Industrial and Systems Engineering

What Do Our Students Love About Industrial and Systems Engineering?

Watch our video to learn about ISE, a major that deals with optimizing complex processes and systems. ISE students devise how to do things better by engineering processes to improve quality and productivity.

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Meet Dr. Geza Paul Bottlik,

Specialist in Scheduling, Automation, Analysis and Design of Production Systems

“You know to deal with people, you know how to manage, you know how to schedule and plan, and you understand human factors”Dr. Bottlik

Meet Our Industrial and Systems Students

Anya and Clare discuss their favorite parts of being ISE students

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ISE is a great major. The classes are super engaging and I’ve learned so much since starting at USC. The faculty are amazing, and there is so much variety in research disciplines that allow students to pursue almost any of their passions while gaining valuable experience in business, analytics, and more!
– Chris, Class of 2022
I was originally drawn to ISE because I wanted a major that incorporated both engineering and business. My favorite thing about ISE is that the people are passionate, diverse, and ambitious!
– Elisa, Class of 2021

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