Meet Noah

Civil Engineering (Building Science)
Class of 2016
Los Angeles, CA

Hi, my name is Noah, and I’m a junior studying civil engineering with an emphasis in building science! On campus I’m involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers and Trojan Dance Marathon, and I’m a Freshman Academy Coach. This past summer I went abroad to Italy with Viterbi Summer Overseas, and I hope to intern in a structural engineering firm this upcoming summer. When I’m not studying deflection or concrete design, you can find me at any of the theme parks in So Cal. Fight on!

USC was one of the few schools that offered a program where I can take both engineering and architecture courses in the same major. Having grown up loving math, physics, art, and architecture I found this to be the perfect opportunity to learn how to construct buildings that are useful, efficient, beautiful, and structurally sound. It’s been a fun and challenging experience.
There are so many organizations on campus at USC, and though I’ve dipped my feet in a bunch of them, I’ve only taken leadership positions in the ones in which I feel most connected. I’m the webmaster for USC American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of their concrete canoe team (yes, it does float). I’m also a Freshmen Academy Coach in Viterbi, where I assist professors in teaching a class about the importance and and ethics of engineering. I’m the morale coordinator for Trojan Dance Marathon, a year-long philanthropic effort benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Lastly, am involved in the leadership of Sigma Alpha Mu at USC, a historically-Jewish fraternity.
I was recently admitted to the Progressive Degree program in the USC School of Architecture, where I will pursue a Masters Degree of Building Science in one year after receiving my undergraduate degree. I hope to eventually work in a firm creating large-scale projects.


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