Junior Year… Here I come

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  Now that summer’s over and school has begun *crying emoji* , I thought I’d share the top five things I’m looking forward to this upcoming school year. 1.New Crib My first two years of college, I lived in both on and off campus university housing (Marks Hall and Century Apartments). The thing I love about USC housing is that …

Home Sweet SC

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I never thought I would be so excited to drive into Los Angeles on a Saturday during rush hour, but it was so awesome to be back at USC after a long summer. In high school, you always look forward to the summer and count down the days, never expecting that one day you’ll be so excited for school to …


Winding down, Gearing Up

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Hey USC!! I’m currently sitting at the dining table of my new apartment, typing this post up as I mentally prepare for classes to start tomorrow. I can’t believe summer’s actually over! I wanted to write a quick post about how my summer ended and my move-in process/what I’m excited about, before classes really get in session. Let me just …


Back at SC!

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Hello friends and family, I returned to USC yesterday! I gotta say, the place retained its charm well enough over the summer, even though I thought the heat would bake the beauty straight out. (It did not.) Anyways, right, I moved in yesterday! The day was a wee bit on the insane side, as I woke up at 4:30 AM …


A Day in My Summer

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I wake up in the morning feeling like… Not gonna lie, I wake up in the morning feeling like I want nothing more for the sun to set so I can go back to sleep for another 8 hours and not feel like melting in the hot Texas heat. But no matter, I roll out of bed around 7:00 AM …



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We’re halfway through summer. More than that, actually. Where does all the time go?!? This summer, I’ve been keeping myself really busy – let’s jump right into it. The biggest thing that’s been keep me busy is definitely my internship at Northrop Grumman. It’s been an awesome experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever expect! …although I’m not …


Day In the Life of a Microsoft Intern

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If I could capture the essence of this summer, it would be something like this: That ladies and gentlemen, is Microsoft’s ex CEO Steve Ballmer (the new CEO Satya Nadella is just as cool BTW). And that energy and enthusiasm, has left a lasting impression at Microsoft. Needless to say, interning for Microsoft is HYPE. I can’t even begin to …

Why the Suite Life is so Sweet

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9th Floor Fluor Tower goes to cheer on USC’s football team!   When I was looking at the options for freshman housing, I didn’t know how to choose. Flipping through the USC housing catalog, you could see all the options of places to live and their amenities, but it nothing about the personality of the building itself. Each dorm on …


My Summer Vacation to NYC & Amsterdam

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Hello (current and future) Trojan family members! This summer has definitely not gone as expected. Initially, I was all lined up to intern at this small Austin company that teaches people how to install solar panels. Sounds really cool, right? Don’t get me wrong, it might have been really cool. But it definitely wasn’t fun, or a good use of …


We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

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LA is warm, sunny, and absolutely perfect for the ice-cream lover. With ice-cream shops sprawling all over the city, you’ll have no problem satisfying that sweet tooth. Everyone’s Favorite: Milk Milk is consistently suggested as one of the best ice-cream shops in LA. Milk boasts a wide array of full-sized macaroon ice-cream sandwiches and ice-cream bars, in addition to the …


Study Break! Attending NSBE 42nd Annual Convention

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Viterbi organizations are great because they can provide an opportunity for you to connect with people from your major, gain real-life design engineering experience, meet with industry professionals, and even travel across the country. Yes travel! This year I had the opportunity to travel to Boston alongside 38 other USC National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) members and attend the …