10/10 Would Recommend Classes at USC!

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Hey guys! So I’m really enjoying my semester so far, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite classes! I’ve discovered that my most interesting classes usually tend to be my engineering courses, and this is 100% true for my EE courses! My favorite part about my EE courses is that the theoretical and practical parts of engineering are …

SC Racing: Coolest Student Organization Around!

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Hi everyone! The semester is finally in full swing, with midterm season looming in the (not-so-far) distance! On the bright side, with the semester in full force, this means that all the student organizations are also hard at work! One of my favorite student organizations at USC is definitely SC Racing! Last year as a freshman, I began hearing about …

From Summer to Fall: Transitioning into a New Semester!

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Hello everyone! This summer has positively sped by, and already I’m seeing myself back at USC in the middle of another exciting semester. Though this summer has been one of the most eventful summers I’ve had in a long time, I am thrilled to be back at USC! Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder! As some of you may …

Electrical Engineering in My Own Words

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I came in to USC as an Undeclared Engineer, and at first I felt overwhelmed by the number of engineering options there were. Through advice from friends, Professors, and alumni (who I met through the Engineering Spotlight series at Viterbi), I declared Electrical Engineering (EE) in the beginning of my sophomore year.

Junior Year!

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Junior year just started and I can’t believe how great all my Professors are this semester! I am taking three EE classes (two on Integrated Circuits and one on Computer Architecture), a statistics class, and a general education class (on changing family forms in Western culture, specifically the United States).

Summer 2013: European Edition

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Hello Friends! I just finished my last class for the semester. It’s kind of strange! As cliche as it sounds, junior year quite literally flew past me. Some moments seem so far away, but others like they were merely minutes ago. 2 weeks from now, I will be done with finals and officially be a senior Trojan. I don’t really …

Spring 2013: Time Management Edition

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It’s always nice getting a good, month long break between semesters in order to recharge.  I definitely enjoyed myself, and watched what was probably and exorbitant amount of sports.  But this semester, I’m hitting the ground running, with a packed schedule and a lot of important goals to accomplish! I’m taking 5 classes, and I’ll elaborate a little on what …

Wrapping up The Fall Semester

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Alas, the final week of classes are over and done with! This week was jam-packed with final papers, presentations, and projects. In my technical entrepreneurship class, Brenton and I gave our final pitch for the opportunity/venture we’ve worked on all semester to actual investors sitting in on the class. That same morning, I turned in my final piece of script …

My Major: Electrical Engineering

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Hey everyone! Ironically enough, “simply” choosing your major can be the most painstaking part of your college application process. It was for me and I remember applying to a few different schools with different, science and math related majors because of my indecisiveness. I am just extremely glad I applied to Viterbi with the intent to study Electrical Engineering. I …

My Major: Computer Engineering/Computer Science

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Here at USC, I study Computer Engineering/Computer Science (CECS), a major that entails both software (Computer Science) and hardware (Electrical Engineering classes focusing on Digital Logic/Computer Architecture).  The is that a CECS can go into either hardware or software, and that it is important to know the needs of a software designer to be an effective hardware engineer and vice-versa. …

My Major: Biomedical Engineering (Electrical Emphasis)

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I blogged about Biomedical Engineering last year, so check that out for a quick primer on how I felt about it then. Honestly not much has changed since then, but I have definitely gained some perspective I’d like to share. Since writing that blog, I did a summer internship in Information Systems at Amgen, started my senior design project, attended …

Choosing Classes: A Balancing Act

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Today I registered for my last semester of classes at USC (pause for nostalgic moment). My remaining required classes for my major are Spacecraft Mission Design, and Spacecraft Dynamics, 2 classes that will be filled with other smart people passionate about Astronautics. However, to graduate, I need 2 more classes that fulfill the engineering degree’s Technical Electives. Tech Electives are …


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Coming off of my first year at USC and a summer internship at Northrop Grumman, I definitely feel far more prepared and motivated to perform well academically. I gained skills that I can apply into my classes such as time management and handling stress. Also, since I was a software engineering intern I decided to pick up a minor in …

Recently, In Steve’s Semester

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Hey everyone! Welcome back! It sure was a great summer, interning at Amgen and going back home to Wisconsin a few times! Now we’re back to school and honestly it feels great! I can’t believe I’m already a senior! I did decide to stick around next year and get my Masters in one extra year as part of Viterbi’s Progressive …