Biomedical Engineering

What Do Our Students Love About Biomedical Engineering?

Watch our video to learn about what biomedical engineering means, what the emphases are, and what some of the classes look like. Biomedical engineering is one of the newest and fastest growing fields, and our research department reflects that!

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Faculty Podcasts

Listen to our extensive podcasts to hear from our stellar BME faculty! USC’s biomedical research is cutting edge, and we have one of the highest research funding per faculty member of the departments. You can get involved in research as early as freshman year.

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Meet Dr. David D’Argenio

Specialist in computational technologies to diagnose and treat human diseases

“Biomedical engineering involves the application of principles from physics, chemistry, and math to understand biological processes, health, and disease”Dr. D'Argenio

Meet Our Biomedical Engineering Students

Alex and Rhea discuss their favorite parts of being BME students

Meet More Students
Biomedical engineering gives students the ability to apply the technical engineering topics to the extremely dynamic field of medicine. The best part of studying BME is knowing that no matter what profession I choose I know I will have a positive impact on the lives of others.
– Alex, Class of 2017
The best part of BME is how broad it is as a field. You can go so many directions, from medical devices and prosthetics to bioinformatics to chemical manufacturing equipment to nanomedicine. BME is truly all encompassing, and for a world of science where things are changing every minute, it is truly my belief that BME’s are some of the few that can keep up, because we have expertise in literally everything.
– Rhea, Class of 2019

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“My EE classes have been hands on from day one. Whether testing circuits on oscilloscopes, building projects with an Arduino, or designing a custom PCB (printed circuit board), I’ve been able to see the theory from lecture in action. ”

– Shayna, Class of 2019
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“Aerospace is so much more than just airplanes. Sure – they’re the first thing people think of, but you could also be working on solutions for the human body, environmental conservation efforts, or animal life. Really, anything that’s moving is fair game.”

– Naish, Class of 2018
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“Chemical engineering is such a fascinating subject for me because it explains many of the everyday interactions around us. How long does it take your pasta pot to heat up? Why is your bike rusting?”

– Sophie, Class of 2018
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Design teams are the perfect combination of hands on and theoretical. By combining and applying students skills, design teams allow students to transform their creative ideas into something great for the public.

Design Teams

Entrepreneurial student organizations empower students to realize their innovative potential. They encourage creative thinking, independence, and often organize events to connect students to startups or smaller companies looking for talent.


Professional student organizations provide students the ability to network with peers, graduate students, professors, and industry representatives. These organizations often inform students of the possible opportunities available after graduation through a variety of career oriented events.

Professional & Academic