Head to the roof of Stauffer Hall to see the RF antenna!

Surveying the Skies for Both Stars and Satellites

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Late one night, venture down to Stauffer Hall, a tall building dedicated to research just south of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. Climb the steps to the southern-most door, and, if it is unlocked, step inside and take the elevator to the 7th floor. There, you will find a research office with elaborate computer set-ups and hardware used to track …

Art from the LA Art Convention

Second Semester Senior

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  I’m writing this to you on a lovely Southern California day! And by lovely I mean we’ve been hit by El Nino and it is lovely to be inside cozying up to my computer and some hot tea. It’s hard to believe January has blown by so quickly, it’s going to be President’s Day in the blink of an …

hike maria

And We’re Back!

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Hey all! First things first: obligatory “spring back into things” pun in honor of spring semester, a magical time of three day weekends, spring break, and slowly breaking your New Year’s resolutions! Let’s talk winter break! Here’s a nice album of what I’ve been doing the past month:   If my fun, zesty photos don’t speak for themselves, I had …


The Beginning of the End: My Final Semester at USC

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Hey everyone, Welcome back! I hope you all had lovely winter breaks. Mine was great – I relaxed a lot, saw old high school friends and family, and even took a little trip up to Seattle. Since I’m from Portland, this is only about a three-hour drive. I also watched a lot of college football. I have to say, I …


Winter Break and Spring Preview!

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Taipei for Christmas or New Years? I definitely recommend the trip! I spent this past winter break walking around Taipei, eating, taking in the sites and shopping.  Taipei’s famous night markets are great to get a taste of authentic Taiwanese snacks and small dishes.  From noodles to Taiwanese beef jerky to pineapple cake to shaved ice the choices are endless …


The Highlights of My First Semester as a Senior

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Somehow, this amazing semester has come to an end. But between studying for finals, the anticipation of flying home for break, and my excitement about my schedule next semester, I don’t have time to be sad! But I do have time to reflect on how many awesome things I got to experience this semester. There are too many to count, …


Fall 2015 Look back

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Winter break’s just around the corner and all I can think about is how much fun this semester has been! Here are the highlights: Weekender at Berkeley: a USC tradition, one of my favorite fall activities are not just going to football games but going to Nor Cal to see a football game!  Every other year we alternate between playing …

Enjoying the Egyptian section at the Met!

The Top 10 of my last fall semester!

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After a long semester, it was nice to finally get a few days off with Thanksgiving break! I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving for a while since my mom would be coming out from Colorado. We decided to take a road trip down the coast of California and drive along the famous Pacific Coast Highway! It was really nice to …


A Day in LA: Downtown

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Hey there! Hope you’re having a great week! Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite parts of LA: Downtown. I think downtown LA, or “DTLA” as it’s colloquially described, sometimes gets overlooked simply because LA has so much to offer. However, it’s one of my favorite places in the city, and certainly one of the places I’ve explored the …

The Open Interior of the Bradbury Building

One Day in Los Angeles: A High School Student’s Guide to Visiting USC and Still Seeing Los Angeles, All in One Day

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Let’s picture the scene: you are a high school student from Texas, the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest,  the East Cost – somewhere not Southern California. You’re on vacation from school, and you are lucky enough to be conducting a collegiate road trip of California. You started in Northern California, toured Stanford and UC Berkeley, stopped at Cal Poly on the …

Pantages Theatre

LA Shows!

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LA isn’t known for its Broadway musicals and shows quite like New York City is, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any to go to for just as an amazing of an experience! One of my favorite things to do around LA is to find shows to go to and within the past three years I definitely have some highlights. …

Mt Baldy

Hiking Around LA!

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As a person who grew up in Colorado, I definitely fit the stereotype: I absolutely love the outdoors! And hiking especially is one of my favorite things to do.  Although I was excited to come to school in Los Angeles, I was nervous I wasn’t going to get to spend enough time in nature. However, LA has pleasantly surprised me and …


Classes at USC: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that it’s already November! It feels like I just started the semester yesterday! Since we’re so far into the semester, I’m getting ready to register for my courses for the Spring semester. As I was creating my new schedule, this got me thinking about what I really enjoy so far in my current schedule. …