Industrial and Systems Engineering

What Do Our Students Love About Industrial and Systems Engineering?

Watch our video to learn about about ISE, a major that makes all sorts of processes more efficient but analyzing process control data and recommending steps that could lead to outcomes, such as lower material use.

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Meet Dr. Geza Paul Bottlik,

Specialist in Scheduling, Automation, Analysis and Design of Production Systems

“You know to deal with people, you know how to manage, you know how to schedule and plan, and you understand human factors”Dr. Bottlik

Meet Our Industrial and Systems Students

Anya and Clare discuss their favorite parts of being ISE students

Meet More Students
The people you’ll meet in mechanical engineering are the the sweetest. Plus, everyone has range of interests, so it’s really exciting to get to know people. Someone might be in RocketLab, but also be on the Triathlon team. Or maybe is in a band and also works in tech support in his free time.
– Anya, Class of 2019
ISE is one of those majors that you don’t really know a lot about until you come to college. But, once you find out about it, it becomes the perfect combination for all the thing all engineers are passionate about: business, data, and science.
– Clare, Class of 2019

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“I enjoy Computer Science because it’s such a versatile topic- if there’s any idea that interests you, you can probably come up with a way to apply Computer Science to it.”

– Ellen, Class of 2017
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“Chemical engineering is such a fascinating subject for me because it explains many of the everyday interactions around us. How long does it take your pasta pot to heat up? Why is your bike rusting?”

– Sophie, Class of 2018
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“I chose to study Environmental Engineering because it’s a field where I’m not only studying environmental issues, but I’m learning how to fix them. As an Environmental Engineer, I will be able to solve environmental problems in a practical way, while still allowing people to live the way they’ve grown accustomed to.”

– Bria, Class of 2018
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Related Student Orgs

Design teams are the perfect combination of hands on and theoretical. By combining and applying students skills, design teams allow students to transform their creative ideas into something great for the public.

Design Teams
Entrepreneurial student organizations take the initiative to empowering students to realize their innovative potential. They encourage creative thinking, independence and often organize events to connect students to startup or smaller companies looking for talent.

Professional student organizations provide students to not only network with other engineering students with similar interests but also graduate students, professors and industry representatives. These organizations often inform students the possible opportunities available after graduation through a variety of networking events.

Professional and Academic