Owning It: My Experience at an On-Campus Leadership Summit

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This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending USC Own It, an on-campus, all-day leadership summit organized by some incredible USC students. Own It is actually a national organization, centered around empowering women to become leaders in their communities and respective career fields. A friend of mine had attended a similar event at Georgetown University while doing a semester …

So rewarding to read!

The Excitement of Getting Accepted: into the Organization of your Dreams

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Opening an email letting you know you’ve been accepted into the organization you’ve been waiting to hear from is one of the most exciting feelings. I experienced that excitement last Tuesday when I opened the email decisions for USC Troy Camp. Troy Camp is an incredible organization that works with local elementary schools and kids in the nearby communities. I …


Back at SC!

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Hello friends and family, I returned to USC yesterday! I gotta say, the place retained its charm well enough over the summer, even though I thought the heat would bake the beauty straight out. (It did not.) Anyways, right, I moved in yesterday! The day was a wee bit on the insane side, as I woke up at 4:30 AM …


Parkside Darkside?? 5 Reasons Why Reality Shatters Expectations

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After choosing USC, the next item on my to-do list was deciding which dorm I was going to live in. Needless to say, the process of picking a residence hall included many hours of online research, and combing through forums and blogs, which only resulted in more indecision. It seemed like there were endless options, and I wanted to find …


To T.O or Not to T.O, That is the Question

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Picture this: an economist, philosopher, cinematographer, and an engineer sit down to discuss the ethical and practical concerns of sending humans to Mars. No, this isn’t some weird riddle; this is my Friday 9 am discussion for my Thematic Option class (titled Searching for Life in the Universe: Mars and Beyond), and despite being on Fridays at 9 am it’s …

Hiking the Hollywood sign after my last Freshman final

Top 6 Most Freshman Mistakes! #3 Will Blow Your Mind!

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What better way to share some advice with incoming freshman than by recapping some of my and my friend’s biggest and most classic Freshman mistakes in a Buzzfeed-esque list: Leaving my dorm door closed on move in day On move in day, after a hot day of lugging around suitcases and perfectly setting up your dorm, you, if you’re anything …


That Emotional First Month

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Here’s some mood music, because this blog post is about to get real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLyDCtoqra8 Flush faced and eager eyed, I woke up to my first full day in my new dorm room. I was prepared to become best friends with everyone as soon as I met them. Unfortunately for me, this is not how human nature works. Naturally, I did …

Grainy freshman year photo.

USC for ME

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Sunshine? Free Food? Concerts? Shopping? USC has it all. What I wanted from college was not only a unique education (as expected) but also a college experience.  I wanted to look back on four years to a place and not only remember everything I’ve learned but also what I did on the weekends, with my friends and after class. Here …

Parkside housing

Luke, Come to the Parkside

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If it isn’t apparent by the title, I absolutely love Star Wars. I always carry my stylish R2D2 mug with me. My R2D2 mug has been with me since since high school. I’ve drank coffee from it in my home in Denver, my freshman dorm in Parkside IRC, my internship apartment in Bakersfield, and my sophomore apartment at Cardinal Gardens. …

Parkside Apartments

My Freshman Home: Parkside

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I’ve lived in University Housing all 4 years but I still remember a lot of the fun times I had my Freshman year in IRC Parkside. I chose my freshman housing purely based on the different types of amenities available.  I was looking for housing that had: air conditioning and a more private bathroom vs. a community bathroom.  For me, …