Shoot for the Stars-Or The Clouds

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Landing your first internship may seem baffling, but a little confidence and self-promotion go a long way. Even during your first semester at USC, you will have access to opportunities like the general career fair and the Viterbi School of Engineering Career Fair (During the Engineering Career Week) both in the Fall. These two events are fantastic methods for networking …

NaishShoot for the Stars-Or The Clouds

How Much Do You Really Know?

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One of the greatest parts of joining the engineering community is learning how many cool things there are out there that you never knew existed. Coming in as a Freshmen, who was just accepted to a series of top universities, I am sure that you believe you know a decent amount of information, but the thing you learn as an …

FrankieHow Much Do You Really Know?
RTH Cafe

My Favorite Study Spot: RTH Cafe

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Hey y’all! It’s midterm season, and that means that everyone is buckling down and studying a  lot to ensure we do well on ours tests! Over the past two years, I’ve tried out studying at a lot of different places, constantly searching for that one perfect study spot for me. I’ve gone to the library, my sorority house, my bedroom …

SarahMy Favorite Study Spot: RTH Cafe

My Favorite Class(es) – Mechanical Design and Film Symposium!

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This semester, I have two favorite classes: AME305 (Mechanical Design) and CTCS466 (Theatrical Film Symposium).  These classes are, of course, very different because AME305 satisfies an elective credit for my Mechanical Engineering degree and CTCS466 satisfies an elective credit for my minor in Cinematic Arts.  I love how different these classes are, because I constantly get to exercise different parts …

Samantha Kaplan-2015My Favorite Class(es) – Mechanical Design and Film Symposium!

Spring Break Recap!

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Hey All, Midterms are slowly beginning to slow down so I can finally tell you about my Spring Break.  I decided to break it up into two parts, half of which I would go car-camping, and the other traveling to Portland, Oregon.   In retrospect this made my break very busy and let me really make the most out of …

MarkusSpring Break Recap!

A Crazy Week of School Before USC Spring Break!

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This week was crazy both inside and outside of class! It was a hectic week of midterms and projects, and I was also trying to plan for a smooth transition into spring break! On top of that, there was another animal study in my research lab on Tuesday – more on that later in the blog!

Lauren Pelo-2015A Crazy Week of School Before USC Spring Break!

My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms

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Freshman year, I would definitely describe my housing situation as the complete dorm experience. My dorm room had both girls and guys, it had communal bathrooms, and every room was a two-person room. Though many people feel a bit nervous or apprehensive about dorm-style living, I can honestly say that I would not have wanted my housing experience to be …

Lauren Pelo-2015My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms
Even though I'm a Chemical Engineer, I work in a Mechanical Engineering laboratory

Chemical Engineering in My Own Words

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Hey guys, Everyone decided to take some time this week to describe their majors in their own words. I struggled with this topic for a while, since Chemical Engineering is such a broad field, and there’s so much that you can do with a Chemical Engineering degree.

SarahChemical Engineering in My Own Words
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Getting the Most Out of Class

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Howdy! As y’all know from my last blog, this semester I’m taking a class called Mobile Games Programming that focuses around building and programming games for Apple’s iPhone. Already I’ve learned a ton from the class, and I want to use the class as an example to tell y’all about the techniques that I use to get the most out …

PatrickGetting the Most Out of Class

An Exciting Upcoming Week!

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Hey Everyone! First just want to mention how incredibly excited I am that we beat Stanford this weekend!! It was hands down the most exciting game ever, and the spirit and energy were absolutely amazing.  Coming off that victory, I have a busy and exciting week ahead!

Lyssa Aruda-2015An Exciting Upcoming Week!
Computer Lab

Favorite Study Spot: King Hall (KOH)

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Most Tuesday and Wednesday nights you’ll find me at King Hall (KOH), located just across from the residential dorm Webb Tower and above the dining hall Cafe 84.  So whether after dinner or looking for a place to study away from the distractions in my apartment, I’d say KOH is my favorite study spot on campus.

HannahFavorite Study Spot: King Hall (KOH)
Finishing up some physics homework in the E Quad!

My Favorite Study Spots: My Sorority House and the Engineering Quad

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Hey y’all! With midterm season finally coming to an end, I figured I ought to tell y’all what some of my favorite places to study around campus are! I spend most of my time studying in my apartment. I like how quite it is and how I have everything I need only a few feet away, but when I’m not …

SarahMy Favorite Study Spots: My Sorority House and the Engineering Quad
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My Favorite Study Spot!

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Hey All! As Midterm season progresses and Finals loom in the distance, I have decided to disclose some of my favorite study spots around campus.  Depending on if it is a group project or just studying alone, I have discovered some awesome study spots and environments!

MarkusMy Favorite Study Spot!
I love spending the afternoon at Santa Monica Beach

My Top 10 Study Breaks

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Brace yourself…midterms are coming. I still find it hard to believe that midterm season is already upon us. It seems like the first week of school was maybe two weeks ago at most, and I was shocked to hear my analytical chemistry professor announce that our first midterm was going to be this Friday. Time to break out those old …

SarahMy Top 10 Study Breaks
Patrick, me, and some other friends at Donny Nelson's Freedom Fest!

Fourth of July Festivities

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Hey y’all! I hope everyone’s been having a good summer so far. My summer has been relaxing, and I haven’t really been up to much since I went to Destin, FL, which I mentioned in my previous post. It’s been pretty hot in Dallas the last few weeks, and I was so glad to leave the city to head down …

SarahFourth of July Festivities
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My Advice for Freshman: A Cute Powerpoint!!

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Hey Guys! I made this powerpoint when I was a Freshman Academy coach my sophomore year (which is a class you will take your first semester). It’s full of general advice to keep in mind your first year, so I’ll walk you through it. The first tip is about time management. The biggest tip I’ve developed is to start difficult …

emily-2013My Advice for Freshman: A Cute Powerpoint!!
Viterbi Women

Being a Viterbi Girl

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Coming into USC from a small all-girls high school that placed heavy emphasis on art, music, and liberal arts subjects, I was somewhat ambivalent about entering a coed college- let alone an engineering program! I had always gotten along well with my guy friends, but I was nervous about the possibility of being one of only a couple of girls …

katherineBeing a Viterbi Girl

USC In a Word: Engaging

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One word that comes to mind when I try to describe USC and Viterbi is “engaging.” Throughout my college experience, USC has engaged me in all kinds of ways: Academically: Particularly in my upper division ISE courses, my professors have really drawn me into their subjects both in and out of the classroom. Many of my assignments are group projects, …

katherineUSC In a Word: Engaging