine, one of my favorite concert venues because its right by campus. Last year I went to see my all time favorite band, The Neighbourhood, at the same venue. Glass Animals was incredible, their lights and stage design were super cool and the whole time I was amazed by how they adapted their music to be performed live. It was an awesome show and I got to go with a couple of my Chem E friends so it was a fun time all around.

Glass Animals

The next day, after going to class and my research meeting I headed out to yet another concert. This time it was at the Hollywood Palladium, a venue a had never been to before. Milky Chance was incredible! This time I had floor tickets and we were super close. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this concert as much because I listen to Glass Animals a lot more than I listen to Milky Chance but I actually knew the lyrics to all the songs and since we were so close the experience was amazing.

Milky Chance

This is one of my favorite things about living in LA. I love music and in highschool I remember I would plan my months around being able to attend a concert. I would work really hard to finish all my school work so I could be free on the day of any concert I had my eye on. All the money I made as a tutor and babysitter went to buying concert tickets. At any given time I had tickets to see someone because it was my way of staying motivated. College is a little different in the sense that sometimes no matter how hard I work, I will have 3 midterms one week and there is no way I can go to a concert when I really need to be studying. However, I still have managed to see so many incredible artists, especially smaller bands that would never tour internationally but they perform in small venues in LA. Even more amazing is the fact that because they are smaller bands I usually get tickets for super cheap!

If you want to listen to the two artists I saw last week, I made playlists on spotify for both concerts with their setlists!

I hope your weekends are awesome! I will be spending mine studying for my Reactors and PChem midterms!


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