Back in Step (and in the air)

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Welcome back Trojans! And welcome to all new Trojans as well! The beginning of the year is always rich with excitement and reconnecting with friends. The first few weeks of school have seen some of my best experiences thus far at USC, and will always get me excited to return from whatever I’ve been doing the past summer (although the …

NaishBack in Step (and in the air)

Construction for the Stars: My Summer Internship

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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! Whether you spent your summer working, at summer school, travelling, or just hanging out at home, it’s nice to have a break from exams and projects for a little while. I’ve spent most of my summer working as a Project Engineer Intern at one of MATT Construction’s project sites located in North …

BriaConstruction for the Stars: My Summer Internship
Bethany summer

Pugs, Petri Dishes, and Ice Cream Cakes: My Summer 2015

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This summer I spent some time back at home, went on some trips, scooped some ice cream, and ended back at SC working in a biomedical lab. After classes were over, I went back home to Fresno (FresYes), California. Fresno is located directly in the middle of California’s Central Valley. If Fresno were a movie, it would be a cross …

BethanyPugs, Petri Dishes, and Ice Cream Cakes: My Summer 2015

Getting Involved at USC and in Viterbi

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As you get ready to come to USC, you might be a little nervous about getting the most out of your experience here, making friends, staying active, getting involved on campus, and on top of that maintaining your classes. Well it’s not as hard as you might think. There are some awesome organizations in Viterbi where you can connect with other engineering majors …

BriaGetting Involved at USC and in Viterbi
The Television Academy Theater and Media Center - the site I'll be working on this summer!

Networking and the “Trojan Family”

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You may have heard about the USC Alumni Association or seen the phrase “Trojan Family” on some t-shirts, and maybe you’ve even heard how USC has great networking. I know I heard these things before I decided to come here and also as an incoming freshman, but I didn’t know what being a part of the “Trojan Family” really meant until my hometown’s …

BriaNetworking and the “Trojan Family”
We "grounded" the circuit to my ankle bone... get it? Because feet touch the... ground?

Medical Electronics Final Project: ECG

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Hey guys! This week we finished our Medical Electronics (BME302) group project, creating an ECG using operational amplifiers, highpass and low pass circuits, and bioelectrodes attached directly to, you guessed it, me! Check out some of the pictures from our circuit and the output we got… my heartbeat! Disclaimer: do not hook any electrical circuits up to your body without …

JordanMedical Electronics Final Project: ECG
USC Wall

How I Decided on (and Then Fell in Love With) USC

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I’ve been lucky to spend the past three years at my happiest place on earth, USC. And even through it seems like forever ago, that means it’s only been three short years since I was staring at a pile of acceptance packages from schools all over the country, completely unsure of how I was expected to decide. I was 17, …

MollyHow I Decided on (and Then Fell in Love With) USC

Why USC? An Environment of Perpetual Advancement

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Hey guys, I hope you all had a restful and relaxing Spring Break! I had my wisdom teeth removed so it wasn’t the most exciting, but I did get a lot of sleep, so that was nice. This week I’m going to talk about a few of the reasons I chose to attend USC. I pretty much knew what general …

JulianaWhy USC? An Environment of Perpetual Advancement

Why USC? Why Viterbi?

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Hey guys, I’m sure as you are all starting to hear back from your college applications you’re starting to get to the hard part. What? You mean the countless hours of applications weren’t the hardest part of the process? Sad to say, but actually choosing where you want to go is really the thing that a lot of students have …

JordanWhy USC? Why Viterbi?

Space Mission Design

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Hi guys, Classes have been quite busy, but all a great learning experience.  I have the opportunity to take Space Mission Design which essentially provides a certain issue, and you get the chance to design a mission to address this need.  This semester we are looking to track the migration patterns of whales and stream live video from tagged whales. …

MarkusSpace Mission Design

Industrial Engineering with Computer Science

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I like to think of Industrial and Systems Engineering as applied problem solving. The foundation of my classes is math like probability, statistics, and linear algebra which we then use for operations research to solve complex problems. These problems can vary to economic to resource allocation problems which really allow for a diverse application. Can't believe this year is coming to an …

AllyIndustrial Engineering with Computer Science
LA Skyline

What Exactly is Civil Engineering?

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I remember being a high school senior and having to pick a major on the USC application. I had never taken an engineering course, I had no idea of what half of the options even were! I just knew that engineering was right for me. So I picked one that sounded cool (computer engineering/computer science) and hoped for the best. …

MollyWhat Exactly is Civil Engineering?
che 444


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Chemical Engineering in a nut shell can be experience in CHE 444a.  A completely hands on lab class I’m taking this semester, we’ve already done labs involving material from all the engineering and chemistry classes I’ve taken so far at USC. From liquid liquid extraction to corrosion to mass transfer, some of the material is even from classes I will …


Teamwork in Engineering

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Blogged while listening to Smoke + Mirrors- Imagine Dragon’s new album! Hello everyone! Happy E-Week.  This week is all about celebrating engineering and all the cool things engineers do.  Here at USC we are celebrating with all sorts of activities, my favorite of which is Viterbi Ball at the end of the week! Check out Betty’s blog about it– she’s …

Lyssa Aruda-2015Teamwork in Engineering

USC’s Hidden Talent

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Hi Guys, By this time you will begin to hear back from a number of great universities and will be deciding which is the best fit.  I had not realized the extent of USC’s sphere of influence, nor the accessibility to talent around the world.  Needless to say, arriving at USC, I was pleasantly surprised. To prevent myself from just listing …

MarkusUSC’s Hidden Talent

Making Thinking Fun – A Deconstruction of the Ego

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Hi guys, Conversation is perhaps the most incredible, yet confusing phenomenon of our existence.  We communicate with everything around us.  And yet there is no perfect language, no formal system that can clearly define the reality around us.  Just stop and think for a second.  When I speak, your brain hears a fluctuation in pressures and vibrations, translating that into …

MarkusMaking Thinking Fun – A Deconstruction of the Ego

The Nature of Competition

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Hi guys! Colleges and college students often raise the topic of competition as a natural selection method for determining the best and brightest in a class.  Coming from high school and playing sports, I have always bought into this idea of competition.  May the best man win has wormed its way into my mindset and perspective towards academics and life. …

MarkusThe Nature of Competition
SynTouch BioTac

A Snapshot of My Last Semester at USC!

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It’s hard to believe that I’m in my last semester of college! I have five exciting classes to look forward to in the last push before graduation, and I am really looking forward to what I will be learning this semester. I am in three biomedical engineering classes this semester, along with two fun electives to get as much as …

Lauren Pelo-2015A Snapshot of My Last Semester at USC!

Passion is All Around Us

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Hi all! Lately a few videos have been forwarded to me regarding a number of interesting individuals.  The videos ranged from athletes, to dancers, musicians, and craftsmen.  After watching the numerous videos I began to gain a new respect and understanding for people who dedicate their life to a craft or a skill.  These are people who have found something …

MarkusPassion is All Around Us

Getting Involved: Engineers Without Borders

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When I came to campus as a freshman and went to the campus involvement fair, I put my name down on countless email lists of clubs and activities that sounded interesting. I had no idea of what I wanted to do, but I figured if I tried everything that I was bound to like at least one of them. Luckily …

MollyGetting Involved: Engineers Without Borders