My (Super) Cool Building Science Project

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Hi all! I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather! Back in Houston, fall is the best season of the year because it is not at 100% humidity like the other 9 months of the year. What can I say… California does have the best weather! Anyway, I wanted to share with y’all one of the coolest projects that …


How To Emotionally Cope with Missing the Thursday Night Football Game Because You Procrastinated All of Your Friday Homework

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So it’s the once-a-year Thursday night football game, and you can’t enjoy it because you need to finish your homework. Though this perhaps could have been avoided with some better time management skills, here we are. These are some ways to help yourself deal with arguably the best gameday experience of the year (all of the gameday fun minus the …

The view from the study room is incredible

Ten Places to Study Other Than Your Room

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Coming in last year as a freshman, I confined myself to almost always studying in my dorm. This was before I realized how unproductive studying near my bed was because the temptation to watch Netflix in bed instead of do homework was often very overwhelming. Since then, I have discovered many alternatives to the small-desk-in-room default.   The study room! …


Life Management

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Hi guys! I hope you’ve been doing well. Remember how I had three midterms a couple weeks ago? I came out alive! Snaps for Aarya! I wanted to give a couple tips for how to function in college, because I know it was very difficult for me to figure out how to balance school AND friends AND clubs AND health …


MIDTERM SEASON: Time Management Tips and Dealing with Stress

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The middle of September to the middle of October is notoriously known amongst USC students as “Midterm Season.” Encompassing both the 1/3 mark of the semester and the halfway point, the majority of classes have either an exam, a presentation or a paper due; if you’re lucky, they’re not all in the same week, but if you’re not, then midterms …


“Hanging” Around USC: How to Take the Stress out of Studying

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I’m going to be honest: engineering is a hard major and it can get really intensive at times, especially during finals season. Luckily I have some secret techniques and spots at USC to keep your heart rate below 100 beats per minute on those extra tough days.   First off, I’ve learned that it can be exhausting sitting in one …

Very funky looking

Favorite Classes: Outside of Engineering!

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Some of my most memorable classes were from outside Viterbi and in topics I never thought I’d be learning about. Checkout the highlights below: Intro to Advertising: interested in advertising from both the creative process and business perspective, I recommend taking this class that provides a general overview with both in both a theoretical and hands-on approach.  I got to …


Staying Centered in College

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The entire concept of “staying centered” is somewhat cliché, but for good reason. Although the connotation of such a principle may be negative or lend itself towards trendiness, balance is key in every aspect of any college student’s life. Between academics, clubs, sports, social life, and everything in between, maintaining a healthy balance of all these facets of daily life …

We "grounded" the circuit to my ankle bone... get it? Because feet touch the... ground?

Medical Electronics Final Project: ECG

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Hey guys! This week we finished our Medical Electronics (BME302) group project, creating an ECG using operational amplifiers, highpass and low pass circuits, and bioelectrodes attached directly to, you guessed it, me! Check out some of the pictures from our circuit and the output we got… my heartbeat! Disclaimer: do not hook any electrical circuits up to your body without …


The Nature of Competition

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Hi guys! Colleges and college students often raise the topic of competition as a natural selection method for determining the best and brightest in a class.  Coming from high school and playing sports, I have always bought into this idea of competition.  May the best man win has wormed its way into my mindset and perspective towards academics and life. …


Study with a Boost

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Sometimes the nerves before a test just aren’t enough to keep me going so it’s nice to have a cup of coffee within an arm’s reach– and I don’t have to go far!  Some of the my favorite coffee spots to study are: 1. Starbucks: 3584 S. Figueroa St. Just outside of campus, Starbucks is the go to place for …

pi phi house1

Studying in my PJs at Pi Phi

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Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed watching the football game this weekend as we beat Colorado. Woohoo! Now that the fun from homecoming week is coming to an end, it is time for me to get back in my schoolwork mindset. On that note, I thought I would use this week’s blog to tell you about one of my favorite …

Ronald Tutor Campus Center

My Favorite Study Spot: Campus Center

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Hey everyone! This week I thought I’d share my favorite study spot with you: the Campus Center. The Campus Center, or CC,  is exactly what it sounds like, a courtyard in the middle of campus with buildings surrounding it. The buildings that make up the CC house things including the admissions center, the USC pharmacy, a food court, art exhibits, …