Why USC Was the One for Me

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I remember two years ago when I had to make the most difficult decision of my life: where to commit for college. Not only was I looking at various scholarships and different financial aid packages, but I was also looking at different cities, different engineering programs, and ultimately different paths for my life. My parents and friends all had their …

Grainy freshman year photo.

USC for ME

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Sunshine? Free Food? Concerts? Shopping? USC has it all. What I wanted from college was not only a unique education (as expected) but also a college experience.  I wanted to look back on four years to a place and not only remember everything I’ve learned but also what I did on the weekends, with my friends and after class. Here …

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New North Is Awesome

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Freshmen year I was deciding between Birnkrant and New North. My mom wanted me to live in the honors dorm, but I decided to got with New North based on the reputation this was the “social” dorm. I was not ready for what I would experience, but it was one of the best decisions I made since I’ve been at …


USC Traditions: Concerts on Campus

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Everyone knows about the great concerts at the Staples Center, which is conveniently a short metro ride away from USC. But, what’s even better than that? Concerts on campus! Every year, USC has annual events that involve live concerts on McCarthy Quad, and they’re always so much fun! They’re also completely free (and you thought it couldn’t get any better). …


Wake Up! It’s Gameday!

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Hey everyone, hope you March is off to a good start and that your weather is starting to warm up! Things are in full swing on campus with admitted student events, scholarship interviews, and normal day-t0-day shenanigans, so naturally I’ve been crazy busy, but still enjoying every bit of it. As I’m moving further into my USC “career” it’s been …

USC Sailing Class

USC Bucket List Class: Sailing

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Being a second semester senior means getting first choice of what classes I’m getting to take.  And this semester I’ve chosen to take Nautical Science 101, more commonly known as Sailing! It’s a great addition to my engineering schedule which includes Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Air Pollutants, and Wastewater Treatment Design. During this course, we have lectures on safety, terminology, and how to sail …

I designed my mission by referencing the successful ESA Rosetta Mission.

Space Mission Design: To Infinity and Beyond!

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This semester, I am taking my final undergraduate class: ASTE 421, Space Mission Design. So far, ASTE 421 has been an amazing experience and a fitting end to four years at USC. Space Mission Design is the capstone senior design course for the Astronautical Engineering degree. On day one, I was handed a Request for Proposal (RFP) and told to …

A view from Leavey Library with Doheny Library across the way and Birnkrant just out of sight on the right.

My USC On Campus Favorites

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As I approach the final countdown til graduation and start buying my graduation stuff I though I’d give four of my favorite locations on campus. So, in no particular order, here are my best places on campus awards… After I moved off campus my sophomore year, I often found pockets of time between class open, but didn’t feel like going …


The Best Milkshake You’ll Ever Have – Trust Me I’ve Had a Lot

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By deciding on going to the prestigious University of Southern California, you have also gained access to one of the greatest places in the world, Ground Zero. Ground Zero is a hybrid place that provides an area to study, listen to live performances and of course, get an assortment of unique drinks. During exam week, they will turn the place …

Head to the roof of Stauffer Hall to see the RF antenna!

Surveying the Skies for Both Stars and Satellites

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Late one night, venture down to Stauffer Hall, a tall building dedicated to research just south of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. Climb the steps to the southern-most door, and, if it is unlocked, step inside and take the elevator to the 7th floor. There, you will find a research office with elaborate computer set-ups and hardware used to track …

Art from the LA Art Convention

Second Semester Senior

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  I’m writing this to you on a lovely Southern California day! And by lovely I mean we’ve been hit by El Nino and it is lovely to be inside cozying up to my computer and some hot tea. It’s hard to believe January has blown by so quickly, it’s going to be President’s Day in the blink of an …

Iconic Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline!

New Year, New Adventures!

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Hello everyone! Winter break was a very welcome rest from the crazy last few weeks of the Fall semester! There’s no better feeling than having some quality time at home (with no homework!) with friends and family. I went all the way back home to Florida, and I was welcomed with 80+ degree weather in the middle of December! So, …