My Advice to Freshmen: Just Keep Swimming

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Entering college, I was told time and time again my first year would fly by. I thought they were all exaggerating. Well, they weren’t. And the scary thing is that sophomore year flies by even faster. I still can’t believe that I am almost halfway done with my time as an undergrad at USC.  During that first year, days blurred …

My Advice to Freshmen: Find Your Passion!

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Student orgs.  Research opportunities.  Club sports.  Welcome back concerts. Sororities.  Fraternities.  Football season tickets.  Beach outings.  Seth Meyers comedy show.  USC has it all.  And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to do it all, believe me!  But it’s all about finding what excites you most; that’s what’s going to drive you and make you become the …

What It’s Like as a Girl in Engineering

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I still get looks of surprise when people ask me what I’m studying and my response is that I’m a chemical engineer. These shocked expressions are typically followed by a series of questions such as the following: No, what are you really studying? Really? What’s it like to be a girl in a field so strongly dominated by males? But …

Why USC You Ask

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Hey all! I still remember being a senior in high school trying to juggle sports, school work, and college applications.  It is a time of stress, but anxiety to learn where you will be taking your talents next year.  There are so many stories of the perfect college fit, the ideal major, or myths about how to get into colleges. …

Why I chose USC and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!!

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Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I just got back from Hawaii for spring break which was amazing and it’s definitely hard to get back into work mode after that, but this week I wanted to share about what made me choose USC.  Choosing college is by far the most difficult decision I had faced at that time, and it’s a huge …

My First Project in BME 416: Regulations of Medical Devices

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For my first project in BME 416: Regulation of Medical Devices, I got to choose a specific medical device that I wanted to improve, then research existing patents to see what steps I would need to take to create my own, reinvented version of that chosen product. I chose to focus on soccer shin guards because I love soccer and …

My Research with Micro Combustion Engines and Shape Memory Alloys

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Happy E-Week everyone! E-week is one of my favorite weeks of the spring semester because it’s an entire week dedicated to celebrating engineering. There’s a carnival, a talent show, a day dedicated to showing middle school students what engineering is, and a formal ball to name a few activities. In honor of E-week, we’re spending this week blogging about the …

From Classroom to Lab: Chemical Engineering Laboratory

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Hey guys! Happy E-Week! This week is all about celebrating engineering.  I have loved learning about engineering so far, and can’t wait to continue my education in this diverse and challenging field.  I’m constantly solving problems that can affect a lot of people.  My favorite quote is that “Scientists discover the world that exists, engineers create the world that never …

Why Engineering: Research

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Hey guys! Happy E-Week! I realized it’s been while since I gave you guys and update on my research, so in honor of this week I’m going to blog about my on-campus engineering research on computational modeling of cancer cell movement. I’ve blogged about this topic a few times in the past (check out the reasons I love doing research …

Lost in a Virtual World

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Every spring semester, towards the end of February, USC’s entire Viterbi school of engineering comes together to celebrate engineering in a spectacular week-long celebration known as E-Week. In honor of E-Week, I would like to celebrate my own achievements, and neat research, in the engineering world, particularly a research project I just started working on this semester. Over the past …

Engineering is Engineering…But What Else Can You Get?

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When I was looking at schools, one of the things my dad, a Mechanical Engineer, said to me was “Engineering is engineering is engineering…you have to consider everything that comes with it.”  What my dad meant by this was that an engineering education is pretty similar from school to school – classes and the building blocks you need to earn …

Update: Consulting for SpaceIL

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A few months ago, I introduced you all to USC TAMID, an Israeli consulting group here on campus (See my previous blog: USC TAMID: A Consulting Organization). At the time, I had just started consulting for SpaceIL, a non-profit Israeli space company working to put a rover on the moon to win the $20 million Google Lunar X-prize. As I …

My Own, Evolving Definition of Biomedical Engineering!

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When I was coming into USC and talking to people about what I was about to study in school, I honestly wasn’t sure how to define my chosen major – biomedical engineering. I could come up with a very vague definition of biomedical engineering, but I quickly realized this definition did not please anyone when the question of “what is …

My Major – Astronautical Engineering

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Hey guys! Astronautical Engineering constitutes everything outside of the Earth’s atmosphere where as Aerospace Engineering is more involved with things within the Earth’s atmosphere.  However, the disciplines are still closely linked in industry and coursework.  Astronautical Engineering really is Rocket Science!

Being a Rocket Scientist: Astronautical Engineering

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Dear high school senior, You have already applied, and maybe even already accepted, to USC and the prestigious Viterbi school of Engineering. You have expressed an interest in engineering, but what discipline? From aerospace engineering to biomedical engineering to civil engineering to computer science, Viterbi offers many roads to travel.