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Starting Summer with some Travel!

Lyssa Summer Experiences Leave a Comment

So far this summer, I have had the opportunity to do some travel abroad and nearby.  I spent the first two weeks of summer in South Korea with the Viterbi iPodia program.  This experience was really amazing; part of the class was getting to know students from China, Korea, Israel, and Germany, and it was awesome working with these students …

LyssaStarting Summer with some Travel!
My brothers and I at my cousins wedding!!

Family First

erica Summer Experiences Leave a Comment

Freshman year was easily one of the most exciting years of my life. However, it was also the longest time I’ve ever spent away from my family.  Living 2,000 miles away from our home in Chicago, I only got to see them over a few major holidays.  My two brothers, Aaron and Elliott, have always been my best friends and …

ericaFamily First

Summer Escapades!

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It seems like just yesterday that I was getting ready to go to the Kansas Cosmosphere to work as a space camp counselor for the summer after my freshman year. Now, I am studying for my last set of undergraduate finals and getting ready for post college life. And, while it is an anxiety ridden time, it is also a very …

vladSummer Escapades!

Summer 2013: European Edition

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Hello Friends! I just finished my last class for the semester. It’s kind of strange! As cliche as it sounds, junior year quite literally flew past me. Some moments seem so far away, but others like they were merely minutes ago. 2 weeks from now, I will be done with finals and officially be a senior Trojan. I don’t really …

radhika_2013Summer 2013: European Edition

Looking Back on Spring ’13 and My Summer Plans

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I have had an amazing Spring semester of my junior year. Here are some of my favorite events: Going to SWE Regional Conference in Salt Lake City with Emily and Caitlin and going skiing after the conference Going to Santa Barbara (twice!) with my lacrosse team and taking 3rd place in our conference. Going to Six Flags Magic Mountain with …

natalieLooking Back on Spring ’13 and My Summer Plans
The Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica

My Favorite Places in Los Angeles

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Hey everyone! This weekend I was home celebrating my dad’s birthday, and I realized how nice it is to get off campus for a bit.  I’m usually really busy, so getting off campus is a nice break from all the hard work I put into my studies.  I’ve decided to make a list of some of my favorite places to …

LyssaMy Favorite Places in Los Angeles
Celebrating birthdays, and staying up late for no reason

Radhika’s Guide to Freshman Year: Pro-Tips

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Hello everyone! Let me start off by saying that I am so relieved to finally be done with midterms. I have never appreciated homework so much. This week was a great breather from the stress of exams. Definitely still a lot going on, but also time to do things I love like workout, hit up office hours, and see Seth …

radhika_2013Radhika’s Guide to Freshman Year: Pro-Tips
My study group in Vegas :)

My Advice to Freshmen: Find a Niche

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Upon entering college, you will be going from being a big fish in a small pond to being a small fish in a big pond. It was very exciting, but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. It was not until the end of my freshmen year that I really found a good group of people that I felt comfortable around …

gregMy Advice to Freshmen: Find a Niche

My Advice to Freshman: Just Do It

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I once received some very good advice as a sophomore from a professor when I was unsure about my summer internship. He said, do the internship, even if you’re unsure if you’ll like it, because after you’re done with it you’ll know exactly what you liked about it and what you didn’t. Then, moving forward, you’ve discovered what type of …

vladMy Advice to Freshman: Just Do It
Gamma Phi Beta

Advice to Freshmen: Try New Things

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I think my advice to freshman would be to try new things in college but to also stay with some your favorite involvements from high school. As a new freshman at USC I wanted to do everything I did in high school – lacrosse, dance, some student orgs, etc. I was constantly busy in high school, and I wanted to …

natalieAdvice to Freshmen: Try New Things
Walk the Moon

Springfest 2013!

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This past weekend I went to USC’s spring music festival, hosted by USC’s Program Board.  Program Board, or PB for short, has many different branches and hosts many awesome events on campus.  We’ve had various awesome speakers come to campus – just to name a few, we’ve had Joseph Gordon Levitt, Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office), Bill Nye the …

cassandraSpringfest 2013!

A Day in the Life: Freshman Computer Science

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I know that, when I applied to college, I placed a huge emphasis on the networking abilities of the school, the academic rigor and prestige, and the availability of scholarship and financial aid among a few others. However, once I had applied to favorite universities and received my acceptance letters, that wasn’t the criteria that faced me. I was able …

PatrickA Day in the Life: Freshman Computer Science

Space Exploration Technologies First Annual Competition

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            With SpaceX leading the way for commercial space travel and exploration, you can imagine my excitement when the SpaceX recruiter came to the Rocket Lab seeking applicants to their very first engineering competition.  The competition was hosted at USC and gave students a chance to test their classroom knowledge with real-life applications.  I applied and …

MarkusSpace Exploration Technologies First Annual Competition
Ferris wheel on campus?! Sounds good to me.

My Advice to Freshmen: Skeptical? Try it anyway.

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Since I’m just finishing my freshman year here at USC, I’m really not much older or wiser than those of you planning to start college next year. Instead of strictly giving you advice, I’m going to tell you about the events and activities that have had the largest positive impact on my freshman year so that hopefully you get a …

JulianaMy Advice to Freshmen: Skeptical? Try it anyway.
USC Lyon Center

Weightlifting and Engineering

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If I had to give one piece of non-academic advice to any USC freshman, I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities at USC’s Lyon Center. The Lyon Center has the equipment or room for any activity you may want to do, including four full-size basketball courts, two weight rooms, a long-course swimming pool, and a rock-climbing wall. …

AlexWeightlifting and Engineering

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

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Hey guys! I cannot believe it is already the end of my freshman year! I feel like it was just yesterday that my parents were unpacking the car and I was moving into my dorm at Trojan Hall. I have done so much in my first year here at USC and I thought I would give an overview of three …

JacquieTime Flies When You Are Having Fun

Food Adventures at Culver City

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As much of a fan as I am of EVK, I often get tired of being on the pizza and salad grind and want to eat somewhere else. So when my roommate’s birthday came around, we figured it was a good opportunity to get off campus and celebrate with some sort of style.   Let me set the scene: it …

ArchanaFood Adventures at Culver City
My group at Culture Show!

Culturing It Up On Campus!

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Last week, I participated in the annual Culture Show put on by the Southern California Indian Association, which showcases Southeast Asian culture through singing and dancing. At first, I was hesitant to join; I didn’t really know that many people in the club, I am not by any means the greatest dancer, and I was nervous out of my mind. …

ArchanaCulturing It Up On Campus!

A Semester of Group Projects

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USC is definitely known for having a very collaborative environment, and this semester is certainly a showcase of that mentality! My classes this Spring have certainly placed a focus on group work and I constantly find myself running from one group meeting to the next. First, in my Technical Writing for Engineers class, my group of five students is working …

LyssaA Semester of Group Projects

How to Conquer Midterms

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We are going into Week 11 of the Semester and most people just had, or are having (like me), their second round of midterms. You would think “midterms” would only happen once a semester but for math/science classes you’ll usually have two of them. I personally like it because if I did not perform as great as I wanted to …

PedroHow to Conquer Midterms