How to avoid being sick in college

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Heeeellloo friends,

Guess what I have been doing this week? Not much because I’m getting over the flu. Which is why today’s blog is brought to you from my feverish, cough filled brain trying figure out how to never feel this terrible ever again!

Freshman year I seemed to get sick all the time. My theory is that because everyone moves to college from different areas and we’re all crammed in dorms together. Colds spread quickly and I always seemed to catch them. Since then I have significantly decreased the number of days I spent sick so here are my tips for prime health which clearly I need to follow more often.

1. Sleep – whenever I get really busy and sleep deprived the first thing that happens is I start feeling sick. As soon as I catch up on sleep I start to feel better. In conclusion, sleep.
2. Water! This is so easy and obvious but sometimes I get lazy and I don’t carry my water bottle with me and then I get headaches.
3. Take breaks. Another one of my theories is that your body will force you to take breaks if you don’t. Midterm season gets the best of us so don’t forget to plan in breaks in between studying and club meetings and homework assignments

Now I will go follow my own tips and go to sleep and rest over Spring Break! Stay healthy my dudes!

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