Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

What Do Our Students Love About AME?

Watch our video to learn about one of the most diverse engineering majors. Aerospace and mechanical engineers are the foundation of some of our strongest students groups, including the Rocket Propulsion Lab and the Formula SAE team.

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Faculty and Student Orgs

Listen to our extensive podcasts to hear from the chair of our AME department, as well as two star student organizations that are building race cars and sending rockets to space!

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Meet Dr. Geoff Spedding,

Specialist in bird and bat wing flight

“I really enjoy looking at the physics and mechanics of animals and the natural world around me.”Dr. Spedding

Meet Our Aerospace and Mechanical Students

Naish and Shana discuss their favorite parts of being AME students

Meet More Students

Aerospace is so much more than just airplanes. Sure – they’re the first thing people think of, but you could also be working on solutions for the human body, environmental conservation efforts, or animal life. Really, anything that’s moving is fair game.

– Naish, Class of 2018

I love the flexibility and job diversity that my major has to offer. I’ve had two very different internships, one working with mechanical systems in a data center and the other as a sourcing intern for manufacturing and supply chain. The possibilities are endless..

– Shana, Class of 2018

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