Lumos! and Other USC Events

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Last weekend my friend and I went to USC’s Special Events Committee’s Harry Potter-themed event. It was called Lumos! A Night in a World of Magic and, may I say, I was truly magicked away. The night started off with some good old fashioned butter beer, which was as creamy and whimsical as one would expect. Then we went in …


PHYS 160s: An Honorable Series

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Hello! A nice little diddly for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQC3dBWS_FE A lot of people have asked me if taking the honors track (PHYS 160s compared to PHYS 150s) for physics is really worth it. I would definitely say that it depends on what you’re looking for! Let me preface this by saying that, as a mechanical engineer, I really love mechanics. I know, …


Viterbi Takes the Real World: The Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Challenge

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Social entrepreneurs are generally defined as people who create with the intent of having a large impact in the greater community. Innovation with a purpose, engineering for a cause– social entrepreneurs craft small solutions for big problems. As a member of the Viterbi family, I’ve always been a problem solver; I was drawn to the idea of social entrepreneurship because …

Gamma Phi Beta aka home sweet home

Hey MTV, Welcome to my Cribs

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I’ve done a lot of things in my time at USC, which unfortunately includes: moving. And a lot of it. Each year I’ve lived in a different place, and here’s my little summary of each one. Freshman Year: Dorm After getting into USC the first thing I did was put in my housing application for New/North aka the coolest freshman …

Can you spot my two squares?

So What The Heck Do You Do In Building Science?!

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Hello! I hope your school year has started off on the right foot! Here at USC, I am deep into Week 5 of school. Yeah I know, Week 5. However, this school year in particular is especially interesting for me because it is the first year I get to actually take Building Science classes! I get to play around with …


Junior Year… Here I come

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  Now that summer’s over and school has begun *crying emoji* , I thought I’d share the top five things I’m looking forward to this upcoming school year. 1.New Crib My first two years of college, I lived in both on and off campus university housing (Marks Hall and Century Apartments). The thing I love about USC housing is that …


Winding down, Gearing Up

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Hey USC!! I’m currently sitting at the dining table of my new apartment, typing this post up as I mentally prepare for classes to start tomorrow. I can’t believe summer’s actually over! I wanted to write a quick post about how my summer ended and my move-in process/what I’m excited about, before classes really get in session. Let me just …


A Day in My Summer

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I wake up in the morning feeling like… Not gonna lie, I wake up in the morning feeling like I want nothing more for the sun to set so I can go back to sleep for another 8 hours and not feel like melting in the hot Texas heat. But no matter, I roll out of bed around 7:00 AM …


Major, Majors, or Minor? Why I chose just one degree

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If you are anything like I was coming into college, it is hard enough deciding on just one degree of study. Meanwhile, your friends may already be deciding on two majors or some combination of minors. Don’t worry, double majors and minors can be declared all the way through sophomore year, but as I leave sophomore year, I want to …


To T.O or Not to T.O, That is the Question

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Picture this: an economist, philosopher, cinematographer, and an engineer sit down to discuss the ethical and practical concerns of sending humans to Mars. No, this isn’t some weird riddle; this is my Friday 9 am discussion for my Thematic Option class (titled Searching for Life in the Universe: Mars and Beyond), and despite being on Fridays at 9 am it’s …


“Hanging” Around USC: How to Take the Stress out of Studying

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I’m going to be honest: engineering is a hard major and it can get really intensive at times, especially during finals season. Luckily I have some secret techniques and spots at USC to keep your heart rate below 100 beats per minute on those extra tough days.   First off, I’ve learned that it can be exhausting sitting in one …

You have no idea how sweaty my palm was.

My Last Goodbye.

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Why USC? That is a question I have been asked countless times for the last four years. From Viterbi Live Chats to Explore USCs for admitted students, my college decision making process has been questioned over thousand times, in over a thousand different ways. Why did I choose USC? Why did I turn down a full academic scholarship at Georgia …