Engineering is Engineering…But What Else Can You Get?

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When I was looking at schools, one of the things my dad, a Mechanical Engineer, said to me was “Engineering is engineering is engineering…you have to consider everything that comes with it.”  What my dad meant by this was that an engineering education is pretty similar from school to school – classes and the building blocks you need to earn …

Update: Consulting for SpaceIL

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A few months ago, I introduced you all to USC TAMID, an Israeli consulting group here on campus (See my previous blog: USC TAMID: A Consulting Organization). At the time, I had just started consulting for SpaceIL, a non-profit Israeli space company working to put a rover on the moon to win the $20 million Google Lunar X-prize. As I …

My Own, Evolving Definition of Biomedical Engineering!

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When I was coming into USC and talking to people about what I was about to study in school, I honestly wasn’t sure how to define my chosen major – biomedical engineering. I could come up with a very vague definition of biomedical engineering, but I quickly realized this definition did not please anyone when the question of “what is …

My Major – Astronautical Engineering

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Hey guys! Astronautical Engineering constitutes everything outside of the Earth’s atmosphere where as Aerospace Engineering is more involved with things within the Earth’s atmosphere.  However, the disciplines are still closely linked in industry and coursework.  Astronautical Engineering really is Rocket Science!

Being a Rocket Scientist: Astronautical Engineering

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Dear high school senior, You have already applied, and maybe even already accepted, to USC and the prestigious Viterbi school of Engineering. You have expressed an interest in engineering, but what discipline? From aerospace engineering to biomedical engineering to civil engineering to computer science, Viterbi offers many roads to travel.

Fall 2013: My Top Ten Countdown

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Hey guys! Just like everyone else, I seriously can’t believe this semester is already almost over! This was definitely my favorite semester at USC so far. My classes are getting more and more interesting to me, I’m taking on more responsibility in the organizations I’m involved with, and while the dorms were perfect for freshman year, I love living in …

A Much Needed Break!

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Hey Everyone! This past week marked the end of my first set of midterms after I turned in a take home matlab programming midterm and took a Materials Science midterm. I think they both went pretty well, and this weekend I was able to finally settle down and relax!

My Favorite Student Involvement: USC Software Quality Lab

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I’ve been involved in the USC Software Quality Lab for 3 years now, and it’s by far my favorite student involvement.  What is it? It’s the research group that is headed by my research advisor, Professor William G.J. Halfond, that focuses on issues of using software engineering to make software less buggy, more secure, and ultimately cheaper to develop and …