Lovely shot of Bovard Auditorium

Why USC You Ask

Hey all!

I still remember being a senior in high school trying to juggle sports, school work, and college applications.  It is a time of stress, but anxiety to learn where you will be taking your talents next year.  There are so many stories of the perfect college fit, the ideal major, or myths about how to get into colleges.  While some of these methods may have yielded results for some, it by no means is a fool proof or even advantageous strategy.  At an institution like USC, if there was a set standard, set person, set essay, or test score to get in, the student body would be filled with the same type of people and frankly quite boring.  And this is simply not the case.

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Why I chose USC and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!!

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I just got back from Hawaii for spring break which was amazing and it’s definitely hard to get back into work mode after that, but this week I wanted to share about what made me choose USC.  Choosing college is by far the most difficult decision I had faced at that time, and it’s a huge commitment to choose somewhere for four years, but USC not only lived up to my expectations but far exceeded them.

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The Viterbi Career Center

Hey guys!

One of everyone’s biggest concerns when coming to college is what to do when you graduate! Four years is a long time to devote to school, and making sure that it is all worthwhile is very important.  Luckily, Viterbi has its own career services center which I have been fully utilize in the past few weeks!

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Me and my fellow interns

My Experience with Engineering in Healthcare

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful three day break last weekend! This week is E-Week at USC. That means that there are fun events to celebrate engineering. In honor of that, I thought I would tell you guys about an experience I have had with engineering in the real world that I really enjoyed: my internship at Providence Medical Center.

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Why Engineering: Celebrate E-Week!

Hi guys!

This past week has been a celebration of engineering in the annual E-Week! There are many advancing technologies in this current age, and like any other engineer, I am looking to contribute. Aside from the interesting labs in my Mechoptronics course, I have also gained valuable insight from working with the members of the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory both in machining and in design.

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Corrosion Test Cell

From Classroom to Lab: Chemical Engineering Laboratory

Hey guys!

Happy E-Week! This week is all about celebrating engineering.  I have loved learning about engineering so far, and can’t wait to continue my education in this diverse and challenging field.  I’m constantly solving problems that can affect a lot of people.  My favorite quote is that “Scientists discover the world that exists, engineers create the world that never was.”

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The SpaceIL Logo

Update: Consulting for SpaceIL

A few months ago, I introduced you all to USC TAMID, an Israeli consulting group here on campus (See my previous blog: USC TAMID: A Consulting Organization). At the time, I had just started consulting for SpaceIL, a non-profit Israeli space company working to put a rover on the moon to win the $20 million Google Lunar X-prize. As I began gathering data on SpaceIL and its competitors, I had no inkling of SpaceIL’s potential, and I am now blown away by SpaceIL’s ability to inspire people, both Israelis non-Israelis.

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My Own, Evolving Definition of Biomedical Engineering!

When I was coming into USC and talking to people about what I was about to study in school, I honestly wasn’t sure how to define my chosen major – biomedical engineering. I could come up with a very vague definition of biomedical engineering, but I quickly realized this definition did not please anyone when the question of “what is biomedical engineering” was asked. The answer I gave people before coming to USC was this: biomedical engineering, in my opinion, is applying engineering principles of design and innovation to the healthcare industry. The problem with this answer was that it didn’t give people images of what a biomedical engineering product may be.

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