My CE 334 Lab Group and I

Viterbi Networks, Connections, and Friendships

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Hi everyone! Can’t believe it’s finally fall in LA, we had our first cold day today!  Fall always brings new experiences, and something new that I’m doing this fall is interning with Webcor Builders in Downtown LA, less than a ten minute drive from my apartment.  It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I can’t wait to get more into …

VINE Career

Resources for a Successful Career!

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Hey guys, Today, I’m going to talk a little bit more about how I got my internship at Abbott Laboratories (check out my other blogs for my experience there!). It started freshman year when I attended the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering Corporate Dinner. I met an Abbott recruiter who told me about this cool company that makes medical devices …


From internship to Career!

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Today is the Viterbi Career Fair! Internships and preparation for your professional career are important parts of any college experience so I thought today I would share both why and how I got to spend my summer at Castwell Products Inc. And, more importantly, how my internship better prepared me for my future after USC. There are plenty of indecisive freshman, …

Design Build Internship

From Summer Internships to Post-Grad Planning

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Somehow this week is my fourth and final undergraduate fall internship week! I swear I was just headed to my very first one with my freshman academy class. Lucky for me, as a senior this week means lots of networking with companies I am familiar with, as well as reflecting on the work that I’ve done in the past. As …


Career Fair, Networking, and Internships…Oh My!

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Hey everyone! School has gotten pretty crazy since the last time I posted. Midterms are here which means long nights at Leavey Library, lots and lots of flashcards, exam reviews, and multiple Starbucks runs (we have a 24 hour Starbucks right on campus!) This Saturday, October 3rd, was also my 20th birthday! I woke up to a dozen and a …

grace hopper

Future Career Plans: Internships and Research

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Hi everybody! This week we’re all sharing our different experiences with everything related to internships, jobs, and life after college.  For the past couple summers, I have been in summer school trying to make progress towards completing my double major.  This past summer, I started working on a research project because I’m looking to go into a PhD program, so …


#ViterbiCareers: My Internships Through the Years

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Hey everyone! Now that we’ve settled into fall semester, it’s career season! Viterbi offers a huge variety of career resources and opportunities for students – this is actually one of my very favorite things about being an engineer at USC. In honor of the engineering career fair next Wednesday, I thought I’d use this week’s blog to talk about some …

Weekend Trip to San Ramon

Career Time!

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It’s that time of year again! Students can be spotted in suits and slacks as Fortune 500 companies come to campus to recruit us.  From Northrup to Google to Amazon the companies that we use or hear about or see everyday host info sessions and have booths looking to find the next best talent. Well advertised, the career center at …


My #ViterbiCareer… everything from Startups to Consulting

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My #ViterbiCareer Hey guys, This week I wanted to write about my professional work experience here at the University of Southern California. My freshman year summer I worked with USC Summer Conferences and stayed in the Los Angeles area; they provided free housing throughout the summer, and I was able to see how things worked in a ‘hospitality’ based industry. …

Wilshire Grand job walk!

How to get an internship? Go to USC!

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With the first few weeks of school wrapping up, it is time to start thinking about those #ViterbiCareers. The career fair is right around the corner, and already on campus there have been plenty of information sessions for different companies and career guidance events to help everyone get ready for the career fair! It seriously feels like school just started, …

Hacker Square is a space on the new Facebook campus that's being developed as the cultural center where employees will congregate for social activities such as throwing parties and watching movies in  Menlo Park, Calif., Tuesday, May 8, 2012.  The darker grey cement on the ground reads "HACK" and supposedly can be seen from space.

Alison Yin for The Wall Street Journal


Move Fast and Break Things–My Internship Experience

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This summer I have been incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects at Facebook and here is what I have experienced so far! If you didn’t know, Facebook was originally a social networking service website developed by Mark Zuckerberg from his college dorm room and now has 1.4 billion monthly users all across the globe. …

Who we? SC!

Six Sigmas of Fun at Abbott in the Summer

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Hello! I haven’t lived anywhere out of California for the majority of my life. So, when I was placed in Lake County, Illinois for my internship with Abbott Laboratories, I was nervous (and excited) about what opportunities were waiting. Before this internship, I didn’t really know how my science background would be applied in industry. I am currently an operations …


Construction for the Stars: My Summer Internship

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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break! Whether you spent your summer working, at summer school, travelling, or just hanging out at home, it’s nice to have a break from exams and projects for a little while. I’ve spent most of my summer working as a Project Engineer Intern at one of MATT Construction’s project sites located in North …