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Heeeeeelllooooo friends! This semester one of my resolutions was to explore LA more. With only 3 semesters left (OMG WHAT?! I know) I realized I have yet to explore some of the best areas of LA so these past weekends I have made it a goal to get out and explore more.


The first week back, a few of my friends from freshman year and I went to Melrose. We got brunch and afterwards we went to the Melrose Trading Post. On the walk between brunch and the Trading Post we stopped at some of Los Angeles very famous murals to take pictures because you can’t not embrace some of the LA trends.

Gelato is life

That same weekend my roommates from Viterbi Abroad (Rome-ies if you will) went to Eataly for some yummy italian food and of course gelato in an attempt to relive our glory days in Rome last summer.


Another day a couple of girls in my sorority and I went to Little Tokyo to get Boba (or Bubble Tea) as a fun food break. We sang 90s songs in the car and debated getting Boba or mochi ice cream.

This weekend I’m planning on going out to one of the museums in the area because its free this Sunday! Keep up with my LA adventures on Instagram and give me suggestions on where else I should go.


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Vanessa is a junior studying Chemical Engineering. Lover of eggs benedict, traveling and facetiming her dog. Click above to find out more.

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