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A Break from Engineering- CTCS 469 Analysis of Film Style- Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson

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Blogged while eating Valentine’s Day chocolate! Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! This week I wanted to talk about an awesome class I’m taking outside of engineering- Analysis of Film Style! The class is all about comparing the work of two of the most identifiable directors in Hollywood- Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.  I decided to take this class because it would …

Lyssa Aruda-2015A Break from Engineering- CTCS 469 Analysis of Film Style- Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson
LA Live

LA Live: My Favorite Spot in LA!

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Hey everybody! This week I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favorite spot to go out and about in Los Angeles – LA Live in Downtown! In the last few years, the spot has become a really fun place for the city’s young people to hang out, with activities to suit every taste. It’s no secret that …

EllenLA Live: My Favorite Spot in LA!

Spring Break Recap!

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Hey All, Midterms are slowly beginning to slow down so I can finally tell you about my Spring Break.  I decided to break it up into two parts, half of which I would go car-camping, and the other traveling to Portland, Oregon.   In retrospect this made my break very busy and let me really make the most out of …

MarkusSpring Break Recap!
The roommates and I at a football game!

USC, More Than an Engineering School

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Two years ago, at approximately this time, I sat in the same position as many high school seniors sit now. My mailbox began to fill with college admission decisions, and I, both excitedly and slightly anxiously, started the process of determining which university I would attend in the fall. After making multiple tables that used numerical scores to rank my …

AlexUSC, More Than an Engineering School
Vanilla Caramel Latte

Why Going Home for Spring Break is a Great Idea

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Hi everyone! I just got home for Spring Break last night, and I’m so excited to be blogging from Dallas, Texas for the first time in a while. I’m so happy to be back in Dallas for the week, especially since I haven’t been home in a long time considering the fact that I spent the majority of my Christmas …

SarahWhy Going Home for Spring Break is a Great Idea
President's Distinguished Lecture with George W. Bush

My Week in Review: The President’s Distinguished Lecture, a Thermodynamics Midterm, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Midnight Premier

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You’d think that as the semester begins to wind down, life would become a little less hectic. For me, however, that hasn’t been the case lately. This past week was a whirlwind of events, homework, and midterms leading up to Thanksgiving break next week.

SarahMy Week in Review: The President’s Distinguished Lecture, a Thermodynamics Midterm, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Midnight Premier

Halloween at Universal Horror Nights!

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This year for Halloween, a bunch of my friends and I decided to try see how brave we were by going to Horror Nights at Universal Studios! This was something I had always wanted to do, and going on Halloween seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.

Lyssa Aruda-2015Halloween at Universal Horror Nights!

Gamma Phi Beta Movie Night on the Lawn!

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Last night, my sorority held a movie screening on our lawn for everyone to relax after a long week of midterms. We made popcorn and put out blankets on the grass, and it was exactly what I needed to de-stress after this week!

Lauren Pelo-2015Gamma Phi Beta Movie Night on the Lawn!
I love spending the afternoon at Santa Monica Beach

My Top 10 Study Breaks

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Brace yourself…midterms are coming. I still find it hard to believe that midterm season is already upon us. It seems like the first week of school was maybe two weeks ago at most, and I was shocked to hear my analytical chemistry professor announce that our first midterm was going to be this Friday. Time to break out those old …

SarahMy Top 10 Study Breaks
LaunchPad LA: one of the accelerator programs in LA I have become familiar with. They help companies off of the ground. Will be visiting in a few weeks

USC in a Word: Ascend

radhika_2013 Why USC 1 Comment

“They will see us waving from such great Heights, ‘come down now,’ they’ll say But everything looks perfect from far away, ‘come down now,’ but we’ll stay…”-The Postal Service It’s hard for me to take a step back and realize that in a few short months, I will officially be a senior at USC. What I have come to realize …

radhika_2013USC in a Word: Ascend
japan-solar-power-space 2

Spring Semester At A Glance

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Hello again! I’m looking forward to a truly awesome semester and I’d love to tell you about it! First of all, my classes are amazing. I’m taking ISE 344, Engineering Team Management to grow as a leader and practice building teams with stubborn, know-it-all engineers. I have that class with Cassandra, Melanie, and Brendon, so obviously it’s going to be …

emily-2013Spring Semester At A Glance
Me and Anjali at our friends' holiday party!

Wrapping up The Fall Semester

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Alas, the final week of classes are over and done with! This week was jam-packed with final papers, presentations, and projects. In my technical entrepreneurship class, Brenton and I gave our final pitch for the opportunity/venture we’ve worked on all semester to actual investors sitting in on the class. That same morning, I turned in my final piece of script …

radhika_2013Wrapping up The Fall Semester

The First Annual Gima Awards, Followed by a Sneak Peek into the Thrilling New Show: Winter Break

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Much like the Oscars and Grammys honor the best works in cinema and music respectively, the first half of this blog will be giving awards to the best aspects of my past semester. Let’s get the ball rolling. Best Trip Weekender against Stanford. Good friends, good times. Best Professor Toss up between Radovich/Franke Mech-Op combo and Prof. Lynett in Fluids. …

zach g.The First Annual Gima Awards, Followed by a Sneak Peek into the Thrilling New Show: Winter Break
Staples Center

L.A. Live

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One of my favorite  spots to hang out in the USC area is L.A. Live! L.A. Live is about a 10 minute drive down Figueroa Street…I have friends who have even walked there. I’ve heard that one can also take the metro down there, but I haven’t tried it yet. L.A. Live has a lot of cool stuff: 1. The …

katherineL.A. Live

USC Film Symposium (CTCS 466): One of My Movie Breaks

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Over the course of my tenure at USC, I have turned to movies as a way to not only enjoy myself, but to else ease the stress of school. This semester, I’m taking a class called Film Symposium. The class lasts 4 hours during which you learn all sorts of different things about the movie world, get to watch movies …

vladUSC Film Symposium (CTCS 466): One of My Movie Breaks
LA Downtown Art Walk

The Best Free Things at/around USC

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As you will quickly learn, the life of a college student is not one filled with tons of money and luxury. Although I’m sure I’ll get a great paying job after I graduate, in the mean time I have to spend money wisely. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite free things to do on and off campus …

zach g.The Best Free Things at/around USC
Top 3 teams with Paul

Closing Time-Summer 2012

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. As I complete last minute shopping, dental appointments, haircuts, and doctor visits, it’s finally hitting home that I will be back at school in three short days! I had an incredible summer, and I am ready to move forward and have an equally incredible junior year. I will take this opportunity …

radhika_2013Closing Time-Summer 2012
Hamilton and I :)

LA in a Day

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My older brother is working in San Francisco, so when he came to visit LA for the first time, it had to be perfect! I asked dozens of people about their favorite things to do in LA and put together a full schedule of things to do during his quick stay in LA. Hamilton landed at about 7pm on Friday …

chandlerLA in a Day
On a sailing trip with 4 friends I met through engineering

Women in Engineering

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When I first started considering engineering, I remember a few different people being surprised at my choice, remarking that there weren’t too many female engineers. Although this seemed like a big deal to those people while they were telling me, I didn’t think much about it. To me it seemed like just another stereotype — probably based on past truths, …

kristen-2012Women in Engineering