Rise of the Entrepreneur

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Hi Guys, We all go to college with the looming expectation by our parents that we will graduate and find a job in industry that not only pays well, but is everything we hoped and dreamed.  Yet in this day and age with the growth of technology and the emphasis on innovation, not only are traditional companies becoming largely outdated, but …

MarkusRise of the Entrepreneur

Hello World: Class of 2015

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Hi Guys, As a senior, graduation peeks over the horizon, eager to thrust us into the world of professionalism and adulthood.  And that is so exciting!  I am ready to make my mark in the world.  Create value in a traditional market and give more back to society than I consume.  A number of things are on the table.  While …

MarkusHello World: Class of 2015

Quit and Quit Often

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Hey Guys, Over my four years, I have found that there is a natural gravitation towards people who are passionate about their field of study and genuine in their endeavors.  Genuine has become more and more of a topic for me this past semester.  It is interesting to think that there are more genuinely bad people than good.  There is …

MarkusQuit and Quit Often

Midterm Survival Guide

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Midterm season has descended upon USC. Depending on your schedule, your midterms can be spread out over the course of three weeks or, as in my case this semester, one. Three midterms in one week seems like lot. And, okay, maybe it is (especially since Netflix added Gilmore Girls to the list of the TV shows they steam). But when you think …

EmilyMidterm Survival Guide

Freshman Academy takes USC vs. UCLA Volleyball!

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Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week! This week has been really busy with homework and trying to stay healthy, but one of my highlights was attending the USC vs. UCLA volleyball game with my freshman academy class!! Alex and I are co coaches, so we decided to plan a trip to a women’s volleyball game! Trojan spirit is …

LyssaFreshman Academy takes USC vs. UCLA Volleyball!
Some students work out at the Lyon Center on campus.

USC Workout: Keep Your Body as Sharp as Your Mind!

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Hey everybody! I’m writing this a little later than usual because I was busy having a blast at the Oregon State game.  It was a great bounce back game for the football team, who put together a well rounded effort to beat the Beavers 35-10! Seeing all these displays of athleticism inspired me to write this blog about one of …

EllenUSC Workout: Keep Your Body as Sharp as Your Mind!
USC EE 150, electrical engineering

EE 150: Matlab, Coding, Compiling Oh My!

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In the life and times of a biomedical engineer, you take classes that cover multiple disciplines. Chem and bio are obvious staples of biomedical engineering, physics as well. Less well known, though is that as a biomedical engineer it’s a standard to learn a programming language called Matlab. It’s not as complicated as Java or C sharp or C++, but …

EmilyEE 150: Matlab, Coding, Compiling Oh My!
Paper Bridge Building Competition

Engineering Freshman Academy: My Favorite Class

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Hi everyone! We’re already on our fifth week of classes for the semester, and it’s hard to believe how fast the time is passing by. I wanted to take a few minutes this week to talk about my favorite class I’m involved with this semester! My favorite class this semester isn’t actually one I’m taking, it’s one I’m a coach …

SarahEngineering Freshman Academy: My Favorite Class

CHE 330 Thermodynamics: Controlling Heat

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When I first met older chemical engineers, I can remember them always mentioning “Thermo” like it was a myth or a legend; “Oh you’re a freshmen, that means you haven’t taken thermo yet.” The way I see it now is somewhat like a right of passage as a Chemical Engineer. It’s a challenging engineering class that is an extension of …

FrankieCHE 330 Thermodynamics: Controlling Heat

My New Class: ISE 370

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Hi everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying your day so far. I have had a great couple of weeks getting back into my routine at USC. I cannot believe it is already half way through September! Time really flies when you are busy and having fun. Today, I wanted to focus on telling you a little bit about …

jacquieMy New Class: ISE 370

Junior Year, Already?

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Hey everyone! After a great summer with #ViterbiAbroad in Rome, I am happy to be back home at USC for a great junior year! This semester I’m excited because my classes are a lot more engineering focused and it seems like it’s going to be a little easier than some of my past semesters. I also have four-day weekends, it’s …

LaurenJunior Year, Already?
Running into sorority sisters outside of Stanford's Stadium!

The Weekender 2014!

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I can’t believe I waited until my junior year to attend my first weekender! The weekender is traditionally USC’s away game against either UC Berkeley or Stanford, when everyone drives up for the weekend to watch our football team win. This year we beat Stanford, and it was one of my favorite memories so far at USC! Me and four …

MollyThe Weekender 2014!

Bring It On Fall Semester

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Oh, fall semester. The semester of football, football, and football. Oh, and football. All right, so there’s a lot more to the start of the school year than just football, but given the history and culture of USC football, it’s worth mentioning (at least once). This fall is the start of my sophomore year and it’s going to be busy …

EmilyBring It On Fall Semester
Football Season!

A Preview of My Fall Semester!

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Hey everyone! Hope you all have had a good start back to school so far. It’s really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I’m starting the second half of my time as an undergraduate here at USC! I’ve come a long way since Freshman year, and I can’t wait to see how I continue to …

SarahA Preview of My Fall Semester!
First football game of the year: Beat the Bulldogs!

My Semester: Fall 2014

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Hey guys! I hope you’re all excited to be heading back to school, even if you haven’t started yet. My first week of classes is officially over, and I’m already super excited for this semester. I’m going to tell you a little about what I’ve been doing since I got back to USC, what my classes are like this fall, …

JulianaMy Semester: Fall 2014
Patrick and I enjoying our time in Venice

My Summer in Rome with the Viterbi Overseas Program

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. I’m currently back at school preparing for sorority recruitment, and I’m so excited for classes to start next week! I’m really looking forward to this semester. I’m thrilled to be a Freshman Academy Coach this year! Most importantly, I cannot …

SarahMy Summer in Rome with the Viterbi Overseas Program

My Semester at a Glance

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Hi everyone! I cannot believe that the last week of classes for this semester are over. Final exams are all that stand between the summer and me. I cannot wait to spend some time with my family and finalize my summer internship plans in the next couple of weeks. I’ll tell you about some of my favorite memories from this …

jacquieMy Semester at a Glance

Summer Plans! Israel & Internship

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Hey Everyone, I cannot believe that summer is right around the corner with only a few finals standing in my way.  Right when the semester comes to a close, I will have the opportunity to go abroad to the Middle East, and work a technical internship back in Los Angeles.  A fun and jam packed summer ahead of me, I …

MarkusSummer Plans! Israel & Internship