MIDTERM SEASON: Time Management Tips and Dealing with Stress

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The middle of September to the middle of October is notoriously known amongst USC students as “Midterm Season.” Encompassing both the 1/3 mark of the semester and the halfway point, the majority of classes have either an exam, a presentation or a paper due; if you’re lucky, they’re not all in the same week, but if you’re not, then midterms …

A local Hutong

A Day in my Summer!

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Hey friends! As I mentioned in my previous post (read the details about my rad summer here), I’ve had quite a hectic thirteen weeks filled with adventures and traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to visit North Carolina for ultimate frisbee nationals, live in China for a month and a half while conducting research, and spend a week in the incredible Canadian rockies …


Tsinghua Research Exchange Program: Summer ’16

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Time for a brief summer update!! If I were to summarize my summer in one word, it would be crazy. We still have something like five weeks left, and I already have had some amazing experiences traveling across the United States, and even the world. Here’s what I’ve been up to so far! About three weeks after school ended, I flew …

Toledo Cathedral

Mi Verano en España

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Hello from Spain! Well, actually from Bakersfield since I’ve been back for about a week, but you get the idea. For 7 weeks this summer I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain through the Viterbi Overseas Program! The way the program works is 30-40 USC Viterbi students all study abroad in a city in Europe. Students take two classes that count …

The Six take Thailand.

Thailand: A Collegiate Spring Break

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My final spring break in high school probably sounded very similar to your final high school spring break. Having not yet selected, but already visited, USC, I spent my 2012 spring vacation visiting schools in the American southeast. I took tours at the University of Miami, Georgia Tech, Embry Riddle, and Florida Tech before succumbing to the region’s wicked humidity. …

Our entire Birthright group at the Western Wall, in Jerusalem.

Reflecting on my Jewish Past: A Prelude to the Final (Undergraduate) Semester

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During winter break, I had the pleasure of travelling with USC Hillel to Ertz Israel (Hebrew for “the land of Israel”) via Birthright. A ten-day adventure through Israel, Birthright took me all throughout the country – through the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, the wooded hills of Safed, the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea, and the religious halls of …


Abroad in AustrALLYa!!

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So I just finished up 6 months in Melbourne and absolutely fell in love with Australia. Everyone was so welcoming and studying internationally was an amazing cultural experience and I really think I grew a lot as a person. I studied abroad by directly enrolling in the University of Melbourne so I was completely immersed and was usually the only non-Australian …

Standing in front of Temple 5 at Tikal

Viterbi + Minor in Cultural Anthropology

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Hey Everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Happy almost-Halloweekend! This week I wanted to talk a bit about one of my favorite Viterbi Plus experiences: Viterbi + my Cultural Anthropology minor. I originally declared my minor in Cultural Anthropology after taking a General Education class in anthropology. My class was on the nature of Maya Civilization, and I became …

Patrick and I enjoying our time in Venice

My Summer in Rome with the Viterbi Overseas Program

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful summer break. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. I’m currently back at school preparing for sorority recruitment, and I’m so excited for classes to start next week! I’m really looking forward to this semester. I’m thrilled to be a Freshman Academy Coach this year! Most importantly, I cannot …