The Best Milkshake You’ll Ever Have – Trust Me I’ve Had a Lot

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By deciding on going to the prestigious University of Southern California, you have also gained access to one of the greatest places in the world, Ground Zero. Ground Zero is a hybrid place that provides an area to study, listen to live performances and of course, get an assortment of unique drinks. During exam week, they will turn the place …


The Best Places on Campus

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Food Spot: At Campus Center there are a bunch of yummy restaurants like Lemonade and California Pizza Kitchen but one of my favorite places to eat is in the RTH (Engineering headquarters) Cafe because they have super cheap Bahn Mi sandwiches, which is the perfect snack in between classes. The RTH outside area is also beautiful. Just finished my last operations …

Dauterive Hall

Hogwarts, People Watching, and Lattes: My Favorite Spots Around Campus!

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Hey Everyone! Spring semester is in full swing as we are approaching the fifth week of classes, so today I wanted to talk about my favorite spots on campus. We have such a beautiful campus so if was hard to narrow down my favorite spots, but I got it down to my favorite places to grab food, study, and get …

Head to the roof of Stauffer Hall to see the RF antenna!

Surveying the Skies for Both Stars and Satellites

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Late one night, venture down to Stauffer Hall, a tall building dedicated to research just south of the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. Climb the steps to the southern-most door, and, if it is unlocked, step inside and take the elevator to the 7th floor. There, you will find a research office with elaborate computer set-ups and hardware used to track …

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Trojan Territory

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Hey all! This week I’m going to spotlight my campus hot-spots, which for the record is something I take VERY seriously. I absolutely love scouting new places on campus to study or hang out, so let it be known that these locations have been well tested by yours truly. It’s a short, but well curated list. Grace Ford Salvatori Hall …


Best of the USC Campus

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Hi everyone! This week I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favorite places on campus.  I spend a lot of time on campus studying, eating, and hanging out with friends, so it helps that campus has something to offer everyone!  Here are some highlights: Studying When I’m not studying at home and I really need to buckle …

Campus Center

Campus & Chill

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Hey y’all! Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! It’s unseasonably chilly here in LA, and with temps in the high 40’s and windy conditions, it’s safe to say that the Coldpocalypse is among us. Even with the weather this scary, campus is still a beautiful place to hangout/study/eat/procrastinate/you name it. If you’ve been on a campus tour you …

New Ann

Favorite Place on Campus

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If you’re looking for a quiet place to study or an easy place to meet up with an old friend, I have the insider tip for you.  Over the years I’ve narrowed down my favorite places on campus to the following top 3: RTH cafe: it’s a popular spot for all engineers but what really draws me are the Bahn …

Bikes on campus

The Struggle of Transportation

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When you walk around SC’s campus, you’ll notice three main modes of transportation for students: walking, biking, and longboarding. Each of them has their pros and cons, and I thought I’d share some tips and tricks about each.   Walking is, obviously, the easiest, safest option. It’s easy to dodge rogue bikers and longboarders. You don’t have to lock up …


A “Typical” Week at USC? No Such Thing!

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Hey there! Hope you’re all ready for the Notre Dame football game tomorrow – it’s going to be a tough one but I think we can pull it off. Beat the Irish! So this semester, just for fun, I’m taking an Introduction to Occupational Therapy course called Lifestyle Design (OT 220). It’s awesome – it’s just two units so it …


Best Hidden Spots on Campus

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USC has a big campus, so it is easy to overlook certain areas if you’re just walking to class or passing by. We all know that VKC is awesome looking, and that Doheny Library is basically Hogwarts, but some of my favorite areas on campus are not as obvious or noticeable. Here are my top three hidden spots on campus: …


Moving out: Resources

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With the last week of classes just around the corner and the thought of finals looming ahead, stress levels are starting rise as students not only rush to study but figure out their plans to move out.  While it may seem like there’s a lot on our plate, each task is more than manageable–especially if we know of the right resources available. If …