Hidden Figures

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It’s no secret that minorities are underrepresented in STEM fields, and as a black female it’s not often that I look around a classroom and see anyone else who looks like me. I was shocked and left in awe this past semester when I stumbled across this movie trailer on Facebook. If you didn’t catch the trailer, Hidden Figures tells …


12 Things I Did Over Winter Break

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12 Things I Did Over Winter Break Winter break is nearly a whole month – and a whole month can see really long, especially if you don’t have any travel plans. If you’re planning on spending the break at home, here are some fun ideas to help keep the boredom at bay. 1) Hiking! Even in the winter, there are …


Making the Most of Winter Break

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Winter break couldn’t be more needed. After a long semester, pages of essays, challenging finals, we’re all ready for a break. It’s really tempting to want to spend most of break laying on the couch, watching Netflix, eating a bit unhealthier than normal, and sleeping in. This is a valid way to spend break, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong …


Lumos! and Other USC Events

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Last weekend my friend and I went to USC’s Special Events Committee’s Harry Potter-themed event. It was called Lumos! A Night in a World of Magic and, may I say, I was truly magicked away. The night started off with some good old fashioned butter beer, which was as creamy and whimsical as one would expect. Then we went in …


First Take: Manhattan Beach!

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What’s up everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic Veteran’s day, I know I did. After a busy week of classes, I felt an itch to get off campus today and go someplace I’d never been before! Southern California seems to have forgotten that it’s almost the middle of November, so it was a toasty 88 DEGREES today, if you can believe …


Exploring LA through Food!

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It’s crazy to believe, but I’ve officially been in LA for more than two years now! I’ve gotten the chance to explore so many incredible aspects of this huge city, but one of my favorite parts about LA is its diversity and melting pot of cultures. Within a short distance of USC, there is Little Tokyo, Koreatown, Little Armenia, Thaitown, …

Delicious cookies!

Take a Cookie Break!

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Hello everyone! In celebration of several weeks of midterms ending, I have decided to share one of my favorite recipes. These chocolate chip cookies are the best I have ever had and I cannot recommend them enough. One of my close friends from an internship I had a few years ago showed me this recipe and since then it’s been …