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How I Decided on (and Then Fell in Love With) USC

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I’ve been lucky to spend the past three years at my happiest place on earth, USC. And even through it seems like forever ago, that means it’s only been three short years since I was staring at a pile of acceptance packages from schools all over the country, completely unsure of how I was expected to decide. I was 17, …

MollyHow I Decided on (and Then Fell in Love With) USC

Space Mission Design

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Hi guys, Classes have been quite busy, but all a great learning experience.  I have the opportunity to take Space Mission Design which essentially provides a certain issue, and you get the chance to design a mission to address this need.  This semester we are looking to track the migration patterns of whales and stream live video from tagged whales. …

MarkusSpace Mission Design

Perks of Being an Engineer

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Being an engineer has the negatives of having a good amount of work week to week, but the perks definitely out weigh the negatives. Included in sed perks are awesome lasers, playing with acids, FIRE and simply just working with cool machinery. This is only my perspective of the things I have done, but there are so many more cool …

FrankiePerks of Being an Engineer

USC’s Hidden Talent

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Hi Guys, By this time you will begin to hear back from a number of great universities and will be deciding which is the best fit.  I had not realized the extent of USC’s sphere of influence, nor the accessibility to talent around the world.  Needless to say, arriving at USC, I was pleasantly surprised. To prevent myself from just listing …

MarkusUSC’s Hidden Talent

Making Thinking Fun – A Deconstruction of the Ego

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Hi guys, Conversation is perhaps the most incredible, yet confusing phenomenon of our existence.  We communicate with everything around us.  And yet there is no perfect language, no formal system that can clearly define the reality around us.  Just stop and think for a second.  When I speak, your brain hears a fluctuation in pressures and vibrations, translating that into …

MarkusMaking Thinking Fun – A Deconstruction of the Ego

Freshman Year Housing!

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Hi guys, Freshman year is a wild and crazy time filled with new experiences in a new environment.  One of the best experiences is moving in and meeting all of the people in your dorm.  Freshman year I lived in Marks Hall where I grew close to all of the other students living there.  Marks Hall was only three stories …

MarkusFreshman Year Housing!
BK 2

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

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A lot of people would probably be surprised to hear that I loved living in a dorm my freshman year. It was definitely a huge part of what made my experience at USC so much fun. I had the opportunity to live in Birnkrant AKA Birnkrant Residential College AKA BK. Birnkrant is right next to the dining hall EVK and …

EmilyMy Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

Way Back Wednesday: Freshman Year in New North

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Hey Everyone! Hope you all watched the super bowl this past weekend. I was shocked at how the game ended! Anyways, everyone around campus is currently in the process of figuring out where we are going to live next year. This got me thinking back to how excited I was to start figuring out where I wanted to live freshman …

SarahWay Back Wednesday: Freshman Year in New North
Fluor Tower

Freshman Dorm: My Suite in Fluor Tower

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Even though it seems like forever ago, when I was a freshman I got lucky enough to live in Fluor Tower. It’s an on-campus residence hall, located on the northwest side of campus directly adjacent to both the student gym (Lyon Center) and the Engemann student health center. At 11 stories tall, it also gave me a great view of downtown …

MollyFreshman Dorm: My Suite in Fluor Tower
1381218_10202276413620067_2024202074_n (1)

Freshmen Year: Dorm Life

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Freshmen year was a different experience because everything I did was so different. I went from seeing the same people for the past 10 years at my school to seeing completely new faces. On top of that, I was in a different state, staying in a  different room, sleeping in a different bed, and in the same room as a …

FrankieFreshmen Year: Dorm Life
My freshman dorm!

Freshman Housing: New North!

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Blogged while listening to Taylor Swift 1989- I’m obsessed with Wildest Dream Hi Everyone! My freshman year I lived in New North Residential college in the North Area on campus! I had the absolute best time living there! New North is dorm style housing which means that there are several rooms that share one bathroom and common area in a …

LyssaFreshman Housing: New North!

Trojan Scholars Society: Wicked and Other Adventures

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Hey all, I hope you’re doing well. This week I’m going to talk a bit about one of organizations I’m really involved with on campus – the Trojan Scholars Society. The Trojan Scholars Society (TSS) is the association of Presidential, Trustee, Stamps, and Mork Scholars at the University of Southern California. The Trojan Scholars Society as it exists today was …

JulianaTrojan Scholars Society: Wicked and Other Adventures

Looking Forward: Spring 2015

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Weirdest thought ever: once this semester is done, I’ll be halfway done with college. Some (read: most) days I feel like I just got here and that it (college, life) can’t be moving this quickly. I’m really excited for everything in store for me this next semester and definitely this summer! Over break I took a quick detour to Disneyland with …

EmilyLooking Forward: Spring 2015
SynTouch BioTac

A Snapshot of My Last Semester at USC!

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It’s hard to believe that I’m in my last semester of college! I have five exciting classes to look forward to in the last push before graduation, and I am really looking forward to what I will be learning this semester. I am in three biomedical engineering classes this semester, along with two fun electives to get as much as …

LaurenA Snapshot of My Last Semester at USC!

Top 10 Best Moments First Semester

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1. Going to the beach This year I got to go to the beach a record amount of the times with my family and friends. When I first moved out here, I went with my family. Then throughout the semester I have been able to make it to the beach a record 3 times this year. 2. First Troy Camp …

FrankieTop 10 Best Moments First Semester

Troy Camp

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I joined quite a bit of clubs this year based on interest and the need to become more apart of school. While I joined a wide variety of clubs ranging from Society of Petroleum Engineers to Ski Team, I would have to say my favorite would be Troy Camp. Troy Camp is an organization dedicated to bettering the community and …

FrankieTroy Camp
VSAs at our semester retreat!

VSA: A Way to Be a Viterbi Leader

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Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweens last week. I cannot believe it is already November. This semester keeps flying by with some great times. Some of my favorite memories have come from my involvement in different organizations. Of these, I have been able to learn so much from being a Viterbi Student Ambassador. Not only do I …

JacquieVSA: A Way to Be a Viterbi Leader

A Guide to the Best Study Spots

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Some people are a fan of Leavey Library, some people like their own desks, some people like McCarthy quad. Because I couldn’t choose just one, my favorite study spots on campus are definitely the Von Kleinsmid Center Library and the Philosophy Library in Seeley G Mudd hall. They are a little less well known, but that’s actually what makes them …

JordanA Guide to the Best Study Spots
Jason Derulo with the Song Girls!

Fight on with Trojan Football

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Hi everyone! I cannot believe that the football season is already winding down. Football season is by far one of my favorite parts of going to USC! The school spirit makes me proud to be a Trojan. I thought I would take this week’s blog to talk a little bit more about why I am such a big fan of …

JacquieFight on with Trojan Football