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The Dream Team

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“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Hellen Keller was talking about study groups when she said that. In fact, many historical and prominent figures have recognized the importance of study groups. See for yourself: “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a [study group] work.” – …

PabloThe Dream Team
All the coaches!

My Favorite Involvement: Freshman Academy Coaching!

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Hello everyone!  This week we are all blogging about our favorite involvement and I’m going to share my absolute favorite- Freshman Academy Coaching! Freshman Academy is a class all incoming freshman engineers take, and it is basically a class that explains on a very broad scale what engineers do and what kinds of problems they solve.  There are students from …

LyssaMy Favorite Involvement: Freshman Academy Coaching!

A glimpse of Freshman Academy

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One of my favorite activities/classes is Freshman Academy.  An awesome class freshman take their first semester at USC, the class provides great insight into the diverse and numerous paths engineers can take during and after university. Working with Professor Greenfield as a coach this semester, I am just as excited as the students to see what he has planned for …

HannahA glimpse of Freshman Academy

The Best Spot to Study – Thanks Wallis!

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Hi Guys, Every year it seems like I find a bunch of new study spots!  I recently have grown fond of the Wallis Annenberg building that was recently constructed.  Aside from the beautiful USC architecture expressing a more Gothic-style, the building is at the heart of the campus, making it easy to get food or as a central point to …

MarkusThe Best Spot to Study – Thanks Wallis!
Study Spot

I Don’t go Far to Study!

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While I look over everyone’s favorite study spot this week, I realized, I don’t like to go far to study. As Rory Gilmore said in a Gilmore Girls, “Libraries are too quiet and drafty,” so I avoid libraries and just stick to the comfort of my bed room. Occasionally, I will change up the scenery and will go to the …

BettyI Don’t go Far to Study!
RTH Cafe

My Favorite Study Spot: RTH Cafe

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Hey y’all! It’s midterm season, and that means that everyone is buckling down and studying a  lot to ensure we do well on ours tests! Over the past two years, I’ve tried out studying at a lot of different places, constantly searching for that one perfect study spot for me. I’ve gone to the library, my sorority house, my bedroom …

SarahMy Favorite Study Spot: RTH Cafe
Ronald Tutor Campus Center

My Favorite Study Spot: Campus Center

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Hey everyone! This week I thought I’d share my favorite study spot with you: the Campus Center. The Campus Center, or CC,  is exactly what it sounds like, a courtyard in the middle of campus with buildings surrounding it. The buildings that make up the CC house things including the admissions center, the USC pharmacy, a food court, art exhibits, …

MollyMy Favorite Study Spot: Campus Center

Study Havens Around Campus

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Although I live off campus, I spend most (if not all) of my waking hours of the day on campus, so I’ve had to figure out ways to get things done in between classes and meetings. Since my study habits are too sporadic, I can’t rely on making a reservation for a study room in Leavey or hoping that I’ll find …

PabloStudy Havens Around Campus
research lab lyssa

My Favorite Study Spot: Research Lab!

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Hey everyone! Hope you had a great week and happy homecoming! This week we are talking about our favorite study spot, and while I have many favorite spots including my desk at Alpha Phi, Engineering Quad, and RTH Cafe, one of my new favorites has been in my research lab! Iced coffee in E-Quad is the perfect afternoon break! …

LyssaMy Favorite Study Spot: Research Lab!

First Meet USC

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Last week on Friday I had my first meeting with potential students. It was already a pretty hectic day since I had three midterms this week and a physics homework due in a couple hours. To make matters worse, I ended up doing the wrong HW set, but luckily my professor was nice enough to give me another chance. Side …

FrankieFirst Meet USC
sprinkles atm

My Favorite Study Break: Sprinkles!

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Hello everyone! This week as most of us are being swamped with midterms and projects, I thought I’d share my favorite break from studying- a trip to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.  While this isn’t the closest Sprinkles to campus, it’s by far my favorite for a few reasons: there is also a Sprinkles Ice Cream here and a Sprinkles ATM. …

LyssaMy Favorite Study Break: Sprinkles!
Studying for midterms


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Since it is that time of year again, I was looking to give fellow and future Trojans alike, some tips on how to dominate their midterms and start  the year strong. 1.  Stay healthy and eat right Even though you want to get good grades of you exams that douesnt mean you have to sacrifice your health. Be sure to …

Yay engineering hw!

Tip 1: Study Groups

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With midterm season in the air, I’m going to share one of the best tips I’ve received since freshman year: form a study group!  Whether it’s math, science, chemical/biomedical/electrical/civil/mechanical/industrial systems etc. –really any class for any engineering, I’d say wading through homework and projects is much better with a few friends by your side.  After all the saying goes “two heads …

HannahTip 1: Study Groups

Midterm Survival Guide

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Midterm season has descended upon USC. Depending on your schedule, your midterms can be spread out over the course of three weeks or, as in my case this semester, one. Three midterms in one week seems like lot. And, okay, maybe it is (especially since Netflix added Gilmore Girls to the list of the TV shows they steam). But when you think …

EmilyMidterm Survival Guide

Why USC you ask

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USC and a school referred to the the farm (Stanford for all that don’t know) were my two first choices.  That sounds kinda weird, but I couldn’t decide between either one or the other. Stanford was big, but the campus was everything I imagined since 8th grade dreams, and USC was a glorious surprise since I never considered it before …

FrankieWhy USC you ask
Grey's Anatomy

Comm443: Communicating Health Messages and Medical Issues

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My favorite class that I’m taking this semester is “Communicating Health Messages and Medical Issues.” In this class, we research and discuss the physician-patient relationship. We analyze case studies that consist of research papers, personal stories or accounts, and TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and Nurse Jackie. Our class is mainly discussion based, which is especially interesting because we …

LaurenComm443: Communicating Health Messages and Medical Issues
My view studying outside of Doheny Library

Conquering Midterm Season

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Starting October means welcoming fall, the start of cooler nights, pumpkin carving… and midterms.  Midterms, as a junior, are simply another part of my classes, something that I pencil into my schedule like anything else.  Doing well on a midterm can secure your grade for the rest of the semester, which is why I now look forward to them and …

MollyConquering Midterm Season

USC 499: Persuasion and Optical Data Transmission

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Hey All, This semester is really starting to pick up and classes are definitely a-rolling.  I must say that I even in this short amount of time I have come to really enjoy two specific, and very different classes.  On my engineering side, I am so excited for my Senior design project in which we are looking at rapid free-space …

MarkusUSC 499: Persuasion and Optical Data Transmission

CHE 442 Reactors: The Crux of CHE

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Midday on Tuesdays and Thursdays you’ll find me both confused and satisfied at the same time.  It sounds contradicting, but that’s when you’ll find me in CHE 442: Chemical Reaction Engineering. One of the most challenging but rewarding classes for me since my first year as a chemical engineer has been Reactors.  The class focuses on problems involving the design and operation …

HannahCHE 442 Reactors: The Crux of CHE