My Freshman Year on BK2

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My freshman year I had the wonderful opportunity to live on the second floor of Birnkrant (BK), a co-ed honors dorm on campus located in McCarthy Quad.  Living in Birnkrant my freshman year was one of my best decisions! I loved all the people I lived with and I am still good friends with many of them.

My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms

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Freshman year, I would definitely describe my housing situation as the complete dorm experience. My dorm room had both girls and guys, it had communal bathrooms, and every room was a two-person room. Though many people feel a bit nervous or apprehensive about dorm-style living, I can honestly say that I would not have wanted my housing experience to be …

My Freshman Housing: BK4

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Howdy everyone! Freshman year seems like just yesterday when I was living in Birnkrant and didn’t have to make my own breakfast! As it’s getting closer to next year, it’s time to start thinking about where we’re all gonna live next year, so I thought I’d take some time to tell you about my Freshman housing to help you in …

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant!

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Hey guys! One of my favorite parts of freshman year was living in a dorm. I lived in Birnkrant, which was in the North area of campus, right next to the New/North dorms. Each floor was co-ed, with girls on one side and guys on the other. I absolutely loved it. Sharing close quarters with so many other people brought …

Living in PAHRC-side!

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It seems like just yesterday that I was moving into my freshman dorm! My freshman year, I lived at Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College (PAHRC – get it now?). I lived in an 8-person suite with 7 other great suite mates. I also had a great roommate, and I still keep in contact with him and another one of …

My Freshman Housing Experience – Parkside International Residence College

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Hey Guys, This week I wanted to talk to you about my freshman housing experience at the International Residence College (otherwise known as Parkside). The basic setup for the dorm is a suite-style, which means you will be living in a suite that has four different rooms, each with two people. In total, there are about a two hundred people …

Living in the Pi Palace

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For the past two years, I have been able to live at my sorority house, which is just a few blocks away from campus on 28th street.  Living in the ADPi house, or the Pi Palace as we call it, has been an incredible experience for me.  Living here is convenient, affordable, and most of all, it’s fun! After living …

My USC Housing Freshman and Sophomore Year!

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Happy post-Oscars Monday! This week, we’re blogging about our freshman year housing at USC, which is bringing back some crazy fun memories. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I lived on campus in Birnkrant… time sure does fly. Last year, I specifically blogged about the Birnkrant triple, which is super useful when you are ranking your choices. Don’t …

Research, Clubs, Apartment Life and Other Things about Sophomore Year

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Well, after a wonderful summer working in a lab at Oregon Health & Science University, I’m excited to be back at one of my favorite places in the world – USC! I’m also  pretty excited because just this week my first ever paper was published! I was listed as a co-author on a paper I helped with during my summer …