My dorm!

Housing From Freshman to Senior Year

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Hi! This week I’m going to tell you a little bit about where I’ve lived throughout my time at USC.  I’ve done a little bit of everything in terms of housing from the traditional freshman dorm, to a large apartment with lots of roommates, to a smaller apartment.  I’ve really enjoyed all the places I’ve lived near campus, and I …

Gamma Phi Beta aka home sweet home

Hey MTV, Welcome to my Cribs

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I’ve done a lot of things in my time at USC, which unfortunately includes: moving. And a lot of it. Each year I’ve lived in a different place, and here’s my little summary of each one. Freshman Year: Dorm After getting into USC the first thing I did was put in my housing application for New/North aka the coolest freshman …

Why the Suite Life is so Sweet

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9th Floor Fluor Tower goes to cheer on USC’s football team!   When I was looking at the options for freshman housing, I didn’t know how to choose. Flipping through the USC housing catalog, you could see all the options of places to live and their amenities, but it nothing about the personality of the building itself. Each dorm on …


Parkside Darkside?? 5 Reasons Why Reality Shatters Expectations

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After choosing USC, the next item on my to-do list was deciding which dorm I was going to live in. Needless to say, the process of picking a residence hall included many hours of online research, and combing through forums and blogs, which only resulted in more indecision. It seemed like there were endless options, and I wanted to find …

Parkside housing

Luke, Come to the Parkside

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If it isn’t apparent by the title, I absolutely love Star Wars. I always carry my stylish R2D2 mug with me. My R2D2 mug has been with me since since high school. I’ve drank coffee from it in my home in Denver, my freshman dorm in Parkside IRC, my internship apartment in Bakersfield, and my sophomore apartment at Cardinal Gardens. …


Freshman Housing – Birnkrant

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Hey y’all! Hope your semester is going well and that you are almost ready to make your big college decision! After choosing where you will attend, the next big decision you have to make is where you will live freshman year. At USC you are required to live on campus as a freshman, but don’t worry because it is honestly …


Here’s to Birnkrant, Sixth Floor

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My final night in room 624 of Birnkrant was a somber one. As this was the evening following the final day of exams, my roommate, Ravi Bhatt, had already moved out, beating the I-5 traffic on his drive back to Irvine. My mother had flown to Los Angeles to help me pack up my things and place them in storage. …

Parkside Apartments

My Freshman Home: Parkside

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I’ve lived in University Housing all 4 years but I still remember a lot of the fun times I had my Freshman year in IRC Parkside. I chose my freshman housing purely based on the different types of amenities available.  I was looking for housing that had: air conditioning and a more private bathroom vs. a community bathroom.  For me, …

New North

New School, New Dorm: Intro to New/North

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Applying to schools was challenging enough. Now, your faced with another important, and exciting, decision that will literally define where you live your freshman year of school. Don’t sweat it. It’s not a huge deal. I know there’s a lot of discussion about “which dorm is best”, but in reality, the people define the experience. That being said, it’s also …

4th floor before the first football game!

The best dorm – Pardee!

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With only a few weeks left of college, it is crazy to look back at all the great things I’ve got to experience here at USC. And surprisingly, one of the favorite parts of college was actually getting to live in the dorms my freshmen year. I know a lot of people get nervous with the idea of having to …


Five Most Important Tips for Your First Week

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Listen up! I’m about to educate you on how to be successful in college starting from week one. Here are tried and true methods to get your first year off to an amazing start! Disclaimer: They are a bit cheesy, but they worked for me. Say Hi to Everyone in the Elevator I’m serious, I know it sounds cheesy but …


Moving out: Resources

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With the last week of classes just around the corner and the thought of finals looming ahead, stress levels are starting rise as students not only rush to study but figure out their plans to move out.  While it may seem like there’s a lot on our plate, each task is more than manageable–especially if we know of the right resources available. If …

Dinner at ADPi!

Life in Pi Palace

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The Local Alpha Delta. Pi Palace. ADPi. Whatever people may call it, I am lucky to call it home for sophomore, junior, and senior year. Living in ADPi for the past two years has been such an amazing experience, so much so that I have decided to live there for all three years after having moved out of my freshman …

Taylor and I

Trojan Hall Living

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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Superbowl Sundays! What an ending to the game! This week on my blog I wanted to talk a little bit about my living experience freshman year. Moving away from home is a new experience and I got my first taste of it in Trojan Hall on campus.