The perfect end to a perfect summer

Roadtrippin: SEA to LAX

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Hello everyone! Thanks for tuning into my blog today. I’m finally coming to you from USC to tell you about my summer after returning from studying abroad. When I landed back in Seattle I spent 2 weeks catching up with my family and friends, sharing stories, and planing a road trip from Seattle to USC. After some extensive research and …

Back home at SC!

Home Sweet SC

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I never thought I would be so excited to drive into Los Angeles on a Saturday during rush hour, but it was so awesome to be back at USC after a long summer. In high school, you always look forward to the summer and count down the days, never expecting that one day you’ll be so excited for school to …


Back at SC!

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Hello friends and family, I returned to USC yesterday! I gotta say, the place retained its charm well enough over the summer, even though I thought the heat would bake the beauty straight out. (It did not.) Anyways, right, I moved in yesterday! The day was a wee bit on the insane side, as I woke up at 4:30 AM …

Why the Suite Life is so Sweet

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9th Floor Fluor Tower goes to cheer on USC’s football team!   When I was looking at the options for freshman housing, I didn’t know how to choose. Flipping through the USC housing catalog, you could see all the options of places to live and their amenities, but it nothing about the personality of the building itself. Each dorm on …


Viterbi Abroad: Where in the World is Michael Thorson

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Hello everyone! This summer I was fortunate enough to participate in the Viterbi Summer Overseas program. It all started in late May, when I met up with 40 or so other Viterbi students in Madrid, Spain for summer classes. I soon realized however that this was no ordinary study abroad program. Not only had Viterbi managed to fit writing and …

Toledo Cathedral

Mi Verano en España

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Hello from Spain! Well, actually from Bakersfield since I’ve been back for about a week, but you get the idea. For 7 weeks this summer I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain through the Viterbi Overseas Program! The way the program works is 30-40 USC Viterbi students all study abroad in a city in Europe. Students take two classes that count …


Parkside Darkside?? 5 Reasons Why Reality Shatters Expectations

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After choosing USC, the next item on my to-do list was deciding which dorm I was going to live in. Needless to say, the process of picking a residence hall included many hours of online research, and combing through forums and blogs, which only resulted in more indecision. It seemed like there were endless options, and I wanted to find …


That Emotional First Month

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Here’s some mood music, because this blog post is about to get real. Flush faced and eager eyed, I woke up to my first full day in my new dorm room. I was prepared to become best friends with everyone as soon as I met them. Unfortunately for me, this is not how human nature works. Naturally, I did …