Spring Break Recap!

Hey All,

Midterms are slowly beginning to slow down so I can finally tell you about my Spring Break.  I decided to break it up into two parts, half of which I would go car-camping, and the other traveling to Portland, Oregon.   In retrospect this made my break very busy and let me really make the most out of the free week!

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Why USC?

Howdy everybody! It’s been a fun and relaxing Spring Break this past week and I just got back from Dallas this past Sunday. It was great to relax and hone my golf skills (or lack-thereof)! As it’s approaching April, I know a lot of y’all are making your final decisions for college, and I remember just how stressful that choice can be!

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Vanilla Caramel Latte

Why Going Home for Spring Break is a Great Idea

Hi everyone!

I just got home for Spring Break last night, and I’m so excited to be blogging from Dallas, Texas for the first time in a while. I’m so happy to be back in Dallas for the week, especially since I haven’t been home in a long time considering the fact that I spent the majority of my Christmas break in Antarctica. I’m also glad to be able to spend time in Dallas since I’ll be studying abroad in Rome through the Viterbi Overseas Program for the majority of my summer.

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Recent Excitement: My Plans for Spring Break 2014 and My New Minor

Hey guys!

I hope things are going well. I’m currently sitting in the Los Angeles International Airport, more affectionate known as LAX, waiting for my (delayed) flight home to Portland. On the bright side, it’s only delayed by 25 minutes, and that just gives me 25 more minutes to blog, right? Anyways, back to the reason I’m hanging out at LAX: I’m heading home for Spring Break 2014!

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My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms

Freshman year, I would definitely describe my housing situation as the complete dorm experience. My dorm room had both girls and guys, it had communal bathrooms, and every room was a two-person room. Though many people feel a bit nervous or apprehensive about dorm-style living, I can honestly say that I would not have wanted my housing experience to be any other way!

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My USC Housing!

Hey all!

I have lived both in University-owned housing as well as private housing throughout my college years.  In my freshman year, I lived in Marks Hall, sophomore year in Troy East, and now I am currently living on 3oth street, one block from campus.  In all instances, I have had a positive and painless experience!

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Meeting up again with the Birnkrant 6th floor family for dinner!

Birnkrant 6th Floor: My Home Away From Home Freshman Year

It was my first day of college, move-in day at the University of Southern California. Was I a little nervous? Sure. But as I collected my belongings from my rental car and stared up at the 8-floor dormitory that would be my new home, I also felt excitement, excitement for the new people I would meet and the memories I would make. With a duffel bag in one hand and a cardboard box thrown over my shoulder, I anxiously waited in the check-in line to enter Birnkrant Residence Hall.

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