“What is ISE, anyway?”: Part 2

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Hey everyone! So this blog is the second in a two-blog series about my major – Industrial & Systems Engineering. Last week I talked about what ISE means in general and you can read that blog here. This week I’ll talk about where my ISE friends at USC work, both in internships and after graduation! “Where will I work?” So …

Juliana“What is ISE, anyway?”: Part 2

What is Chemical Engineering?

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Blogged while procrastinating doing my mass transfer homework. Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! This week I wanted to take the chance to explain a little bit about what Chemical Engineering means to me, and how my view of chemical engineering has changed over the past four years. When I first started I thought chemical engineers make chemicals.  What chemical engineers actually do …

LyssaWhat is Chemical Engineering?
An interesting look at Flytrex's technology.

Back to the Consulting Grind!

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Last year, I consulted for SpaceIL, an Israeli space start-up working to reach the moon and win $20 million through Google’s Lunar X-Prize (check out my past blog USC TAMID: A Consulting Organization for more information). While SpaceIL still has its sights on lunar soil, I have moved on to another Israeli start-up: Flytrex. Flytrex specializes in drone development (check …

AlexBack to the Consulting Grind!

Rise of the Entrepreneur

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Hi Guys, We all go to college with the looming expectation by our parents that we will graduate and find a job in industry that not only pays well, but is everything we hoped and dreamed.  Yet in this day and age with the growth of technology and the emphasis on innovation, not only are traditional companies becoming largely outdated, but …

MarkusRise of the Entrepreneur
SpaceX Dragon

My Future Plans: Internships vs. Academia

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Hey everybody! This week I’m going to talk a little bit about my plans for the time I have remaining at USC as well as after I graduate.  To be honest, my plans are a little vague, but that’s the great part about being in college! There are a lot of opportunities for students to try things out and see …

EllenMy Future Plans: Internships vs. Academia

The internship hunt begins

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Even when you first start your education, people always ask you, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” This is always such a big question that we expect young kids to know. I had no idea what I wanted to as a young 5 year old so I always gave the same generic response “Doctor, Lawyer, Professor, …

JosueThe internship hunt begins
Fred Hutchinson with Rainier

The Nitty Gritty of my Summer Internship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Okay, so I didn’t have this internship experience this last summer. I actually had this opportunity the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. I spent six weeks at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is in Seattle. It’s part of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, partnered with the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s to study and prevent …

EmilyThe Nitty Gritty of my Summer Internship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Summer Intership

Semtech Engineering + Key Club = My future?

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This summer I was fortunate enough to be able to go back home and resume my internship at Semtech and be chosen to go back to my favorite high school organization Key Club and intern at their international convention! It was crazy working full time at Semtech with numerous projects going on, and then taking a break to fly to …

BettySemtech Engineering + Key Club = My future?
Texas Instruments

Interning at Texas Instruments

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Hi everyone! This week is career week here at Viterbi! Last night was an event called VINE, which stands for the Viterbi Industry Networking Event. Over  70 companies attended this event, and it was a great chance to get to know recruiters in a more casual setting before the career fair today! Although I still went to VINE, and am …

SarahInterning at Texas Instruments
Engineering Quad!

Making Connections at the Career Fair

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It’s that time of the semester again: career week! That means that USC is putting on multiple events where students will have the opportunity to meet with potential employers, and hopefully secure jobs and internships! My favorite thing about career week is the fact that Viterbi has its own events just for engineering students to talk to employers interested in …

MollyMaking Connections at the Career Fair

Plans for the Future

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Plans for the Future. As of now, thats all they are. As a sophomore, there are only so many opportunities out there as an engineer since most companies are looking for Juniors or Seniors. I am not saying that their aren’t any opportunities, but as a sophomore engineer, you will be starting your major specific engineering classes, and there is …

FrankiePlans for the Future

Quit and Quit Often

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Hey Guys, Over my four years, I have found that there is a natural gravitation towards people who are passionate about their field of study and genuine in their endeavors.  Genuine has become more and more of a topic for me this past semester.  It is interesting to think that there are more genuinely bad people than good.  There is …

MarkusQuit and Quit Often
career conference

Viterbi Career Conference

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Hi everyone! It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to start thinking about what I’m going to do for next summer, but it’s true! I’m currently in the process of applying for internships at various companies for the upcoming summer. Applying for internships can be stressful and complicated, but thankfully the Viterbi Career Center has a lot of different …

SarahViterbi Career Conference

My Fall Semester in a Nutshell

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Hey Guys! I hope those of you who got a chance to caravan up California for the weekender had a fantastic time!  I have gone twice, and never regretted it.  If you get the opportunity, buy tickets and make the trip!  It is unreal to see how USC comes and conquers Berkeley, San Francisco, and the Bay Area during this …

MarkusMy Fall Semester in a Nutshell

The Summer Dilemma

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As college students, summer is always on our mind. When school begins in the fall we already start thinking about how we are going to use our next summer. The word that comes to all our minds is the same: internship. It sounds magical, right? Sometimes. Other times it sounds terrifying. At least that’s my experience, because people only talk …

PabloThe Summer Dilemma
CLPi Class

My Summer Internship: GE Healthcare Commercial Leadership Program Internship

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This summer, I was interning at GE Healthcare in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When I first heard that I would be living in Milwaukee for 12 weeks, I was definitely a bit apprehensive! I had never been to the Midwest prior to this summer, but I was ready for a change of scenery so Milwaukee it was!

LaurenMy Summer Internship: GE Healthcare Commercial Leadership Program Internship

My Summer at Accenture!

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This summer I changed gears a little bit from chemical engineering and interned at Accenture- a technology consulting company.  Before this summer I didn’t really understand what consulting was, and after this summer it is still really hard to explain.  Basically though other companies hire our company to fix their technology related problems! I spent the summer in Norwalk, California …

LyssaMy Summer at Accenture!
Rig Tour

Summer Recap: Chevron Internship

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This summer flew by but I’m so excited to kick off my junior year!  I can’t wait to start this year’s classes after having seen how the material from my other classes applied to my internship this summer. My internship at Chevron was definitely one of the most memorable fun experiences I’ve had.  As a reservoir engineer in Bakersfield for the Elk …

HannahSummer Recap: Chevron Internship
Repping USC from NZ

Summer 2k14 – Travel and Internship

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I started off the summer visiting New Zealand which was truly amazing. There was so much beautifulness packed into such a small area. I really want to study abroad and Viterbi offers programs in both Dunedin and Auckland in New Zealand which I am definitely considering (here is the overall list of locations). We spent around 10 out of the …

AllySummer 2k14 – Travel and Internship

My Summer Adventures

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Hi guys! I hope you have all enjoyed your summers! My summer has been one for the books. There were so many great experiences from my trip to the Caribbean to my internship with CenturyLink Technology Solutions. I thought I would tell you a little bit about some of these adventures.

JacquieMy Summer Adventures