Shoot for the Stars-Or The Clouds

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Landing your first internship may seem baffling, but a little confidence and self-promotion go a long way. Even during your first semester at USC, you will have access to opportunities like the general career fair and the Viterbi School of Engineering Career Fair (During the Engineering Career Week) both in the Fall. These two events are fantastic methods for networking …

NaishShoot for the Stars-Or The Clouds

Staying Centered in College

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The entire concept of “staying centered” is somewhat cliché, but for good reason. Although the connotation of such a principle may be negative or lend itself towards trendiness, balance is key in every aspect of any college student’s life. Between academics, clubs, sports, social life, and everything in between, maintaining a healthy balance of all these facets of daily life …

NaishStaying Centered in College

Why I Chose Environmental Engineering

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Some people grow up knowing exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives since the moment they can talk. Unfortunately, that person was not me. I was always a curious student; I gravitated to anything that made me ask “why?”  Soon after attending a summer camp focused on Women in STEM in middle school, I decided …

DaisyWhy I Chose Environmental Engineering

Five Most Important Tips for Your First Week

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Listen up! I’m about to educate you on how to be successful in college starting from week one. Here are tried and true methods to get your first year off to an amazing start! Disclaimer: They are a bit cheesy, but they worked for me. Say Hi to Everyone in the Elevator I’m serious, I know it sounds cheesy but …

MariaFive Most Important Tips for Your First Week

But actually, how hard is Engineering?

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Sit down folks, I’m about to break down one of the most frequently asked questions about engineering: just how hard is it? If you’re like me, you’ve looked this up on several, several forums and found less than ideal answers. With that in mind, I’m going to give you the honest answer about what my freshman year of engineering has …

MariaBut actually, how hard is Engineering?

A Day in the Life of Maria

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A Day in the Life, Freshman ChemE Readers, let’s get specific! I know a lot of you have questions about what life at USC is like, so here’s more information than you’ll ever need about what my average day is like! It’s going to be a Monday, for the record: 8:30 am- 9:00 am: Get ready for the day and …

MariaA Day in the Life of Maria

Use your Extracurriculars to De-Stress

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Engineering is a tough major, and occasionally feeling stressed is inevitable. When I feel stressed out and overwhelmed, my first instinct is to binge watch Netflix while wearing a facemask and drinking a Ground Zero milkshake. This is fine every now and then, but why not kill two birds with one stone (don’t actually harm any animals, just be efficient). …

BethanyUse your Extracurriculars to De-Stress

How to Get Research as a Freshman

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One of the misconceptions many have about undergraduate research is that you have to have taken a bunch of classes and be an upperclassman to even get a spot in a lab. I know this is what I thought when I first came to USC. I always knew that I wanted to do undergraduate research, but I never thought that I would be …

BethanyHow to Get Research as a Freshman

One Year Down, Three to Go

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Wow, I can’t believe my first year at USC is already coming to a close. It has been hectic, crazy, hard, and really fun. Over the last couple weeks, the activities I’m involved with have started dropping off as everyone gets ready for the end of the semester and finals. The first activity to finish was Women’s Ice Hockey, but it finished with …

SophieOne Year Down, Three to Go

Starting a Student Org at USC: Theta Tau

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After deciding to come to USC, I did hours and hours of research on what clubs and student organizations I wanted to join. Immediately, I knew that I wanted to be a part of SC Racing, the Formula SAE team at USC, as well as play club water polo. I enjoyed the idea of brotherhood established in USC’s Greek system, but …

EricStarting a Student Org at USC: Theta Tau

I Can’t Believe It!

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I can’t believe I’m done with one whole year of college. Last spring the thought of going to school 2,000 miles away was terrifying but now I’m getting ready to leave knowing I will miss all of it. Of course, USC gave me such an amazing opportunity to grow academically but ultimately this school gave me the greatest opportunity to …

VincentI Can’t Believe It!
SWE Sally Swe Prof Pic

Giving Back in College

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Being in college is a completely new experience, and it’s easy to feel like you’re living in a bubble. You’re surrounded by your peers constantly, and you’re spending the majority of your time on campus. I knew that I wanted to be able to give back to the community, and the Society of Women Engineers is an excellent organization for …

MichelleGiving Back in College
USC EE 150, electrical engineering

Diving Headfirst into Engineering

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One of the things I love most about USC Viterbi is how as a freshman, I was able to have hands-on experience in my courses. I took courses that allowed me to see the real-life applications of electrical engineering. I built projects and wrote programs to make those projects actually work and serve a purpose! Studying engineering at USC Viterbi is …

MichelleDiving Headfirst into Engineering

The Lucky Penny

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Before dropping me off for school every morning when I was in elementary school, my dad always used to say, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.” Though many years have passed since these carefree mornings skipping off to recess, my father’s advice has stayed with me through the years, and continues to challenge me as I face days …

MadelinaThe Lucky Penny

Looking Back on Spring Semester and Forward to Summer!

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Somehow I’m already finishing my spring semester of junior year (even though I swear it just began)! It’s been an amazing semester and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m also incredibly excited for the start of the summer. This semester I got to take 5 upper level civil and environmental engineering classes, which was an awesome new experience. I got to …

MollyLooking Back on Spring Semester and Forward to Summer!

Spring Semester Review & Summer Plans

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Hey all, Hard to believe it’s already the last week of the semester, and my last blog of the year. This semester flew by! I love fall semester because of football season, but I always like the calmness of spring semester too. I feel like spring semester moves along much more quickly. I also think that people are generally even …

JulianaSpring Semester Review & Summer Plans

Tips and Tricks to Master Freshman Year

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Hey guys,   This week I wanted to talk to you about some of the tips and tricks that I found when I was a freshman (and some that I didn’t learn until later in my college career that can help you out when you first get on campus). 1. The first and foremost of which you are probably the …

JordanTips and Tricks to Master Freshman Year

Staying Healthy in College

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Blogged on a break from working on my senior design project. Something that I’ve recently been working on more in my life is health and fitness! It’s something that is definitely challenging to fit in, but so important to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. On campus, the best resource for this is the Lyon Center.  This is the gym on campus …

Lyssa Aruda-2015Staying Healthy in College