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What Makes Computer Science at USC Unique?

Watch our video to find out what our computer science students think of the variety of classes, research and student organizations available to them!

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Chair of Computer Science

Listen to Dr. Sukhatme discuss the structure of the computer science department at USC, the history of the computing field, programming experience, cool classes offered, and common misconceptions about computer science!

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Meet Dr. Hao Li,

Specialist in 3D Digitization and Reconstruction

“My research is about, on the very low level, trying to reconstruct reality.”Dr. Hao Li

Meet Our Computer Science Students!

Ellen and Suveena discuss some of their favorite things about CS.

Meet More Students
I enjoy Computer Science because it’s such a versatile topic- if there’s any idea that interests you, you can probably come up with a way to apply Computer Science to it.
– Ellen, Class of 2017
Computer Science at SC is cool because you’re pretty much immersed in all things CS from the start. You start coding in C++ and from there, learn about networking and data structures and algorithms in your first few semesters.
– Suveena, Class of 2019

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