Freshman 15: 15 Things to Consider as a Freshman!

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Hey all, Whether you are deciding where to take your talents next year or just perusing the college websites to learn more, understanding the freshman experience is a must.  Freshman year is a time of learning, adjustment, and excitement, but knowing how to maximize these aspects will put you well ahead of the game.

Why USC You Ask

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Hey all! I still remember being a senior in high school trying to juggle sports, school work, and college applications.  It is a time of stress, but anxiety to learn where you will be taking your talents next year.  There are so many stories of the perfect college fit, the ideal major, or myths about how to get into colleges. …

The Viterbi Career Center

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Hey guys! One of everyone’s biggest concerns when coming to college is what to do when you graduate! Four years is a long time to devote to school, and making sure that it is all worthwhile is very important.  Luckily, Viterbi has its own career services center which I have been fully utilize in the past few weeks! This time …

Update: Consulting for SpaceIL

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A few months ago, I introduced you all to USC TAMID, an Israeli consulting group here on campus (See my previous blog: USC TAMID: A Consulting Organization). At the time, I had just started consulting for SpaceIL, a non-profit Israeli space company working to put a rover on the moon to win the $20 million Google Lunar X-prize. As I …

ASC National Competition

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Hey there!This past week I competed in the Associated Schools of Construction National Competition in Sparks, Nevada! It was a long week full of hard work but I had a great time and learned so much! This competition is part of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) SPARKS student organization group on campus. There were eight teams that competed …

My Major – Astronautical Engineering

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Hey guys! Astronautical Engineering constitutes everything outside of the Earth’s atmosphere where as Aerospace Engineering is more involved with things within the Earth’s atmosphere.  However, the disciplines are still closely linked in industry and coursework.  Astronautical Engineering really is Rocket Science!

USC Viterbi Career Events: Conference, VINE, and Expo

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It’s fall semester and it’s time to start thinking about internships for next summer already! USC Viterbi career services hosts a ton of amazing events for students to connect with recruiters, and there are always a tons of ways to network! The past few weeks have been filled with career events.  The first event was a few weeks ago and …

My Favorite Organization: Society of Women Engineers!

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I have to admit: in high school when I first decided to apply to engineering programs I was a little nervous. I was worried there wouldn’t be very many other girls, and that I wouldn’t find other engineers, especially girls, that I had a lot in common with. Luckily for me, Viterbi and the Society of Women Engineers has totally …

My Favorite Student Involvement: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

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Hey everyone! This week I’m going to share a little bit about my favorite involvement here at USC, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE for short)! I’ve been really involved with AIChE since freshman year, and have really loved so many of my experiences with this wonderful org