My CE 334 Lab Group and I

Viterbi Networks, Connections, and Friendships

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Hi everyone! Can’t believe it’s finally fall in LA, we had our first cold day today!  Fall always brings new experiences, and something new that I’m doing this fall is interning with Webcor Builders in Downtown LA, less than a ten minute drive from my apartment.  It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I can’t wait to get more into …


From internship to Career!

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Today is the Viterbi Career Fair! Internships and preparation for your professional career are important parts of any college experience so I thought today I would share both why and how I got to spend my summer at Castwell Products Inc. And, more importantly, how my internship better prepared me for my future after USC. There are plenty of indecisive freshman, …

Design Build Internship

From Summer Internships to Post-Grad Planning

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Somehow this week is my fourth and final undergraduate fall internship week! I swear I was just headed to my very first one with my freshman academy class. Lucky for me, as a senior this week means lots of networking with companies I am familiar with, as well as reflecting on the work that I’ve done in the past. As …

Aera Internship Class of 2015

An Internship After Your Freshman Year?

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I’ve already talked a few times about my internship this year, because it was definitely the most exciting thing I did this summer! But believe it or not, it’s already time to start looking for an internship for Summer 2016. Searching for an internship can be a lot of work, and it starts early in the school year. Especially as …


Fall Internship Hunting

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already October. This semester is flying by and Halloween (the best holiday ever) is around the corner! The Fall Viterbi Career Fair is also around the corner and I’ve already started prepping for it. Last year, I took my resume to the Viterbi Career Services office and had someone look over it with me and …

Coffee: an ingredient in any successful career!

On the Career Hunt!

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The USC Viterbi School of Engineering Career Fair is upon us. With the career fair a little less than a week away, today marks the beginning of the preparation: editing resumes, touching base with recruiters, and applying to job opportunities online. The day of the career fair will be hectic. Sporting over 100 companies and the entire engineering school, the …


My #ViterbiCareer… everything from Startups to Consulting

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My #ViterbiCareer Hey guys, This week I wanted to write about my professional work experience here at the University of Southern California. My freshman year summer I worked with USC Summer Conferences and stayed in the Los Angeles area; they provided free housing throughout the summer, and I was able to see how things worked in a ‘hospitality’ based industry. …


Living the SWEet Life

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Hey guys, I hope the beginning of the school year is treating you well. My semester has been CRAZY busy, so I’ve been narrowing the amount of things I’m involved in and I’ve been taking more leadership roles in my favorite orgs! Recently I became an Ambassador for Society of Women Engineers (SWE), so I’m going to be spending a …


Getting Involved at USC and in Viterbi

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As you get ready to come to USC, you might be a little nervous about getting the most out of your experience here, making friends, staying active, getting involved on campus, and on top of that maintaining your classes. Well it’s not as hard as you might think. There are some awesome organizations in Viterbi where you can connect with other engineering majors …


Advancing Your Career Early with Viterbi

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It’s pretty common to hear that “It’s impossible to get an internship as a freshman in college!” In my experience, that’s definitely not the case at Viterbi! Coming into college, I had minimal experience with networking, and I never had the chance to talk to industry representatives before. But, after joining several organizations and looking into the resources that Viterbi …

New Space: One of the reasons why I chose USC

Why USC: To Boldly Go Where No Alex Had Gone Before

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“Space: The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” As May 1st, 2012, college decision deadline quickly approached, I probably spent more time thinking about New Space (What is New Space? than …


LavaLab – Student Based Startups

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Hi guys, This time I wanted to talk a little bit about a new organization that I am a part of this semester. LavaLab is an on campus, student run entity that takes about forty students per semester, puts them into groups, and provides a very structured and useful framework for designing a product or startinga business. It helps connect …