The perfect end to a perfect summer

Roadtrippin: SEA to LAX

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Hello everyone! Thanks for tuning into my blog today. I’m finally coming to you from USC to tell you about my summer after returning from studying abroad. When I landed back in Seattle I spent 2 weeks catching up with my family and friends, sharing stories, and planing a road trip from Seattle to USC. After some extensive research and …


Winding down, Gearing Up

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Hey USC!! I’m currently sitting at the dining table of my new apartment, typing this post up as I mentally prepare for classes to start tomorrow. I can’t believe summer’s actually over! I wanted to write a quick post about how my summer ended and my move-in process/what I’m excited about, before classes really get in session. Let me just …

A local Hutong

A Day in my Summer!

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Hey friends! As I mentioned in my previous post (read the details about my rad summer here), I’ve had quite a hectic thirteen weeks filled with adventures and traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to visit North Carolina for ultimate frisbee nationals, live in China for a month and a half while conducting research, and spend a week in the incredible Canadian rockies …


A Day in My Summer

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I wake up in the morning feeling like… Not gonna lie, I wake up in the morning feeling like I want nothing more for the sun to set so I can go back to sleep for another 8 hours and not feel like melting in the hot Texas heat. But no matter, I roll out of bed around 7:00 AM …



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We’re halfway through summer. More than that, actually. Where does all the time go?!? This summer, I’ve been keeping myself really busy – let’s jump right into it. The biggest thing that’s been keep me busy is definitely my internship at Northrop Grumman. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever expect! …although I’m not …


Day In the Life of a Microsoft Intern

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If I could capture the essence of this summer, it would be something like this: That ladies and gentlemen, is Microsoft’s ex CEO Steve Ballmer (the new CEO Satya Nadella is just as cool BTW). And that energy and enthusiasm, has left a lasting impression at Microsoft. Needless to say, interning for Microsoft is HYPE. I can’t even begin to …


Hometown Destination: Porterville, CA

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There really is nothing like home. But I know what you’re thinking, “What is a Porterville?”. Well, it’s a sauna that traps 50,000 people somewhere between the bustling metropoles famously known as Bakersfield and Fresno. Here the oranges are abundant and entertainment involves watching tourists on their way to the Sequoias trying to adapt to the smell of manure. But really, I …


Space is Hard – Interning at Aerospace

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This summer I have been interning at the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, working with the group that advises and assists the Air Force on their weather satellite programs. I actually sit in the LA Air Force Base (which I didn’t even know existed before this summer), which has been really interesting, and only a little intimidating.     Along …

Work Here

My Summer in SF

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Wowowow I can’t believe my summer is more than halfway over! This summer I have an internship with Splunk, which is an international data analytics company based in San Francisco. I am doing product management for their Data Solutions Group. As a quick background, the Data Solutions Group makes add-ons. Every new type of data needs an add-on to normalize …


Fireworks at the Lake

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I spent this summer’s Fourth of July in an exotic and foreign place hundreds of miles from home: Minnesota. People come from all around the world to learn at USC. Through my fraternity, I was fortunate enough to become friends with Craig, a film major from Minnesota. When Craig invited some mutual friends from Chicago and me to his house …