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We’re halfway through summer. More than that, actually. Where does all the time go?!? This summer, I’ve been keeping myself really busy – let’s jump right into it. The biggest thing that’s been keep me busy is definitely my internship at Northrop Grumman. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever expect! …although I’m not …


Day In the Life of a Microsoft Intern

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If I could capture the essence of this summer, it would be something like this: That ladies and gentlemen, is Microsoft’s ex CEO Steve Ballmer (the new CEO Satya Nadella is just as cool BTW). And that energy and enthusiasm, has left a lasting impression at Microsoft. Needless to say, interning for Microsoft is HYPE. I can’t even begin to …


Why I Chose ISE

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Fighting on during my first visit to Viterbi In high school, you often don’t hear about Industrial and Systems Engineering. You hear about civil, mechanical, biomedical, and maybe chemical engineering. However, Industrial and Systems Engineering is rapidly becoming a very popular major. At USC, it is the most transferred-into major in Viterbi. But what really is Industrial and Systems Engineering, …

Washington DC

The Budde Summer 2016 Update

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And we’re back! Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. It’s been a busy two months for me as I moved across the country to Northern Virginia for my summer internship. I am currently a Quality Control Intern with K2M, a spinal medical device company that creates innovative solutions for spinal deformities and other degenerative spine diseases. As …

Visa Denver Interns

A Mile High Summer: Summer After Freshman Year

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The summer after my freshman year I was lucky enough intern for Visa, in Denver, CO, the Mile High City. It was a summer filled with new friends, great mentors, interesting projects, and SO MUCH FUN! At the end of May, I found myself in a live data center learning how complex mechanical systems maintain the environment of a data …

My CE 334 Lab Group and I

Viterbi Networks, Connections, and Friendships

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Hi everyone! Can’t believe it’s finally fall in LA, we had our first cold day today!  Fall always brings new experiences, and something new that I’m doing this fall is interning with Webcor Builders in Downtown LA, less than a ten minute drive from my apartment.  It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I can’t wait to get more into …

VINE Career

Resources for a Successful Career!

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Hey guys, Today, I’m going to talk a little bit more about how I got my internship at Abbott Laboratories (check out my other blogs for my experience there!). It started freshman year when I attended the Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering Corporate Dinner. I met an Abbott recruiter who told me about this cool company that makes medical devices …


From internship to Career!

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Today is the Viterbi Career Fair! Internships and preparation for your professional career are important parts of any college experience so I thought today I would share both why and how I got to spend my summer at Castwell Products Inc. And, more importantly, how my internship better prepared me for my future after USC. There are plenty of indecisive freshman, …

Design Build Internship

From Summer Internships to Post-Grad Planning

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Somehow this week is my fourth and final undergraduate fall internship week! I swear I was just headed to my very first one with my freshman academy class. Lucky for me, as a senior this week means lots of networking with companies I am familiar with, as well as reflecting on the work that I’ve done in the past. As …