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Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Class of ’19

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Hey! I’m Suveena, a senior majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Fremont, California. I’m minoring in entrepreneurship and have a pre-law emphasis. Some things I’m involved in on campus are Spark SC, an entrepreneurial organization that fosters a sense of community for students interested in emerging initiatives in innovation, and working in the Media Informatics and Content Analysis group in the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab. In my summers, I’ve studied abroad in Madrid, Spain with the Viterbi Overseas program and got to travel all over Europe! I’ve also interned at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and Facebook. I like to spend my free time finding the best food, coffee, and ice cream in LA. Check out the rest of my page to see what my #ViterbiLife is like!

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In the Interaction Lab, I am working on development with ROS and Python in the context of analyzing interactions between robots and children with autism. We aim to understand what the role of the robot in the interactions is, and what can be done to sort of customize how it interacts with different children to meet their respective needs.
As a whole, Spark aims to inspire and strengthen the entrepreneurial community on campus through putting on events such as Hacker Orientation and the Startup Career Fair to bring together engineers, artists, business students, and all forward-thinking students alike. I am a member of Dev Team and USC Hackers, two committees within the larger Spark Board, where we build applications and host events to give students studying and interested in computer science a means to meet each other and work collaboratively on their projects.
Theta Tau is a national engineering fraternity whose three goals are to promote service, fellowship, and professionalism amongst its members. Our chapter has put on events such as a Google tech talk on machine learning. It is a great organization for engineers across disciplines to meet other hardworking and motivated students to form strong bonds of friendship with.

My Major at USC: Computer Science & Computer Engineering

My Favorite Classes
This summer, I took a course in Spanish History in Madrid. It was an amazing experience to learn from a professor who lives in and is from Spain, and to take that class with all engineering students. I loved that I was able to see the actual sites of some of the historic movements we learned about and witness the election process as it was happening in Spain.
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My Favorite Shows

  • Jane the Virgin is a really funny show that’s got so much drama, action, and comedy rolled together

  • This show is about structural engineer-turned convict that is attempting to break his brother out of prison. His brother was framed by the government for murdered, and they work together to find out who was behind the framing specifically, and learn about a whole underground world of scheming. It’s airing again for the fifth season (after a 7 year gap) in 2017! Might as well use these next few months to catch up…
  • My FAVORITE show of all time! Alias is about a special agent who thinks she’s working for the CIA and following clues left by a 15th century Italian prophet, Rambaldi. Definitely a must-watch!