Ever dreamed of discovering a new process? Of making things no one has ever made before? Of getting your hands dirty and creating solutions to current problems like energy, infrastructure, and more?

Getting involved in research is a great way to do that! It’s possible to start from as early as the beginning of freshman year.  In fact, read and watch here to see how we got involved in research.  The topics range from waste water treatment, fuel cells, cyber security.. the list goes on.  Take your interests and get a hands on experience!.

Research Resources

hover over the images to the right to learn more about how you can get started in undergraduate research from day one.

Learn more about Cancer Research

Get to know Professor Stacey Finley, who is a professor in the department of biomedical engineering. She shares with us her research on cancer through computational models, the new class she teaches, her background with chemical engineering, and her love of karaoke. Check it out!

Take a Lab Tour!

Explore two labs: the shockwave lab and the composites lab! Both some of our featured labs, you’ll be able to enter the lab space through the video on the right.

Take a tour of where students are working on research and hear about some of their experiences.

Some Research Experiences

Check out some of the research experiences we have, and how we got involved in undergraduate research!

Explore what we learn in the classroom

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