We "grounded" the circuit to my ankle bone... get it? Because feet touch the... ground?

Medical Electronics Final Project: ECG

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Hey guys! This week we finished our Medical Electronics (BME302) group project, creating an ECG using operational amplifiers, highpass and low pass circuits, and bioelectrodes attached directly to, you guessed it, me! Check out some of the pictures from our circuit and the output we got… my heartbeat! Disclaimer: do not hook any electrical circuits up to your body without …

JordanMedical Electronics Final Project: ECG
Look familiar- This is the view from the rebel base camp in Star Wars Episode IV!

Taking Classes Outside of Viterbi as an Engineer

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Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. It was even more gorgeous and sunny than usual here in LA so I tried to spend lots of time outside! So even though this blog is all about Viterbi and my life as a Viterbi student, I thought I’d mix things up a bit this week and blog about …

JulianaTaking Classes Outside of Viterbi as an Engineer

Freshman Engineering at Viterbi

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Hey guys, This week I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the cool engineering things that I have gotten involved with at USC, particularly in my first year! Starting as a freshman, I did a lot of hands on work specifically in my introduction courses like freshman academy. At the end of the semester, we created a …

JordanFreshman Engineering at Viterbi
Studying the rate of reaction of phenolphthaleine

Applying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

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Throughout my time as an undergraduate so far, all of our chemistry classes have had lab sections attached to them, but none of the main chemical engineering courses have had a lab section attached except for introduction to chemical engineering and my nanotechnology classes. We’ve learned a lot of theory so far, but have not had a chance to apply …

SarahApplying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

Get Pumped No Homework

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One of the coolest parts about the transition from high school to college is that a lot of your classes do not have homework. Well let me explain a little more. When you get to college, each class is run a little differently and good amount of classes do not have homework due each day, each class or even every …

FrankieGet Pumped No Homework

Spring Study Playlist

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I’m one of those people who’s always listening to music. When I do homework, when I walk to class, when (well, if) I go to the gym, when I’m hanging out with friends, if I’m driving anywhere. I’ve found one of the great things about going to USC, a school in LA (home of Hollywood and record companies), is that …

EmilySpring Study Playlist

Space Mission Design

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Hi guys, Classes have been quite busy, but all a great learning experience.  I have the opportunity to take Space Mission Design which essentially provides a certain issue, and you get the chance to design a mission to address this need.  This semester we are looking to track the migration patterns of whales and stream live video from tagged whales. …

MarkusSpace Mission Design

“What is ISE, anyway?”: Part 1

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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend. This week I’m going to blog about one of my favorite topics – my major! I’m actually splitting this blog into a two-part series. This week I’ll talk about what ISE is in general. Then, next week I’ll talk about where my ISE friends at USC work both in internships and …

Juliana“What is ISE, anyway?”: Part 1
che 444


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Chemical Engineering in a nut shell can be experience in CHE 444a.  A completely hands on lab class I’m taking this semester, we’ve already done labs involving material from all the engineering and chemistry classes I’ve taken so far at USC. From liquid liquid extraction to corrosion to mass transfer, some of the material is even from classes I will …


Awesome Group Projects: Database for CSK Longevity

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Hey guys! I hope everything is going well. This week I want to write about one of the coolest group projects I’ve done so far! As an Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) major, I can attest to the fact that ISE classes do a lot of group projects. While I will be the first to admit that I did not …

JulianaAwesome Group Projects: Database for CSK Longevity

Teamwork in Engineering

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Blogged while listening to Smoke + Mirrors- Imagine Dragon’s new album! Hello everyone! Happy E-Week.  This week is all about celebrating engineering and all the cool things engineers do.  Here at USC we are celebrating with all sorts of activities, my favorite of which is Viterbi Ball at the end of the week! Check out Betty’s blog about it- she’s …

LyssaTeamwork in Engineering
wes anderson

A Break from Engineering- CTCS 469 Analysis of Film Style- Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson

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Blogged while eating Valentine’s Day chocolate! Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! This week I wanted to talk about an awesome class I’m taking outside of engineering- Analysis of Film Style! The class is all about comparing the work of two of the most identifiable directors in Hollywood- Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.  I decided to take this class because it would …

LyssaA Break from Engineering- CTCS 469 Analysis of Film Style- Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson

People from Other Majors Wish they could B-ME!

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Hi guys!   This I wanted to talk solely about biomedical engineering, the best major at the University of Southern California. One of the best things about this major is that you get a great insight to a LOT of different areas of science and engineering. And what I mean by that is you get to take a bunch of different …

JordanPeople from Other Majors Wish they could B-ME!

Chemical Engineering Lab

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Spring semester junior year for ChemE’s generally means it’s Lab time.  One of the most crucial classes is CHE 444a.  An opportunity to real life lab applications and skills the whole class is hands on.  Each week we perform one of the labs and then subsquently write a report.  We work in groups and learn to not only master the skills …

HannahChemical Engineering Lab
Artificial Finger

What I’m Actually Learning in Class: BME 201

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BME 201 has the formal title “Biomedical Engineering Practice.” It’s a rather broad title, that could mean a lot of different things. How to get a job in BME, what BMEs actually learn, what the field is comprised of, etc. The class isn’t a traditional class: take notes, do the homework, take the test, lather rinse repeat. Instead it’s a …

EmilyWhat I’m Actually Learning in Class: BME 201

The Nature of Competition

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Hi guys! Colleges and college students often raise the topic of competition as a natural selection method for determining the best and brightest in a class.  Coming from high school and playing sports, I have always bought into this idea of competition.  May the best man win has wormed its way into my mindset and perspective towards academics and life. …

MarkusThe Nature of Competition

Looking Forward: Spring 2015

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Weirdest thought ever: once this semester is done, I’ll be halfway done with college. Some (read: most) days I feel like I just got here and that it (college, life) can’t be moving this quickly. I’m really excited for everything in store for me this next semester and definitely this summer! Over break I took a quick detour to Disneyland with …

EmilyLooking Forward: Spring 2015

Spring 2015

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We’re back for the spring 2015 semester and there’s a whole lot in store!  This semester I’m taking some of the most relevant chemical engineering classes including CHE 444a, MASC 350 and CHEM453. 444a is a lab based class consisting of 9 different hands on lab reports that are applicable to the real world.  I’ll not only learn how to …

HannahSpring 2015
SynTouch BioTac

A Snapshot of My Last Semester at USC!

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It’s hard to believe that I’m in my last semester of college! I have five exciting classes to look forward to in the last push before graduation, and I am really looking forward to what I will be learning this semester. I am in three biomedical engineering classes this semester, along with two fun electives to get as much as …

LaurenA Snapshot of My Last Semester at USC!

My Last Semester as a Junior!

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Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your breaks as much as I did. I spent a lot of quality time with my family and even got to hit the slopes for some skiing. I also was lucky enough to watch the Trojans beat Nebraska at the Holiday Bowl! Now I’m back in the groove of things at USC and …

JacquieMy Last Semester as a Junior!