Celebrating Independence on our Stonehenge Day Trip

Where in the World is Alex Budde?

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Coming to SC as an engineering student, I never thought I would have the opportunity to study abroad with a heavy engineering course load and the pressure of not wanting to miss out on an amazing semester on campus. However, after living in London for the past 7 weeks taking engineering courses and exploring Europe, I realized that the Viterbi …

AlexWhere in the World is Alex Budde?

Shoot for the Stars-Or The Clouds

Naish Naish 1 Comment

Landing your first internship may seem baffling, but a little confidence and self-promotion go a long way. Even during your first semester at USC, you will have access to opportunities like the general career fair and the Viterbi School of Engineering Career Fair (During the Engineering Career Week) both in the Fall. These two events are fantastic methods for networking …

NaishShoot for the Stars-Or The Clouds

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Naish Naish 1 Comment

When I first arrived at USC, every moment of my days were a whirlwind of activity for almost a week. Then classes started! USC stood out to me early on because I was learning real-world applicable knowledge from day one. My first engineering class, AME-150L, was taught by the department head of Aerospace Engineering, Prof. (and I would like to …

NaishIntroduction to Aerospace Engineering

Staying Centered in College

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The entire concept of “staying centered” is somewhat cliché, but for good reason. Although the connotation of such a principle may be negative or lend itself towards trendiness, balance is key in every aspect of any college student’s life. Between academics, clubs, sports, social life, and everything in between, maintaining a healthy balance of all these facets of daily life …

NaishStaying Centered in College

Why I Chose Environmental Engineering

Daisy Daisy 1 Comment

Some people grow up knowing exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives since the moment they can talk. Unfortunately, that person was not me. I was always a curious student; I gravitated to anything that made me ask “why?”  Soon after attending a summer camp focused on Women in STEM in middle school, I decided …

DaisyWhy I Chose Environmental Engineering

But actually, how hard is Engineering?

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Sit down folks, I’m about to break down one of the most frequently asked questions about engineering: just how hard is it? If you’re like me, you’ve looked this up on several, several forums and found less than ideal answers. With that in mind, I’m going to give you the honest answer about what my freshman year of engineering has …

MariaBut actually, how hard is Engineering?

A Day in the Life of Maria

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A Day in the Life, Freshman ChemE Readers, let’s get specific! I know a lot of you have questions about what life at USC is like, so here’s more information than you’ll ever need about what my average day is like! It’s going to be a Monday, for the record: 8:30 am- 9:00 am: Get ready for the day and …

MariaA Day in the Life of Maria

How to Get Research as a Freshman

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One of the misconceptions many have about undergraduate research is that you have to have taken a bunch of classes and be an upperclassman to even get a spot in a lab. I know this is what I thought when I first came to USC. I always knew that I wanted to do undergraduate research, but I never thought that I would be …

BethanyHow to Get Research as a Freshman

One Year Down, Three to Go

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Wow, I can’t believe my first year at USC is already coming to a close. It has been hectic, crazy, hard, and really fun. Over the last couple weeks, the activities I’m involved with have started dropping off as everyone gets ready for the end of the semester and finals. The first activity to finish was Women’s Ice Hockey, but it finished with …

SophieOne Year Down, Three to Go

Moderating Honors Colloquium

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This spring semester, I was lucky enough to be asked to be the moderator of the Honors Colloquium program at Viterbi and a part of my job as moderator was to find half the speakers to come in every Friday to first have lunch with a small group of students and then speak to the whole class. Being a freshman …

EricModerating Honors Colloquium

From Undecided to Computer Science

Vincent Vincent Leave a Comment

I actually know what my major is! I always knew I wanted to be an engineer. I love solving problems, designing solutions, and I think Q from James Bond is the coolest thing since sliced bread. My indecision came from not knowing what kind of engineering I wanted to do so I applied to USC as an undecided engineer. Its …

VincentFrom Undecided to Computer Science

I Can’t Believe It!

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I can’t believe I’m done with one whole year of college. Last spring the thought of going to school 2,000 miles away was terrifying but now I’m getting ready to leave knowing I will miss all of it. Of course, USC gave me such an amazing opportunity to grow academically but ultimately this school gave me the greatest opportunity to …

VincentI Can’t Believe It!
USC EE 150, electrical engineering

Diving Headfirst into Engineering

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One of the things I love most about USC Viterbi is how as a freshman, I was able to have hands-on experience in my courses. I took courses that allowed me to see the real-life applications of electrical engineering. I built projects and wrote programs to make those projects actually work and serve a purpose! Studying engineering at USC Viterbi is …

MichelleDiving Headfirst into Engineering
Captura de pantalla 2015-07-19 a la(s) 6.39.58 PM

The Lucky Penny

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Before dropping me off for school every morning when I was in elementary school, my dad always used to say, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.” Though many years have passed since these carefree mornings skipping off to recess, my father’s advice has stayed with me through the years, and continues to challenge me as I face days …

MadelinaThe Lucky Penny
We "grounded" the circuit to my ankle bone... get it? Because feet touch the... ground?

Medical Electronics Final Project: ECG

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Hey guys! This week we finished our Medical Electronics (BME302) group project, creating an ECG using operational amplifiers, highpass and low pass circuits, and bioelectrodes attached directly to, you guessed it, me! Check out some of the pictures from our circuit and the output we got… my heartbeat! Disclaimer: do not hook any electrical circuits up to your body without …

JordanMedical Electronics Final Project: ECG
Look familiar- This is the view from the rebel base camp in Star Wars Episode IV!

Taking Classes Outside of Viterbi as an Engineer

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was even more gorgeous and sunny than usual here in LA so I tried to spend lots of time outside! So even though this blog is all about Viterbi and my life as a Viterbi student, I thought I’d mix things up a bit this week and blog about …

JulianaTaking Classes Outside of Viterbi as an Engineer

Freshman Engineering at Viterbi

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Hey guys, This week I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the cool engineering things that I have gotten involved with at USC, particularly in my first year! Starting as a freshman, I did a lot of hands on work specifically in my introduction courses like freshman academy. At the end of the semester, we created a …

JordanFreshman Engineering at Viterbi
Studying the rate of reaction of phenolphthaleine

Applying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

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Throughout my time as an undergraduate so far, all of our chemistry classes have had lab sections attached to them, but none of the main chemical engineering courses have had a lab section attached except for introduction to chemical engineering and my nanotechnology classes. We’ve learned a lot of theory so far, but have not had a chance to apply …

SarahApplying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

Get Pumped No Homework

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One of the coolest parts about the transition from high school to college is that a lot of your classes do not have homework. Well let me explain a little more. When you get to college, each class is run a little differently and good amount of classes do not have homework due each day, each class or even every …

FrankieGet Pumped No Homework