Bid Day with the Seniors!

Can’t Believe it’s Senior Year!

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Hi everyone! I can’t believe I just started my senior year at SC! It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when I moved into Birnkrant. The end of summer went by really fast. I wrapped up my internship with PwC and then headed to Disneyworld with the rest of the interns to celebrate our offers. I’m happy to …

Fighting on with Castwell Product's president Charlie Hoffman on my last day in Chicago.

Back to Los Angeles!

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My summer was absolutely fantastic! I reconnected with old friends and I know, despite how far away USC is from Chicago, that I won’t ever lose those relationships. Meanwhile, my internship with Castwell Products Inc. was everything I could have asked for; I definitely feel more prepared for my professional career. But seeing USC on ESPN (AP Poll #8!) started …

the Colorado Buffaloes the USC Trojans at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on October 18, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Back to School! – Fall Preview

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Hi everybody! I hope you all enjoyed (or are still enjoying) the last of your summer vacations.  After wrapping up summer school, I spent some time at home and went to Seattle to visit family.  We went to see a really cool glass exhibit – the colors and sheer number of pieces were amazing! I’ve just wrapped up week 1 …

Trojan Marching Band

Fight On for Fall Semester

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Hey guys, school is back in session and I’m so pumped to start the second half of my undergraduate career at SC! After an exhausting summer of non-stop travel it’s nice to know that I’ll be in one place, at least for a little while. The rest of my family vacation in Italy was fantastic, and I’ve been putting together …

Almost home on the roadtrip from Seattle to Colorado. I was pretty stoked to be back.

Back in Step (and in the air)

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Welcome back Trojans! And welcome to all new Trojans as well! The beginning of the year is always rich with excitement and reconnecting with friends. The first few weeks of school have seen some of my best experiences thus far at USC, and will always get me excited to return from whatever I’ve been doing the past summer (although the …

The amount of school spirit on game days is phenomenal

Why USC Is the Perfect School for Me

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I’m currently in denial over the fact that in a little less than two months the semester is going to be over, I’ll start interning at Texas Instrument, and I’ll be classified as a senior. I’m not ready for my time at USC to come to an end. As I look forward to my final year as an undergrad at …

family weekend

Annual Trojan Family Weekend

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This past weekend, campus was filled with not only students as usual but siblings, grandparents, cousins, close friends–essentially all relatives of the Trojan Family.  One of my favorite parts of USC is the family spirit.  Miles away from where I grew up, USC is the home away from home that makes me feel welcomed and among family at all times. …

yum! Lobster truffel rolls

My Favorite Study Break: Watching Trojan Football

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Hi everyone! It’s midterm season, and with that, the stress levels around USC can get fairly high. It’s important during this time of the semester to remember to take breaks from the pile of books and just relax. That’s probably the best advice I could give you for when this time of year rolls around. With that being said, I …

NCAA Football: Southern California at Stanford

So Far So Busy: Student Orgs, Classes, and Football

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What a weekend! I know you’ve all probably heard a lot about the Weekender by now since it was nearly a week ago, but I have to mention it.  It was such a great game! Clearly, emotions were running high and Stanford certainly didn’t make it easy on us, but we won and that’s all a Trojan fan can ask …


My Weekender in San Francisco!

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This weekend, I got to make the trip up to San Francisco for the “Weekender”.  The “Weekender” is when USC students all make the trip up to Northern California for the football game, either against Cal or Stanford.  It’s an incredible experience because USC basically takes over the entire city for the weekend – you can’t go anywhere without running …


Bring It On Fall Semester

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Oh, fall semester. The semester of football, football, and football. Oh, and football. All right, so there’s a lot more to the start of the school year than just football, but given the history and culture of USC football, it’s worth mentioning (at least once). This fall is the start of my sophomore year and it’s going to be busy …

At the Stanford stadium right after we scored a 53-yard field goal putting us ahead.

Fall Classes and THE WEEKENDER

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This semester I am taking five classes: Computer Science, Probability, Enterprise Systems, Physics, and Art History. I was a little nervous about taking four technical classes but so far it seems manageable! My favorite class so far is ITP-320 or Enterprise Information Systems. It’s an intro class to SAP taught by Professor Kale and I like it because it teaches really …

Traveler, our mascot, celebrating one of our 7 touchdowns against Fresno State!

Back to School Already! – My Fall Semester

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Hey there! It’s so hard to believe that it was only three weeks ago that I finished up summer school.  I spent almost all that time moving into my new apartment and getting ready for a busy year.  Here’s a little preview of what my fall semester is going to look like. As far as classes go, I’m taking MATH …


The Start of Junior Year

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Hi everyone! I hope you have had a great start to the week. I am officially out of summer mode and back into the swing of things here at USC. I am jumping right back into the organizations I was previously involved in and starting out in my new classes. Here is a little overview of what this coming semester …

Fighting on!

My Senior Fall Semester!

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So, apparently it’s my senior year… What?! Where did the time go? I don’t think I’m ready to admit that I’m graduating soon. Thankfully, I have a pretty solid bucket list for my last couple semesters here, so I hope to finish this year. This semester is going to be pretty exciting. I have quite a busy senior year schedule …

Football Season!

A Preview of My Fall Semester!

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Hey everyone! Hope you all have had a good start back to school so far. It’s really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I’m starting the second half of my time as an undergraduate here at USC! I’ve come a long way since Freshman year, and I can’t wait to see how I continue to …


Junior Year Fall Semester Preview

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Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that I’m already into the second half of my undergraduate career here at USC, but I also couldn’t be more excited! This first week was a whirlwind of activity, and it’s looking like the rest of the semester is going to be equally busy and fun! Junior year means the start of some smaller, …