The Wonderful World of Business

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Howdy everyone! I realized recently that I’ve talked a lot about the Computer Science portion of my degree (Computer Science/Business Administration). However, I haven’t talked much about the Business side. Let’s take a peek inside the wonderful world of business.

Computer Science and the Business Behind It

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Howdy! I’ve talked a lot about some of the classes I’ve taken, like Mobile Game Programming, Video Game Production, Software Development, and more, but, while these show some of my favorite parts of my major, Computer Science/Business Administration is much more than just programming projects and making applications. Computer Science/Business Administration is how the two disciplines come together and build …

My Favorite Organization: Association of Computing Machinery

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Are you interested in iPhone apps that help you register for classes or can alert the hearing impaired of sirens? How about writing a program to sift through thousands of Car and Driver articles and extract trends in vehicle brands, makes, and models? If any of these topics, like mobile programming or finding teams to help you turn your great …

My Favorite Student Involvement: USC Software Quality Lab

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I’ve been involved in the USC Software Quality Lab for 3 years now, and it’s by far my favorite student involvement.  What is it? It’s the research group that is headed by my research advisor, Professor William G.J. Halfond, that focuses on issues of using software engineering to make software less buggy, more secure, and ultimately cheaper to develop and …

Junior Year at USC: Looking Forward

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Now that the summer is over and school is back in full swing I’m starting to get the hang of the new semester. My semester is going to be extremely busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m finally getting deep into the Computer Science curriculum and I really feel like I’m learning meaningful, interesting things. My Software …

Looking to next year

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Amazingly, we are already in the second half of this semester and it’s getting to be time to plan out next semesters schedule. I’ll be sad to see this one go because I’m really enjoying my classes but I think next semester could be even better. I’m currently signed up for four classes, EE 201, CSCI 270, CSCI 201 and …

Don’t know how to program? No biggie.

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Having talked to many potential computer scientists since the fall, I’ve come to realize many share a concern over their qualifications when it comes to Computer Science.  I don’t see it as much with other majors, since an Aerospace Engineering applicant knows that most other students won’t have worked with a space shuttle yet.  But aspiring computer scientists realize that …

On the National News!

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15 minutes of fame?  Try 3 seconds- that’s all I got when I appeared in a NBC segment on cyber security. But heck, I’m gonna milk it for all it’s worth. The clip, which I’ve embedded below, highlights our country’s need for cyber security experts, and it makes a great point.  It’s all the rage now to make different appliances …

Understanding CompSci: Learning a new language

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A lot of times, new computer science students want to know what programming languages they can expect to use in their classes.  Java? C++?  Python?  People can tend to feel like there must be some single language they must know in order to learn computer science and make it in industry.  Many young programmers believe that computer science is about …

Spring 2013: Time Management Edition

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It’s always nice getting a good, month long break between semesters in order to recharge.  I definitely enjoyed myself, and watched what was probably and exorbitant amount of sports.  But this semester, I’m hitting the ground running, with a packed schedule and a lot of important goals to accomplish! I’m taking 5 classes, and I’ll elaborate a little on what …