Eagle Rock Hike

2nd Semester Senior

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Holy moly, I can’t believe I’m a second semester COLLEGE senior. 4 years went by so quickly and though I’m seriously in shock that I am finishing up in May, I do feel like my time has come. I’m still figuring out my graduation plans but I am starting to get excited about going out in the real world. This …

Astronaut Guitarist

An Audiophile Aerospace Engineer?!

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Last year I was at the Coachella music festival with a few of my best friends and I started to think pondering the massive speaker stacks each stage had. The kid in me knew I should have been just dancing to the music, but the engineer in me couldn’t help wondering how these machines could produce sounds so loud and …


Lumos! and Other USC Events

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Last weekend my friend and I went to USC’s Special Events Committee’s Harry Potter-themed event. It was called Lumos! A Night in a World of Magic and, may I say, I was truly magicked away. The night started off with some good old fashioned butter beer, which was as creamy and whimsical as one would expect. Then we went in …


First Take: Manhattan Beach!

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What’s up everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic Veteran’s day, I know I did. After a busy week of classes, I felt an itch to get off campus today and go someplace I’d never been before! Southern California seems to have forgotten that it’s almost the middle of November, so it was a toasty 88 DEGREES today, if you can believe …


Community Service at USC

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One of the best parts of going to school at USC is the opportunity to experience life in a big city. Los Angeles is not like any other city in the world- it has this incredible mix of culture, with some stereotypical skyscrapers neighboring small family-owned corner shops, tons of vibrant neighborhoods and cultural centers. LA’s Koreatown has the best …

Delicious cookies!

Take a Cookie Break!

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Hello everyone! In celebration of several weeks of midterms ending, I have decided to share one of my favorite recipes. These chocolate chip cookies are the best I have ever had and I cannot recommend them enough. One of my close friends from an internship I had a few years ago showed me this recipe and since then it’s been …


Owning It: My Experience at an On-Campus Leadership Summit

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This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending USC Own It, an on-campus, all-day leadership summit organized by some incredible USC students. Own It is actually a national organization, centered around empowering women to become leaders in their communities and respective career fields. A friend of mine had attended a similar event at Georgetown University while doing a semester …


We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

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LA is warm, sunny, and absolutely perfect for the ice-cream lover. With ice-cream shops sprawling all over the city, you’ll have no problem satisfying that sweet tooth. Everyone’s Favorite: Milk Milk is consistently suggested as one of the best ice-cream shops in LA. Milk boasts a wide array of full-sized macaroon ice-cream sandwiches and ice-cream bars, in addition to the …