Chemical Engineering

What Do Our Students Love About Chemical Engineering?

Watch our video to learn about the analytical thinking behind chemical engineering. Our students talk about their class structure, cool research projects they're involved in, and chemical engineering specific orgs that we have!

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Faculty Podcasts

Listen to our extensive podcasts to hear from two of our star professors. Dr. Iraj Ershaghi is the head of our petroleum engineering faculty, while Dr. Lessa Grunenfelder is on of our amazing materials science professors. Both faculty represent two our most popular emphases.

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Meet Dr. Andrea Armani,

Specialist in glass and polymers for integrated optical devices

“I like to see enthusiasm. I want someone who is really excited about doing research, who is really excited about looking outside of the textbook.”Dr. Armani

Meet Our Chemical Engineering Students

Aamani and Mitchell discuss their favorite parts of being CHE students

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I love Chemical Engineering because it’s so versatile! I know chemical engineers who have gone into everything from consulting to process engineering to medicine. At the end of the day, this major teaches you to really think and analyze everything around you, which is such a valuable skill!
– Aamani, Class of 2022
Studying Chemical Engineering has been an amazing way to learn about the complex decisions and processes that gives us so many necessary products we take for granted—from the medications we take to the materials that comprise our phones.
– Mitchell, Class of 2022

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