Looking Ahead to Senior Spring Semester

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I don’t know how this happened, but it’s my last semester here at USC! After a wonderfully relaxing (and warm) winter break at home in Florida, I’m back on the (still nice and warm) West Coast. I spent a lot of time with family, and studying for my Engineer in Training (EIT) exam which I took at the beginning of …

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Springing into Spring Semester

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Hi everyone! I hope everybody had an awesome break and are excited to start a new year. This winter break I went back to my hometown Fresno (Fresyes), CA. Over break I had a few movie nights with friends, went to the beach, and hung out with my best friend Jasper Jarvis (my pug). Overall, my break was super relaxing …

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Welcome to 2016!

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Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break.  I did a lot of relaxing this break.  My family and I went to Kona, Hawaii (on the Big Island).  We visited the Place of Refuge, which is where warring tribes or individuals who committed crimes could escape to safety.  We also went to the beach, played some golf, and …


The Beginning of the End: My Final Semester at USC

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Hey everyone, Welcome back! I hope you all had lovely winter breaks. Mine was great – I relaxed a lot, saw old high school friends and family, and even took a little trip up to Seattle. Since I’m from Portland, this is only about a three-hour drive. I also watched a lot of college football. I have to say, I …


The Highlights of My First Semester as a Senior

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Somehow, this amazing semester has come to an end. But between studying for finals, the anticipation of flying home for break, and my excitement about my schedule next semester, I don’t have time to be sad! But I do have time to reflect on how many awesome things I got to experience this semester. There are too many to count, …


Classes at USC: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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Hey everyone! It’s hard to believe that it’s already November! It feels like I just started the semester yesterday! Since we’re so far into the semester, I’m getting ready to register for my courses for the Spring semester. As I was creating my new schedule, this got me thinking about what I really enjoy so far in my current schedule. …

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Viterbi + Minor in Cultural Anthropology

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Hey Everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. Happy almost-Halloweekend! This week I wanted to talk a bit about one of my favorite Viterbi Plus experiences: Viterbi + my Cultural Anthropology minor. I originally declared my minor in Cultural Anthropology after taking a General Education class in anthropology. My class was on the nature of Maya Civilization, and I became …

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USC Elective Classes

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I’m currently making my schedule for next semester and I have some room for electives classes and looking through all of the options made me realize how many awesome opportunities USC has for its students. 1.Hip Hop I took Hip Hop my spring semester freshman year and it was a really great class to break me out of my comfort …


A “Typical” Week at USC? No Such Thing!

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Hey there! Hope you’re all ready for the Notre Dame football game tomorrow – it’s going to be a tough one but I think we can pull it off. Beat the Irish! So this semester, just for fun, I’m taking an Introduction to Occupational Therapy course called Lifestyle Design (OT 220). It’s awesome – it’s just two units so it …


My Favorite Viterbi Organization: Freshman Academy!

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all settling in for another great year. My semester has been busy, but wonderful so far. Today I’m going to blog about one of my favorite Viterbi student organizations – Freshman Academy! I love being a Freshman Academy Coach. Freshman Academy is a class designed to help freshman learn about the importance of engineering, the …


From Summer to Fall: Transitioning into a New Semester!

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Hello everyone! This summer has positively sped by, and already I’m seeing myself back at USC in the middle of another exciting semester. Though this summer has been one of the most eventful summers I’ve had in a long time, I am thrilled to be back at USC! Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder! As some of you may …

Beat the Red Wolves!

My Last (and Best) Fall Semester

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We’re only two weeks into my senior year at USC and I feel like I’ve already made so many new memories: I drove down to school from San Francisco, moved into my first apartment, made 60 wonderful new friends as a Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor, and just had an amazing labor day/gameday weekend. I can’t even begin to imagine how the …