Summer Classes

Summer Classes

Continue your education

Summer break is no excuse to stop learning!

During USC’s summer term, many students take classes both on and off campus to earn more units towards their perspective degree programs. Students have the option to take classes on campus, at nearly any accredited university or college in the country, and in almost any country in the world! By taking classes in the summer, many student are able to graduate early or pursue additional degrees and minors during the fall and spring terms. Learn more about how you can earn course credit over the summer below!

Here’s just a few options for summer classes

Whether you’re planning on visiting your childhood home over the summer or traveling the globe, USC can help you find opportunities to learn wherever your summer takes you. Keep reading to learn about opportunities USC has to offer to make your goal a reality. Click here  to find more information on taking summer classes as a USC student.

Take Classes on Campus

One of the easies ways to get university credit over the summer is to take classes on campus! USC offers multiple courses during the summer term that help students make progress on their degree requirement.

Take Classes at Other Schools

USC offers the option to complete coursework at other schools over the summer and then transfer credit directly towards your degree! Check with your academic councilor to see what colleges need you offer classes that will give you credit!

Take Classes Abroad

USC offers students the opportunity to take summer classes all over the world! Summer study aboard programs allow students to spend up to three months taking classes to progress their degree in almost any country.

Other ways students spend the summer

Make Discoveries

Got a topic you're really interested? Engage in research.


Gain Experience

Summer internships are a great way to get real-world job experience!


Travel Abroad

Spend your summer exploring new places, exciting cultures, and unique opportunities.

Study Abroad