A Road Trip of A Lifetime

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Before winter break even started, two of my friends, Eric and Peter, approached me with an experience of a lifetime: road tripping from my state, Maryland, back to school. At first, I was a little hesitant, but I eventually agreed since this was an once in a lifetime experience. Throughout winter break, I did minimal planning while Eric prepared the …

Prague Castle

First time in Europe

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Hey guys, It’s been awhile, but I wanted to update you with what I did over winter break! In short, it was fantastic! I actually spent the majority of my time in Europe visiting my brother who studies at the University of Copenhagen! On our trip, we visited Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, seeing Berlin, Prague, and Budapest along the …

Just one more picture... So beautiful!

Hiking Around Los Angeles

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Happy Monday! As I said last week, I’m going to talk about my hiking adventures around Los Angeles. Since the weather here is basically always perfect, hiking is a popular activity around here. You’ve probably heard of the Hollywood Sign hike, but if not, check out this blog to find out more! I’m going to talk about some less common …


Back from Break!

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Hi Guys, I hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday.  I think I can speak for most of us that it was a much needed and rejuvenating time!  Not only was I able to spend time with my family and cousins over the holiday, but I got the opportunity to catch up with old friends.  It is quite interesting …

McCarthy Quad 2

Looking Forward to Spring 2015

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I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of a new semester! After almost a month of relaxing back home in Florida, I couldn’t be happier to be back at school. Spring semester marks the start of new classes, perfect weather, and all of my favorite spring activities! The main reason I’m excited for the semester is my amazing schedule. As …


Classes, Organizations and Fun: Spring 2015 Preview

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Hey everyone, Welcome back from Winter Break! I had a blast relaxing back home in Portland, Oregon. Loved catching up with a lot of great friends from high school tonight! #winterbreak — Juliana Porter (@juliana_porter) December 29, 2014 But now we’re back for another awesome semester. Here’s what’s on my mind after nearly a month off: 1. College Football National …

Because of the CA drought, they actually turned off the water for this feature... But it still looks amazing!

My Last Winter Break, and Looking Forward!

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Happy Spring semester! I have so much to look forward to for this last spring semester here at USC, and it’s definitely going to be bittersweet. I have a full schedule of chemical engineering classes, I added a German language class (though I already went abroad to Germany), and I am continuing with my research! It’s going to be a …

Chinstrap Penguin!

Research in Antarctica: My Journey to the End of the World

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Hey everyone! While it’s great being back at USC again, I still find myself reminiscing about my fantastic journey to the end of the world over winter break! While I briefly mentioned my trip to Antarctica in my blog from last week, I wanted to go a little more in depth about the research I was doing and some of …

The Parthenon, atop the Acropolis in Athens

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered: Winter Break 2014

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As I stepped off the airplane into the cold confines of John F. Kennedy International Airport, I received a text message from my father that would jumpstart my winter break. Without any warning, my father and mother had scheduled a family vacation to Greece! So, five days after landing in New York City, I was off again, this time to …

At deception island!

From Antarctica to Organic Chemistry: Back to Spring Semester

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I’m so excited to be back at USC for the spring! It’s definitely nice to be back to the lovely warm Southern California weather, especially after a very cold winter break spent doing research in Antarctica. I had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica for two weeks over winter break with a program called Students on Ice, which is based …


One Last Semester of Yes, One Last Semester of Biomedical Engineering

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a great break. I do have to admit that I was a little envious of winter breaks like Sam’s, where she went to India, or Sarah who went to Antarctica but I had a blast as well. I went back home to Boston for the break and had about three weeks at home. You …

Tea with USC President C. L. Max Nikias!

The Beginning of 2014 – Past, Present & Future

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Hey guys! Well, first of all: happy 2014! There’s something really refreshing to me about starting a new year. I like trying to imagine how my life will be different the next time I watch the ball drop. The last couple of years my predictions haven’t even been close, but I like it that way. College is just a great …

The bone section in front of the Bellagio!

Spring 2014: The arduous countdown to graduation!

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I am so happy to be starting my last semester at USC. It seems as though my four years have gone by so fast and I cannot believe I will be graduating in four months. However, before I graduate, I gotta make it through my last semester at USC. And it is NOT an easy one. I am taking twenty …

Engaging Jewish Students though Challah Baking

The Fun Never Ends: A Preview of Spring Semester 2014

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Welcome back! Without further ado, let the spring semester of 2014 commence. But before we get to the details of this semester, I wanted to speak briefly to my amazing winter break. I will write an entire blog about my vacation next week, but, for now, let the above header photo serve as my first hint. After a great break, …