The view from the study room is incredible

Ten Places to Study Other Than Your Room

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Coming in last year as a freshman, I confined myself to almost always studying in my dorm. This was before I realized how unproductive studying near my bed was because the temptation to watch Netflix in bed instead of do homework was often very overwhelming. Since then, I have discovered many alternatives to the small-desk-in-room default.   The study room! …

Juju Dabs

Senior Year!!!!!

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Hey everyone! Senior year is officially in full swing! I’m taking 5 classes this semester: Project Management, Planning and Scheduling, Simulations, Software Engineering, and Industrial Engineering Senior Design. The senior design class is grouped into team of 4 and then matching with a company in the Los Angeles area to consult for them for the next year. My team was matching …

Can you spot my two squares?

So What The Heck Do You Do In Building Science?!

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Hello! I hope your school year has started off on the right foot! Here at USC, I am deep into Week 5 of school. Yeah I know, Week 5. However, this school year in particular is especially interesting for me because it is the first year I get to actually take Building Science classes! I get to play around with …


AME 310: Putting the “Engine” in Engineer

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Howdy everyone,   Seeing as I’m pretty much at the halfway point of my college years, I’ve been thinking back over my classes and what I’ve learned. Today, though, I’m going to highlight one class in particular. Last semester I took AME 310, Engineering Thermodynamics I, taught by Professor Egolfopoulos – and man, it was great.     From a …


To T.O or Not to T.O, That is the Question

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Picture this: an economist, philosopher, cinematographer, and an engineer sit down to discuss the ethical and practical concerns of sending humans to Mars. No, this isn’t some weird riddle; this is my Friday 9 am discussion for my Thematic Option class (titled Searching for Life in the Universe: Mars and Beyond), and despite being on Fridays at 9 am it’s …


USC Bucketlist – The Best Events and Traditions at USC

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Hi guys,   This week I wanted to lay out a couple of things at USC that I think are truly special; while this list isn’t all inclusive, there’s a bunch of great starting points for you to see what events and traditions around USC are awesome! USC Gamedays Whether or not you are an avid football fan like myself, …


10/10 Would Recommend Classes at USC!

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Hey guys! So I’m really enjoying my semester so far, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite classes! I’ve discovered that my most interesting classes usually tend to be my engineering courses, and this is 100% true for my EE courses! My favorite part about my EE courses is that the theoretical and practical parts of engineering are …


When you like your class, you get As and sometimes vice-versa

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Once you begin to start your engineering career, you will start to realize that engineers get to do and study a lot of cool things. You will be able to work with dangerous liquids, thousand dollar machines and teachers that might be world renowned for their research. On top of working with people,  you will get to learn things like …

USC Sailing Class

USC Bucket List Class: Sailing

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Being a second semester senior means getting first choice of what classes I’m getting to take.  And this semester I’ve chosen to take Nautical Science 101, more commonly known as Sailing! It’s a great addition to my engineering schedule which includes Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Air Pollutants, and Wastewater Treatment Design. During this course, we have lectures on safety, terminology, and how to sail …