Astronaut Guitarist

An Audiophile Aerospace Engineer?!

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Last year I was at the Coachella music festival with a few of my best friends and I started to think pondering the massive speaker stacks each stage had. The kid in me knew I should have been just dancing to the music, but the engineer in me couldn’t help wondering how these machines could produce sounds so loud and …


Space is Hard – Interning at Aerospace

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This summer I have been interning at the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, working with the group that advises and assists the Air Force on their weather satellite programs. I actually sit in the LA Air Force Base (which I didn’t even know existed before this summer), which has been really interesting, and only a little intimidating.     Along …

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My Summer in SF

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Wowowow I can’t believe my summer is more than halfway over! This summer I have an internship with Splunk, which is an international data analytics company based in San Francisco. I am doing product management for their Data Solutions Group. As a quick background, the Data Solutions Group makes add-ons. Every new type of data needs an add-on to normalize …


Major Decisions… What in the World is ISE?

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Coming into USC, I thought for sure that I had decided on a major. I entered my first semester as a Mechanical Engineering major. In high school, I had taken classes in AutoCAD and SolidWorks, and I had participated in engineering design competitions. In college, I knew I wanted to be an engineer, but towards the end of the semester, …

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Fall 2015 Semester Recap!

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  Hey guys,   With finals and winter break approaching, I wanted to spend some time this week summarizing my favorite moments of fall 2015.   In no particular order,   PwC. Almost a month ago, I signed my full time offer with PricewaterhouseCoopers to return to their Advisory line of service in Boston starting next fall. I am incredibly …

My CE 334 Lab Group and I

Viterbi Networks, Connections, and Friendships

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Hi everyone! Can’t believe it’s finally fall in LA, we had our first cold day today!  Fall always brings new experiences, and something new that I’m doing this fall is interning with Webcor Builders in Downtown LA, less than a ten minute drive from my apartment.  It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I can’t wait to get more into …

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The Viterbi Career Week through SnapChat

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If you haven’t heard already, @viterbistudent is back at it at SnapChat! We’re posting to our story constantly to try to give you the best view of Viterbi student life. Follow us! This past week was the craziness of career week! People all around are attending info sessions, networking events, and the career fair! And some are even getting interviews …

Design Build Internship

From Summer Internships to Post-Grad Planning

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Somehow this week is my fourth and final undergraduate fall internship week! I swear I was just headed to my very first one with my freshman academy class. Lucky for me, as a senior this week means lots of networking with companies I am familiar with, as well as reflecting on the work that I’ve done in the past. As …


#ViterbiCareers: My Internships Through the Years

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Hey everyone! Now that we’ve settled into fall semester, it’s career season! Viterbi offers a huge variety of career resources and opportunities for students – this is actually one of my very favorite things about being an engineer at USC. In honor of the engineering career fair next Wednesday, I thought I’d use this week’s blog to talk about some …

Coffee: an ingredient in any successful career!

On the Career Hunt!

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The USC Viterbi School of Engineering Career Fair is upon us. With the career fair a little less than a week away, today marks the beginning of the preparation: editing resumes, touching base with recruiters, and applying to job opportunities online. The day of the career fair will be hectic. Sporting over 100 companies and the entire engineering school, the …

Weekend Trip to San Ramon

Career Time!

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It’s that time of year again! Students can be spotted in suits and slacks as Fortune 500 companies come to campus to recruit us.  From Northrup to Google to Amazon the companies that we use or hear about or see everyday host info sessions and have booths looking to find the next best talent. Well advertised, the career center at …

Boeing Corporate Logo

Making Sense of it All: Careers and USC

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Heard of the USC General Career Fair, Viterbi Career Conference, Viterbi Career Fair, Info Sessions, company tech tech talks…and wondering how to make sense of the multitude of events on campus? Quick Answer: Use them to your advantage, and go to as many as you can. Especially for freshman, your first month or so at USC will be one of …