LA is for Sports Lovers

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Without a doubt, USC is known for some stellar athletic programs. Shoutout to the football team for the Rosebowl win! Getting together with friends and going to a basketball, volleyball, baseball, [insert sport of choice] is always a fun time. But, LA is a big city and this big city has a lot of professional sports team. Including the new …

How To Emotionally Cope with Missing the Thursday Night Football Game Because You Procrastinated All of Your Friday Homework

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So it’s the once-a-year Thursday night football game, and you can’t enjoy it because you need to finish your homework. Though this perhaps could have been avoided with some better time management skills, here we are. These are some ways to help yourself deal with arguably the best gameday experience of the year (all of the gameday fun minus the …

Kelly’s Class Guide

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With school work starting to pick up, it is always nice to have a three-day weekend. However from Wednesday to Saturday, I was actually up in Reno, Nevada for the ASC Student Competition which is a construction management competition that members of CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) attend. There are a number of different divisions within the overall competition like …

Engineering Fantasy Football

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My entire life, I have been an NFL fan and have been lucky enough to see the Baltimore Ravens (my favorite team) win two Super Bowl championships. Last year, I transformed my love of football into a money-making hobby: playing fantasy football. In my first year playing fantasy football with friends at SC, I won a 16-team league, taking home …

My Advice to Freshmen: Just Keep Swimming

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Entering college, I was told time and time again my first year would fly by. I thought they were all exaggerating. Well, they weren’t. And the scary thing is that sophomore year flies by even faster. I still can’t believe that I am almost halfway done with my time as an undergrad at USC.  During that first year, days blurred …

USC – The Right Fit for Me

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Hey! It is about that time again when all the high school seniors need to decide which college to attend in the fall. It doesn’t feel too long ago that I was making the same decision. Like everyone else, I was torn between several competitive engineering schools. In the end, I picked USC for a few main reasons. I thought …

Freshman 15: 15 Things to Consider as a Freshman!

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Hey all, Whether you are deciding where to take your talents next year or just perusing the college websites to learn more, understanding the freshman experience is a must.  Freshman year is a time of learning, adjustment, and excitement, but knowing how to maximize these aspects will put you well ahead of the game.