The lab: the place I spend the majority of my time.

The Art of Science (and Summer 2013)

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It’s amazing how quickly time goes by over the summer! I’m learning more and more about how stuff works around a lab.   I am finally doing my own work- I’m running my own Western Blots to detect proteins, I’m starting assays to measure enzyme activity, and I have my own line of cells to culture. I essentially get to …

ArchanaThe Art of Science (and Summer 2013)
Enjoying a spectacular sunset on the cruise

Counting down the days…

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This summer has been up and down, but I can’t wait to get back into my rhythm and feel productive again. As I have previously stated, this hasn’t exactly been the best summer. I have done some really cool stuff because of my inability to find an internship. However, this free time has also left me bored and looking forward …

gregCounting down the days…
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Lucky We Live LA

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There’s a saying back home, “lucky we live Hawaii”. Everyone appreciates Hawaii for the great place to live that it is but despite growing up in such a great place, I’ve really loved my first summer living in Los Angeles. Of course work is great and I’ve had a great time with my jobs, but I don’t think it’s enough …

ZachLucky We Live LA
Santa Monica

Seeing the Sights

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Before the semester ended, I was lucky enough to receive a summer job here at the University of Southern California working with various summer conferences such as orientations, athletic camps, and academic seminars. Rather than returning home from college my first summer after freshman year, I opted to stay in the always busy city of Los Angeles to get to …

JordanSeeing the Sights
One of my favorite parts of the office!!!

Update From the Sunshine State

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So what does one do during Florida summers when it torrentially downpours every day? Go to the movies!!! Haha, but really, while I’m going to work every day, it rains, pours, rains some more, floods, and then there’s tropical storm warnings. So because I haven’t been in the sunshine much, I figured I’d show a few pictures of my awesome …

haleyUpdate From the Sunshine State
Kelsey and me at graduation! Fight On!

Summer 2013 So Far

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As I have mentioned, I love watching sports, so I’m writing this as I watch the CONCACAF Gold Cup match against Costa Rica! Go USA! Anyways, this summer has been exciting! I went back home to San Diego for the summer, which was much needed because I started missing my family towards the end of spring semester.  It also gave …

LaurenSummer 2013 So Far
Got Nano?

Summer Internship at Quantumsphere

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Hey guys! This summer I’ve had the awesome opportunity to intern at Quantumsphere Inc. in Orange County and I’ve loved my experiences there so far.  The area I’m working in is with zinc air batteries which use nano manganese to increase efficiency.  I’m working in the research and development department, and have been working with the scientists and 2 other …

LyssaSummer Internship at Quantumsphere
Diamond Jubilee in Trafalgar Square.

Viterbi Summer Overseas in London

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  The past six weeks have flown by, and it is crazy to think that I only have two more weeks left in London! With at least one main essay each week, homework, weekly quizzes, traveling every weekend (and I mean every weekend), and trying to see London to feel like I actually lived here, I have decided that sleep …

LaurenViterbi Summer Overseas in London
Celebrating the Fourth at Great American Ballpark!

A Baseball Tour of America

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Baseball, America’s pastime, and my first love. I have always been a big baseball fan and played baseball until the start of high school. I still remember my first Major League Baseball game. My Bubbie (Yiddish for grandmother) brought me to a Baltimore Orioles game. We sat in the upper deck along the left field line, bought hot dogs, and …

AlexA Baseball Tour of America

SynTouch LLC

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This summer I am working at a biotech company called SynTouch. The company grew from research conducted at Dr. Loeb’s research lab at USC, and many of the employees at the company are from USC. The company creates tactile sensors that emulate the human finger – “synthetic touch.” My job as an intern at SynTouch this summer has been to do a …

morelle arianSynTouch LLC

Solar Science

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            While skin cancer has always been more prevalent with old age, each year more and more frighteningly young people are being diagnosed.   Between lower ozone levels in our earth’s atmosphere, the invention of tanning beds, and our culture’s craze to attain that “sun-kissed-glow,” ultraviolet rays are penetrating our skin to the point of damaging …

ericaSolar Science

Summer Update!

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Hey Everyone! Hope everyone’s summers are going well! Mine has been awesome so far. Research is progressing, I’m getting prepared for next year’s classes, and I’m taking the extra time I have to continue to explore LA and take up surfing! As for the research, I’m currently in the process of making this:   It’s a mechanical woodpecker simulator which, …

gavinSummer Update!
SF Cable Cars

4th of July in San Francisco!

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Hi everyone! I can’t believe we are already halfway through with summer! My internship at Boeing seems to be flying by. One of the highlights of my summer so far was my 4th of July weekend trip to visit my old roommate in San Francisco!   I haven’t been to San Francisco since I was 10 and all I really …

natalie4th of July in San Francisco!
USC and Aachen enjoying some sightseeing at a temple in Seoul

Summer so far at Argonne National Laboratory

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Yoyoyoyoyoyo everybody! Hope everyone’s summer is off to a fantastic start. After a wild start that spanned three time zones in 3 days, things are finally settling down for me as I have adjusted to life as a research intern at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, IL. Like several other VSA’s, my summer started off in Korea to cap off …

zach g.Summer so far at Argonne National Laboratory
Another day in paradise

Life’s a Beach: My Week in Destin, Florida

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Hey everybody! Hope y’all have had a good summer so far. Mine has certainly been relaxing. While I wasn’t able to get an internship this summer, I’ve been spending my summer catching up with high school friends, spending time with my parents, and preparing for my summer school class that starts in the beginning of July. In the beginning of …

SarahLife’s a Beach: My Week in Destin, Florida


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Being in the Skåne part of Sweden this summer because of an internship, I was lucky enough to witness one of Sweden’s biggest holidays: Midsummer.  Midsummer takes place towards the end of June on the longest day of the year in which the sun can sometimes set around as late as eleven pm.  The Friday before this day, to be exact  June 21st for this …

2013-06-08 18.13.54

Summer in Seattle

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It’s summertime, but the weather here in Seattle has me fooled some days!  I’m four weeks into my internship at Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, WA, and even though there is, unforgivably, rain in June, I’m loving every moment of it. I’m living in a really sweet apartment in the University District in Seattle (named for University of Washington).  It …

robSummer in Seattle

Summer kick-off in South Korea!

katherine Summer Experiences

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic summer! Mine is off to a great start. I spent the first two weeks of my summer in South Korea with my iPodia class. Cassandra, Steve, Vlad, Gavin, Zach, and Lyssa were also there! I had an unforgettable experience in South Korea. The city we were staying in was beautiful …

katherineSummer kick-off in South Korea!
Vicki, Carolyn, and myself out at dinner.

My Summer in Brew City

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In my true blogging style I am going to start off this post with the random picture of the day. I know it is Friday and Throwback Thursday was yesterday but this pictures comes to us straight out of 1998 or so when my Dad took us skiing. A belated Happy Fathers Day to him and all the fathers out …

brentonMy Summer in Brew City
Love the architecture on the Alstadt (old part)!

Ein Sommer in Deutschland: Working, Writing, Exploring

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Hallo Freunden! Wie geht’s? I just looked at the calendar, and apprently I have been living in Dresden, Germany for the past 5 weeks. In April, I accepted an internship offer to work at GLOBALFOUNDRIES (formerly AMD), as a PFA (physical failure analysis) engineering intern. Given that the last two summers I worked internships at Qualcomm, I thought it would …

radhika_2013Ein Sommer in Deutschland: Working, Writing, Exploring