Looking Ahead: Mountain Climbing in Summer 2014

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Even though this semester is really going to challenge me, I know I’ll get through it if I continue to work hard and focus on graduation. However, I can’t help but look ahead to this coming summer. It will be nice to have a summer transitioning from undergraduate studies to graduate studies, where i do not need to stress out …

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Research Conference in Chicago!

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Hi everyone! For the last year and a half, I’ve been working on a research project with Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. My research aims at reducing the delay in the medical equipment delivery process. A few months ago, my paper was accepted to be presented at the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS) Healthcare Conference. The conference took …

Cardinals for Life. Wrigley's okay though.

The Summer of Science and Roadtrips

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And we’re back with the second installment of summer blogs. Hope everyone’s summer has continued to be awesome and that everyone’s tanner than they were when they read my first blog post. If you recall from that post, I spent the first part of my summer getting acclimated to research intern life here at Argonne National Laboratory. Since then, everything …


A Summer in Sweden

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Hej från Sverige!  Despite summer having been only a couple of weeks, I’ve already fallen in love with Sweden.  Interning at a powder metals company in the southern part of Sweden, only a short commute to Denmark, I have been trying to do as much sightseeing as I can. 

Uprooted tree

Summer In Seatle, Part 2!

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Hope everyone is having a great summer! I know I am!  In the past month interning at Microsoft, I’ve had tons of fun outings and this is shaping up to be my best summer yet. Luckily, Seattle is pretty close to home (about a 2 hour flight), so I jetted home to spend the 4th of July with friends and …

The Giant Stingrays

My Week in Paradise

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Hey everyone! I hope you have been enjoying your summers so far! Ever since summer began, I have been swamped with work in the Viterbi Business Affairs Office. However, I got a nice break from all the hard work when my family and I ventured on our annual vacation. This year we decided to voyage on a cruise starting in …


Learning the IT Ropes

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Hello everyone! I hope y’all’s summers are going well, I know mine sure has! I thought that I would come home to a nice relaxing summer after the flurry of freshman year, but it’s really been a roller coaster down here for me – and I’m having the ride of my life. Last time I told you guys about my …


Trip to the East Coast!

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Greetings! As I near the mid-way point in my summer, I think this is an excellent time to reflect on my experience with the east coast.  Having grown up most of my life from California, I am used to the typical summer: dry heat, swimming pools, absent clouds and great company.  After living in the Washington DC / Virginia area …

The lab: the place I spend the majority of my time.

The Art of Science (and Summer 2013)

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It’s amazing how quickly time goes by over the summer! I’m learning more and more about how stuff works around a lab.   I am finally doing my own work- I’m running my own Western Blots to detect proteins, I’m starting assays to measure enzyme activity, and I have my own line of cells to culture. I essentially get to …

Enjoying a spectacular sunset on the cruise

Counting down the days…

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This summer has been up and down, but I can’t wait to get back into my rhythm and feel productive again. As I have previously stated, this hasn’t exactly been the best summer. I have done some really cool stuff because of my inability to find an internship. However, this free time has also left me bored and looking forward …

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Lucky We Live LA

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There’s a saying back home, “lucky we live Hawaii”. Everyone appreciates Hawaii for the great place to live that it is but despite growing up in such a great place, I’ve really loved my first summer living in Los Angeles. Of course work is great and I’ve had a great time with my jobs, but I don’t think it’s enough …

Santa Monica

Seeing the Sights

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Before the semester ended, I was lucky enough to receive a summer job here at the University of Southern California working with various summer conferences such as orientations, athletic camps, and academic seminars. Rather than returning home from college my first summer after freshman year, I opted to stay in the always busy city of Los Angeles to get to …