Setting Sail with SHPE

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There are over 850 student organizations at USC, from SCOutfitters to Dux Ryu Ninjutsu to the USC Auto Club! But amongst all of these hundreds of amazing organizations I found SHPE, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. SHPE is a national organization whose mission is to “empower the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world …

DaisySetting Sail with SHPE

How California Stole My Heart

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What’s life like for a Texan in California? Well, it’s amazing to say the least. I love Texas, but California, Los Angeles in particular, has stolen my heart. Everything about Los Angeles reminds me of why I decided to go to USC. You cannot beat the atmosphere of one of the largest cities in the nation. It is the perfect …

DaisyHow California Stole My Heart

Use your Extracurriculars to De-Stress

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Engineering is a tough major, and occasionally feeling stressed is inevitable. When I feel stressed out and overwhelmed, my first instinct is to binge watch Netflix while wearing a facemask and drinking a Ground Zero milkshake. This is fine every now and then, but why not kill two birds with one stone (don’t actually harm any animals, just be efficient). …

BethanyUse your Extracurriculars to De-Stress

One Year Down, Three to Go

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Wow, I can’t believe my first year at USC is already coming to a close. It has been hectic, crazy, hard, and really fun. Over the last couple weeks, the activities I’m involved with have started dropping off as everyone gets ready for the end of the semester and finals. The first activity to finish was Women’s Ice Hockey, but it finished with …

SophieOne Year Down, Three to Go

Getting Your Nature On When You Live in LA

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USC is located in the heart of one of the liveliest and most dynamic cities in the world. Los Angeles is known for its weather, traffic, and celebrity culture; most people don’t see this big city as a place where you can adventure into the great outdoors. Most people also don’t know that USC is less than hour away from some of the …

BriaGetting Your Nature On When You Live in LA
California USC Football

Fear of Missing Out

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There is a very real, and very concerning medical condition to which I am convinced there might be no cure, and it is an affliction extremely prevalent in USC students. Formerly known as FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, this condition causes one to see all the possibilities and become paralyzed with the desire to do all of them. Walking through …

MadelinaFear of Missing Out
My group posing with our project! #dreamteam

Out goes spring, in comes summer!

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It is crazy to think the that last week of school just ended. I can’t believe how fast this semester went, it seemed like just yesterday I was back home in Colorado for Winter Break! Even crazier is to think that I will be a senior next year. That’s just too much to handle right now. Looking back, there were a …

KellyOut goes spring, in comes summer!
London Viterbi Overseas

My Summer Plans: Viterbi Overseas in London

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It’s really hard for me to believe that it’s the second to last week of school and that I’m now halfway done with college. Well, aside from all my finals. But I think the weirdest thing about college is how fast it goes. I’ve done a lot this semester and yet it still feels like it’s flown by. From organizing …

EmilyMy Summer Plans: Viterbi Overseas in London

LA: Live Concert

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There’s never a dull night in LA.  Just last Thursday, some of my closest friends and I headed over to Pomona to see Odesza perform at the Glass House for just $25! Right after classes, we started our trip to Pomona which isn’t too far of a drive as we played Odesza’s music on repeat in preparation for the concert. …

HannahLA: Live Concert

My Favorite USC Traditions and Events

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USC is a pretty old school – founded in 1880, USC has had plenty of time to accumulate its traditions and annual events. There are definitely some I don’t even know about given how diverse and populated campus is. But of the ones I know here are some of my favorite goings on at USC. LA Times Festival of Books This …

EmilyMy Favorite USC Traditions and Events
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Tips and Tricks to Freshmen Year

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Hello newbies and freshmeat. I am just messing around; you won’t get the same treatment as some of you did high school, but you will still be very noticeable on campus. You will be the kids looking lost on the first couple days of school and you might walk in the wrong classroom once or twice, but trust me in …

FrankieTips and Tricks to Freshmen Year
Easter brunch with some great friends

My Advice to Freshmen: Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

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Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. I had the most fun weekend! One of my best friends from high school, Jenna, came to visit me at USC! This was her first time visiting me here and we had a blast. While she was here, we went out downtown to celebrate my roommate’s birthday, we visited Santa Monica and …

JulianaMy Advice to Freshmen: Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

My Best Advice to Freshmen- Get to know EVERYONE!

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Blogged while getting ready for Explore USC! Hey everyone! This week we are sharing our best advice for freshmen, and as I look back over my four years I can come up with a lot of tips that help through the transition period from high school involvement.  Everything from don’t miss football games to try really hard especially your first …

Lyssa Aruda-2015My Best Advice to Freshmen- Get to know EVERYONE!
Cream at USC

Favorite Post Midterm De-stressors

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The best thing about midterms is the relief when they’re over, particularly when you have really busy weeks. I just finished three midterms this week and even though I was confident in my knowledge of the material, tests tend be stressful for everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to wind down after all your tests are done. Here are my …

EmilyFavorite Post Midterm De-stressors

Why did I choose USC?

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Blogged while watching Friends! I think when it really comes down to it, I think the one thing that stood out about USC was that the students here were genuinely happy.  When I thought about where I wanted to spend four years of my life, it was definitely in the place where everyone was happy.  And I think that all the …

Lyssa Aruda-2015Why did I choose USC?

Why USC: In and Around LA!

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Nothing beats going to school in the heart of Los Angeles!  Whether it’s traveling around downtown, to the beach, to the mountains or even exploring NorCal and neighboring cities like Las Vegas and all their activities and national parks, there’s never a dull moment at USC. I wanted to go to a school that allowed me to explore and not …

HannahWhy USC: In and Around LA!
The amount of school spirit on game days is phenomenal

Why USC Is the Perfect School for Me

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I’m currently in denial over the fact that in a little less than two months the semester is going to be over, I’ll start interning at Texas Instrument, and I’ll be classified as a senior. I’m not ready for my time at USC to come to an end. As I look forward to my final year as an undergrad at …

SarahWhy USC Is the Perfect School for Me

Santa Monica Day Trip

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Looking for something spontaneous to do on a Saturday?  Last weekend a group of friends and I headed just 20mins away to Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade. While close by, it was nice to get away from campus and enjoy the sun, dip our feet in the waves, ride a few roller coasters, play some boardwalk games and …

HannahSanta Monica Day Trip
Who doesn't like $5 pancakes

Giving Back: Delta House of Pancakes

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One of the things I am most proud of my sorority for is our commitment to our philanthropy. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the national philanthropy of Delta Delta Delta. As a whole, Tri Delta chapters across the nation have raised millions for St. Jude. 4 years ago, we were challenged to raise $15 million in 5 years. We …

SarahGiving Back: Delta House of Pancakes

Exploring LA: The Two Friends Concert in Hollywood

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Last night I got to go to a great concert, opened by a band that my roommate knows! Two guys from my roommate’s high school formed a dance music band in high school, and last night they got to open for some pretty big names in the dance music genre. This was a ton of fun, and it was awesome …

Lauren Pelo-2015Exploring LA: The Two Friends Concert in Hollywood