Grow Your Own Way… My Summer Consulting Internship with PwC (and more!)

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Hi guys, This week I wanted to update you about what I’ve been up to this summer.. For the last two weeks of May I went to Beijing with the iPodia program and now I am currently working for PricewaterhouseCoopers! China was absolutely incredible and it was great getting to see the iPodia students who we’ve been working with throughout …

Building E-2 at Northrop Grumman

If I Told You, I’d Have To Kill You: My Summer Internship at Northrop Grumman

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If I told you everything about my summer internship at Northrop Grumman Corporation, I’d have to kill you. But let’s start with the basics. Northrop Grumman Corporation is the fifth largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world and has four business sectors: aerospace systems, electronic systems, information systems, and technical systems. As an astronautical engineering major, I believe aerospace …


Building in Wisconsin: My Summer Construction Internship!

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Today marks the last day of an amazing two months interning at MSI General Corporation, a design/build general construction contractor in Southeast Wisconsin.  It’s been an amazing experience, and it went by way too fast! In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten to visit different construction sites that we’ve worked on, seeing projects from the beginning stages up until their …


My Summer Internship with PwC in LA

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Hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying the beauty of no tests and homework. This summer I decided to stick around LA and intern in downtown as a technology consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). At the beginning of the internship, we arrived in Orlando for a three day long training with all of the advisory interns across the US, …


Chevron Round 2

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Missed the last chevron experience? Check it out here. Or keep reading! Back for another summer in Bakersfield California at Chevron as a Reservoir Engineer, I have so much to share.  Reservoir Engineering is a branch of petroleum engineering that analyzes drainage problems during developing, expanding, and producing oil or gas from a reservoir.  The goal is to maximize efficiency …


Summer Internship with Aera

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This summer I’ll be working for Aera Energy in Bakersfield, CA! Aera Energy is an upstream oil and gas producer, which means it finds oil fields, plans how to effectively produce from the field, drill the wells, and the sells the crude oil and natural gas to other companies. It was last semester in October that I was offered the internship, and I …


Looking Back on Spring Semester and Forward to Summer!

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Somehow I’m already finishing my spring semester of junior year (even though I swear it just began)! It’s been an amazing semester and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m also incredibly excited for the start of the summer. This semester I got to take 5 upper level civil and environmental engineering classes, which was an awesome new experience. I got to …


Spring Semester Review & Summer Plans

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Hey all, Hard to believe it’s already the last week of the semester, and my last blog of the year. This semester flew by! I love fall semester because of football season, but I always like the calmness of spring semester too. I feel like spring semester moves along much more quickly. I also think that people are generally even …

London Viterbi Overseas

My Summer Plans: Viterbi Overseas in London

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It’s really hard for me to believe that it’s the second to last week of school and that I’m now halfway done with college. Well, aside from all my finals. But I think the weirdest thing about college is how fast it goes. I’ve done a lot this semester and yet it still feels like it’s flown by. From organizing …


Moving out: Resources

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With the last week of classes just around the corner and the thought of finals looming ahead, stress levels are starting rise as students not only rush to study but figure out their plans to move out.  While it may seem like there’s a lot on our plate, each task is more than manageable–especially if we know of the right resources available. If …

Fred Hutchinson with Rainier

The Nitty Gritty of my Summer Internship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Okay, so I didn’t have this internship experience this last summer. I actually had this opportunity the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I spent six weeks at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is in Seattle. It’s part of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, partnered with the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s to study and prevent …

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My Summer Experience with Big Data

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Hi everyone! This is a big week at USC as it is CAREER WEEK! There are tons of businesses coming to campus for the many events being held. These include the Viterbi Industry Networking Event (VINE), the Viterbi Career Fair, and the many information sessions held by individual companies. A fun outing that I get to take part in starting …

CLPi Class

My Summer Internship: GE Healthcare Commercial Leadership Program Internship

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This summer, I was interning at GE Healthcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When I first heard that I would be living in Milwaukee for 12 weeks, I was definitely a bit apprehensive! I had never been to the Midwest prior to this summer, but I was ready for a change of scenery so Milwaukee it was!

Summer Plans

Summer Plans: New Adventures in LA

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I’m so excited to be spending my first summer in Los Angeles! I can never get enough of the perfect weather and constant sunshine. I’m lucky enough to be taking two classes that are totally unrelated to anything I’ve taken before: EXSC 205: The Science of Human Performance and WRIT 340, which is upper division writing for engineers.  Both classes …

Hike to the Hollywood Sign!

Spring Semester Recap

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I can’t believe the spring semester is about to come to a close and that I’ll be halfway done with my undergraduate experience here at USC! This has been such an amazing semester for me. There were a lot of experiences that made this semester a great one, but one thing I really enjoyed was getting introduced to some upper …

My Summer, an LA Story

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Geez, at the end of the summer why does it always feel like August came right after May? However fast the summer flew by, the experiences I had were, to me, nothing short of spectacular. Here are a couple of my highlights: This year was my first year at USC Racing’s competition in Lincoln, NE. We had a 27-hour car …


Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

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Hey Everyone! This summer has flown by so quickly, but did not disappoint in the memories or the adventures!  Right when the semester ended, I had the opportunity to travel with the iPodia Program to Israel where we experienced its rich and ancient history firsthand.  Out of all the places I visited, I would have to say that Acre/Old Akko …

Working on CSCI 104 Programming and enjoying the view from my house in Costa Rica!

Looking Back on My Summer

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This past summer got off to a great start.  About a week after school ended, I was right back in the classroom taking CSCI 170, a discrete math class, and CSCI 104, a programming class in C/C++ about data structures.  Taking summer classes was such a great decision! I was able to take these classes with very small class sizes, …