More Studying, Less StuDYING

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Although it may not be the most fun part, a significant portion of your time at college (especially as an engineering major) will be spent doing school work. Knowing some pretty and peaceful spots around campus can make doing that work so much more productive and enjoyable. Thankfully, USC is absolutely beautiful, with gorgeous landscaping and perfect SoCal weather, so …

Health as a Priority in College?

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Usually, when people think about college life as an engineer, questions revolve around coursework, free time exploring the city, and student organizations for ways to get involved. In my time at USC, though, I’ve realized that there’s one part of student life that is often put on the back burner: health. Now that finals season is fast approaching (thank goodness …

Life Management

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Hi guys! I hope you’ve been doing well. Remember how I had three midterms a couple weeks ago? I came out alive! Snaps for Aarya! I wanted to give a couple tips for how to function in college, because I know it was very difficult for me to figure out how to balance school AND friends AND clubs AND health …

Finals Week isn’t so bad if you (literally) stop and smell the roses

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     During finals week, most of my time is spent studying for my exams. However, it’s also when the Exposition Park rose garden is in full bloom! As my Freshman Year came to a close, it was important for me to take study breaks! Between studying for my Differential Equations, Physics I and Art History finals I took a break and …

The Dream Team

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Hellen Keller was talking about study groups when she said that. In fact, many historical and prominent figures have recognized the importance of study groups. See for yourself: “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a [study group] work.” – …


A Guide to the Best Study Spots

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Some people are a fan of Leavey Library, some people like their own desks, some people like McCarthy quad. Because I couldn’t choose just one, my favorite study spots on campus are definitely the Von Kleinsmid Center Library and the Philosophy Library in Seeley G Mudd hall. They are a little less well known, but that’s actually what makes them …

Study with a Boost

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Sometimes the nerves before a test just aren’t enough to keep me going so it’s nice to have a cup of coffee within an arm’s reach– and I don’t have to go far!  Some of the my favorite coffee spots to study are: 1. Starbucks: 3584 S. Figueroa St. Just outside of campus, Starbucks is the go to place for …

The Center for Engineering Diversity

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Although many like to study at the various nooks and crannies of campus those are not the places for me. My favorite place to study is the CED short for the Center for Engineering Diversity. It is my favorite place on campus because of all the all the amenities offered to its members. The CED is located on the second …

My Favorite Study Spot: RTH Cafe

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Hey y’all! It’s midterm season, and that means that everyone is buckling down and studying a  lot to ensure we do well on ours tests! Over the past two years, I’ve tried out studying at a lot of different places, constantly searching for that one perfect study spot for me. I’ve gone to the library, my sorority house, my bedroom …

Tip 1: Study Groups

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With midterm season in the air, I’m going to share one of the best tips I’ve received since freshman year: form a study group!  Whether it’s math, science, chemical/biomedical/electrical/civil/mechanical/industrial systems etc. –really any class for any engineering, I’d say wading through homework and projects is much better with a few friends by your side.  After all the saying goes “two heads …

Midterm Survival Guide

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Midterm season has descended upon USC. Depending on your schedule, your midterms can be spread out over the course of three weeks or, as in my case this semester, one. Three midterms in one week seems like lot. And, okay, maybe it is (especially since Netflix added Gilmore Girls to the list of the TV shows they steam). But when you think …

My Week in Review: The President’s Distinguished Lecture, a Thermodynamics Midterm, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Midnight Premier

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You’d think that as the semester begins to wind down, life would become a little less hectic. For me, however, that hasn’t been the case lately. This past week was a whirlwind of events, homework, and midterms leading up to Thanksgiving break next week.